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Zoe Isle, Aspiring Marksman [Done]

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1 Zoe Isle, Aspiring Marksman [Done] on Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:27 am

Zoe Isle
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Zoe Isle
Age: 17
Birthday: November 7th
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 106 lbs
Face Claim: Reimi Saionji; Star Ocean, Last Hope

STR: 2
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 4
HP 50|250 SP

Major: Dust
Likes: Anything linked to the ocean like fishes, boats, swimming, etc.; Lightning; Archery; Reading; Ambushes
Dislikes: Unsupervized fire; Cats; Arrogance; Being ambushed
Fears: Being stuck in a firey situation like a burning building, a wildfire, etc.; Planes; Deserts; Lack of civilisation
Talent: Trapper
Weakness Organization
Overall Personality: Cheerful, optimistic and confident, Zoe is far from being someone that lets life bring her down, bouncing back with a smile even in the darkest of situation. Her positive attitude makes her pretty naive, but that doesn't mean she's stupid enough to fall for obvious traps and believe in every lies she's told. She tends to avoid conflict of any kind and even unfortunately those in which the situation has to be stopped as she isn't the best to resolve arguments, her general clumsiness and bad luck often making her say things she shouldn't, only making things worse. Zoe also has a tendency to get super excited whenever someone is talking about plans that are akin to traps and ambush, nearly becoming a new person entirely until the plan is successful.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Light Blue
Semblance: Trapper's Tools; Utility; Zoe's Semblance lets her materialize different items and tools to help her in her hunts and trapping activities. Her arsenal mainly consists of items that attache themselves to her arrows, like small bombs to disorient and debilitate enemies, nets and ropes to capture them or to traverse the area. But the most elaborate of tools that she has at her disposal is an high power bomb that when used, nearly instantly explodes downward to make a huge hole in the ground before covering it with a net and things that are normally scattered on the ground for an quickly deployed pitfall trap. Zoe could probably come up with more tools idea overtime and/or with training. All effects caused by this Semblance are purely for flair, victims may react to them as they please.

Item 1: Weapon; Modified Dust-Arc Prototype; This bow was among the first steps toward weaponizing Dust into ammunition. Despite it's really futuristic look, it is quite an old model that was passed down Zoe's family from the time her great-great-grand-father worked on the weapon design. It was made to imbue arrows with Dust properties, but it is still quite reliable with regular arrows. The modifications that were made on the weapon were added to help Zoe with her Semblance, attaching her different tools to her arrows or in some cases to her quiver hanging behind her waist. Some items like poisons can also be used for more options.

Item 2: Water Dust

History and Sample
Zoe Isle was born in the Kingdom of Atlas. Her parents were world renowned Dust Scientists who lead the development of all the advanced weaponry that Atlas lost during battles. However, her parents soon became disillusioned with this, so they decided to leave Atlas and resettle on Bellmuse Island. After settling on Bellmuse, her parents took up jobs in the Research and Development Division at Syne Academy. However, they tried to keep their backgrounds as Dust Scientist a secret from her.

At age 6, Zoe accidentally or clumsily, discovered a box of her parents’ documents. After showing it to them, her parents finally told her about their history as Dust Scientist. After hearing her parent’s background, Zoe became interested in Dust. So, her parents taught her everything to know about Dust. It was also during this time where a friend of the family trained her in the art of archery and the art of trapping. However, the training was extremely hard for Zoe due to her rather pacifistic nature. Despite of this, her mentor saw potential in her and keep constantly encouraging her to continue with her archery and trapping training.

At the age of 10 she had finally, mastered the art of trapping and archery. After hearing of this achievement, her parents presented her with a present; her great-grandfather’s Dust-Bow prototype. This was Zoe’s proudest moment. However, this was not her defining moment.

Her defining moment came at the age of 12. During a mission with her mentor, she successfully repelled a small group of Grimm using her bow and her traps despite of her pacifist personality. From then on, she had developed a pretty decent reputation among the people of Bellmuse. This soon caught the eye of recruiters from Syne Academy. They saw potential within her.

Five years later, Zoe was formally scouted to attend Syne Academy. Her parents and her mentors were very proud of her. With their encouragement, Zoe entered her first year at Syne Academy.

{History Written by Cynthia~}
RP Sample:
The sounds of her heels against the hard concrete of the sidewalk was far more than enough to alert the people in front of her of her incoming presence, but Zoe was constantly apologizing to every single person she was passing by. The reason for her to be in such an hurry was that she woke up late this morning and not late for a simple appointment but late for the airship flight she had to take in order to reach Syne academy that was all the way in the middle of the blue forest of Finnek. She didn't like the fact that the only way to reach her school was by taking the air, but at least it's wasn't a plane flight thousand of feet in the air, just a small aircraft about a hundred feet up. This wasn't as bad, or at least that wouldn't be as bad if she would be able to catch up to the time she lost already. At the very least she had everything she needed with her, right? Right? And no, upon realizing that she had forgotten her bow back home, Zoe let out a loud sigh of desperation before running back the other way. How could she become a huntress without her trusty weapon? Well maybe she would need to not forget about things in the first place, but that may be too much to ask for the time being.

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