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Altair Dragonthorn, The war bound prince (Done)

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Altair Dragonthorn
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Altair Dragonthorn
Age: 18
Birthday: 7/01
Gender: Male
Race:  Human
Height: 6'2
Weight: 143lbs
Face Claim:

STR: 5
DEF: 5
RES: 1
SPT: 1
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Beautiful Woman, Parties, and War
Dislikes: Annoying people, peaceful protesters, and people abusing woman and children.
Fears: Lost in purpose, lost of strength, and having no one
Talent: Fighting
Weakness Dust refining
Overall Personality: Don't let his looks fool you, Altair is a fight loving, woman caring, nice person. His reputation as a fight is that of a ruthless monster that will hunt you down until you are dead from either his hands or someone else. He would normally try to pick a fight with someone that seems strong but he only does that when his brothers are around. Other times he is normally a nice person that helps out the community as much as he needs to because his father had taught him that a king works with his people not have them do all the work like some god that does nothing while his subjects die for his name.

Aura type: Strength
Aura Color: Royal Blue
Semblance: Bio Hazard: This ability always the user to create many things using stored body mass that does not show.
(Damage)  The ability allows the user to thrust the users blade arm into the ground causing a massive spike to launch up from the ground to cause some damage to the enemy. The enemy can dodge this if they can feel the earth rumbling under them.
(Defense) Bio Hazard can form a solid shield on both of the users arms, it is many used to parry/defend attacks or to knock back enemies or projectiles.
(Buff) Bio Hazard can increase the strength of a user by +2 strength by bulking up the power of the users muscle.
(Utility) Bio hazard can let the user leap distances that would be out of range, and allow the user to let out a invisible hunters pulse which only works on one person at a time but allows the user to also see which person is hostile and which are not. The pulse can only tell their general area not where they are exactly, the only way to do that is to get up high enough. The user can also run up walls and glide for a short period of time.

Item 1: Bio reaper: A devise that is a replacement arm, it is 100% biological and can turn into a massive blade. The bio arm was developed in the kingdom of Creed. It also can have both arms in these blade arm forms, but chooses to stick with one.


Item 2: Creed royal coat: This coat has been passed down to the next prince in line to the crown of bones, under that is a layer of powerful steel plates. The metal is actually called mythra and is very rare to be made.

History and Sample
Altair was born in the country named Creed, it is a war bound country that always seem like they are always fighting someone for some reason. He is the 3rd oldest son of the king of the country, there are about 10 royal children in total, half male half female. Altair is the most well known out of all the prince and princesses, he is known for fighting massive groups on his own and causing massive damage to the capital. When he was only 5 years of age he had cause over 400 thousand lien of damage to the capital and more. By age 8 he had killed his first grimm with his bare hands, the king had saw that his third oldest was going to be a great warrior some day. By age 12 the king had saw his great warrior child bloom into a powerful leader that enjoys with his soldiers and not without them, unlike his other children they seemed to be more like spoiled brats then royalty of the Creed Country. By age 15 Altair had been named next in line to rule the country, of coarse one of the elder siblings did not like that and had chopped of Altair's right arm. Lucky for him, Creed was very advance in its bio tec, they had made him a new arm that was like the old arm. The sibling was arrested and kept in the dungeons for cutting off their own brothers arm off. After a while the arm started to feel like the old one did but Altair did not want to seem like this what a set back so he had modified his armor with one arm looking different then the other. When he was 18 his father told him to attend the syne academy. His father had sent him to Syne academy to find himself a bride to bring back home, and to get more of a peaceful education.
RP Sample:
Altair had arrived in Bellmuse, it seemed to be boring and not much happens in it like not one ever does anything fun in it. But then Alt got hit by a ball,
it was a strange looking ball, it was soft and had pretty colors on it. Some people on the soar had said pass it back, he did not know how to, they gave a motion to bump it in a weird fashion so he did. The ball went back to them and they said thanks, they also wearied some revealing clothing, Alt knew this was swim wear but never had seen it for himself. Creed only had a massive lake to swim in but he had never seen anyone swimming in it. He soon left the soars and found himself at the academy where some random person told him that he looks weird, Alt the shoved the students head in the ground and said "You look weird with your head in the ground like that." Then left to go register in the academy.

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