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Aetheria Eternia Schwertkreuz Character Biography

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Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Aetheria Eternia Schwertkreuz
Age: 17
Birthday: January 2nd
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5' 6"/167.64 cm
Weight: 130 lb/58.96 kg
Face Claim: Aether Sage (Elsword)

STR: 1
DEF: 1
RES: 5
SPT: 5
HP20|280 Aura

Major: Dust
Likes: Dust, Dust Research, Fighting Grimm, Spending her time alone, Writing
Dislikes: Terrible Cooking, Horrible Writing, Spending time with other people
Fears: Ghosts, Being experimented on, Atlas Scientists
Talent: Dust Refining
Weakness Robotics
Overall Personality: Aetheria is an extremely mysterious person personality wise. She is a very calm, cool, and collected teenaged girl. However, Aetheria is also an extremely reserved and taciturn teenage girl who rarely speaks to anyone. In addition to this, Aetheria has a severe dislike of spending time with other people. Instead, she prefers to spend a lot of her time by herself.

Aetheria also tends to act extremely cold and aloof to anyone who tries to approach her or tries to talk to her. This often cause people to wonder about what she is thinking or what is going on in her mind. Despite of these flaws, Aetheria possesses a genius-level intelligence, an extremely analytical mind, and a very independent spirit.

Aura type: Spirit
Aura Color: White
Semblance: Aetheria– This Semblance allows her to generate a special energy called Aetherial Energy. Aetherial Energy is bluish-white in appearance. Aetherial Energy can have many applications. In Aetheria's case, she mostly uses it in a defensive manner by creating a barrier around herself. This is to make up for her low endurance. Aetherial Energy can also used on other people.

In these cases, Aetheria can buff her allies' Spirit or Resistance. These buffs usually take the form of a Aetherial Glyph which materializes underneath her feat. This Aetherial Glyph then releases Aetherial Energy which surrounds the body/bodies of the person/persons that Aetheria wants to buff before dissipating. After the Aetherial Energy dissipates, the buff will then take effect.

Aetheria can also debuff her enemies' Spirit or Resistance. These debuffs works exactly the same way as her buffs except for the fact that it debuffs her enemies' Spirit or Resistance.

However, her Semblance has a negative side effect to it due to how she acquired her Semblance. When she overexerts herself by using her Semblance or using Dust too rapidly in a short amount of time, her body will experience bouts of extremely excruciating pain which will bring her to her knees.

Defense:By using Aetherial Energy, Aetheria can protect herself from potentially lethal attacks by creating a barrier which surrounds her body. She gains +20 defense for 20 Aura.
Buff: By using Aetherial Energy, Aetheria can grant a single target a buff (+2 Spirit or Resistance). She can also buff multiple targets, but they only gain +1 Spr.
Debuff: By using Aetherial Energy, Aetheria can grant a single target a debuff (-2 Spirit or Resistance). She can debuff multiple targets, but they only gain a debuff of -1 Spr.
Healing: By using Aetherial Energy, Aetheria can heal herself (or possibly, others, if she is feeling like it) at an extremely accelerated rate. For every 30 Aura, Aetheria can heal 20 HP. When healing multiple people, Aetheria heals 10 HP per person instead of 20.
Item 1: Weapon: Aetherial Staff – The Aetherial Staff is a staff that Aetheria uses as a catalyst when she is using Dust. The staff is as tall as Aetheria. She can always be seen carrying this weapon around with her.
Item 2: Air Dust

History and Sample
Aetheria’s history is quite mysterious and is shrouded by a strong veil of secrecy. Records state that Aetheria was born somewhere on the continent of Atlas. However, there were no records of her having any parents and relatives. Orphanage records state that she lived in orphanage until the age of 6 where she was taken in by a female Dust Scientist who worked at the Dust Research & Development division of Atlas. She treated Aetheria in an extremely kind and caring manner which led to her becoming extremely attached to her adoptive parent.

However, this was just a ploy for Aetheria to lower her guard. As soon as she was in the Dust Research & Development Lab, her adoptive parent instantly changed and began to treat her as a guinea pig instead of a person. Secret records from that time reveal that that Aetheria was the subject of extremely heinous experiments. Most of these experiments involved having Liquid Dust or Crystalized Dust injected or inserted into her body forcefully. This experimentation granted her an extremely high Aura pool and a strong affinity for Dust. However, the extensive experimentation took a severe toll on Aetheria’s body.

Due to this, the Atlas Scientists decided to get rid of her during a council meeting. However, Aetheria decided that she rather die escaping than wait for the Atlas Scientist to kill her. She then took a bunch of Dust from the lab and used them to destroy the lab. After about an hour, the remains of the lab and its scientist lay in her wake. After looking at the debris, Aetheria turned around and walked away.

Records of Aetheria from the proceeding years are scant so tracking her movements after the incident was impossible. Recently, records from Syne Academy has popped up pertaining to Aetheria. Currently, she is enrolled as a first-year student at the academy. Aetheria is a Dust Major.
RP Sample:
Aetheria was quiet as she approached the front gate of Syne Academy. Despite the amount of people that had gathered at the front gate, she decided to avoid them like the plague. She never had been the type to like hanging out with other people. Aetheria was the type of person who like to hang out by herself. As a reflection of this, Aetheria decided to stand near the back of the Airship when it came time to board for the flight to Syne Academy. As the airship began it journey to Syne Academy, Aetheria soon began “entering her own world” as she calls it.

During this time, a kind girl tried to approach her and initiate a conversation with her. However, she responded in her typical fashion; with cold indifference. After a few seconds of this, the girl gave up and walked away. After the girl walked away, Aetheria began thinking again about stuff. Among them was Syne Academy. She was somewhat interested in Syne Academy due to its reputation. However, Aetheria also hoped that the academy could live up to its reputation.

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Hey welcome ^^ Just a couple things. In regards to your semblance there are some problems, first if just a misunderstanding about how buffing works. In accordance with the rules it's when you buff as single person they gain +2, multiple people they gain +1, it's not specific to it being the self or others. Next, on the semblance as a whole you haven't really defined it? You've stated it's an energy but not how it's applied to yourself, others or it's appearance. Just need a couple more details. Finally I don't think we can allow the glyphs as they are, I would recommend removing them entirely and maybe going for something more akin to a platform you or others could stand on if you really want to keep some form of glyph ^^ bump when done.

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Okay bud, sorry for the wait! Just two things. On the buff/debuff you've stated spr and speed... I assume it's meant to be spt or str but I am unsure which you mean ^^ Secondly I do need you to specify how the buff/debuff works? You've just kind of stated it as something you can do rather than "Laying hands on a target she can slow them through putting dense energy upon them, interfering with movements" or the like ^^ Just want a touch more detail

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"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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