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Arrival at Bellmuse Island (Private/Zoe)

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1 Arrival at Bellmuse Island (Private/Zoe) on Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:07 pm

After two hours on the high seas, the boat Alexandria was on docked at the Port of Bellmuse. As the ship’s crew prepared to dock, they informed the passengers that they will they will be allowed to disembark in a few minutes. As her fellow passengers got ready to disembark, Alexandria took a step back and admired the scenery.

The island was extremely beautiful. The waters were crystal clear, the trees were very vibrant, and the buildings were beautifully well-maintained. To Alexandria, Bellmuse Island was on par scenery-wise to her homeland, the Kingdom of Empyrea. After about five minutes, the boat crew reported that the ship had successfully docked and that it was safe to disembark. Soon after, Alexandria and the rest of the passengers started disembarking from the ship. She then made her way to the exited the dock and entered the pier.

The pier was bustling with activity. There were students walking around the pier, fisherman hauling in their catch, people fishing illegally, and people who were just admiring the oceanside view. As she made her way through the pier, Alexandria noticed that people were staring at her intensely. Instead of responding with a sharp glare, she responded in an extremely lady-like manor with a confident smile. To he honest, Alexandria didn’t hold it against them since she fully understood why they were looking at her. For one, she was an outsider and two, she was not wearing civilian clothing. To be exact, she was wearing her full knight’s uniform.

As few moments later, Alexandria approached the area where the fishermen have hauled their catch in for sale on the pier. As she got closer and closer, she caught sight of a teenaged girl with long brown hair which was tied in a ponytail slipping on the wet pier as she was about to look at the fish that the fisherman has hauled in. The teenaged girl then fell forward in a very quick fashion and was about to land face first into the pier. Alexandria quickly responded by walking forward slightly. A few seconds later, Alexandria caught the teenaged girl and stopped her from falling any further. There was only about a few inches between the teenaged girl’s face and the pier.

“Excuse me, Miss. Are you alright?” Alexandria asked the teenaged girl in a concerned yet lady-like fashion.

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2 Re: Arrival at Bellmuse Island (Private/Zoe) on Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:33 pm

Zoe Isle
What a beautiful morning it was today! The sky was as blue as the sea that Zoe was admiring as she was roaming around the port part of the city. It was part of her morning routine to go by the pier each morning to see the freshly caught fishes and in most cases buy some to bring back with her. Although she had to make changes in her routine, no more was she allowed to bring back fish since she was now sleeping in a dorm back at the academy and she had nowhere to actually keep it fresh so it would quickly fill her room and the adjacent one with the vile stench of warm fish.

It didn't stop her however to stop by the diverse shops she would visit all day, although with her time spent at the school it wasn't as easy to come here everyday, especially since an airship was needed every time you would want to travel between Bellmuse Central and Syne with Finnek Forest separating the two locations. It always brought joy to Zoe though to be able to walk by the port, but her bad luck was about to bring her trouble, or maybe not. While walking near the edge of the pier, a large fish net was dropping its content close by and it wasn't the first either as the whole wooden surface had gotten slimy which the girl hadn't noticed as she watched the fishes wiggle around. With her being distracted and the bad footing, it wasn't really a surprise that she began to slip and in a mere second found herself facing the floor.

Nothing. Nothing happened though, she didn't reach the ground with her face, why was that? Slowly opening her eyes expecting to find herself at the hospital after a long coma caused by the blunt trauma, Zoe was still facing the ground, but she could see from the side of her eyes bright red cloth holding her tightly. Looking up the brunette could see that someone was able to catch her before falling down. It was a pretty girl that was red everywhere. Red clothing with red armor parts, bright long red hair flowing through the wind and deep red eyes looking right at her. White and black accents on both her clothes and armors made for a really impressive sight, especially up close like that.

As her savior asked if she was alright, Zoe silently nodded, intimidated by the regal aura of the girl that caught her, but in a good way. She was practically staring in awe before snapping out of it with a shake of her head. The brunette started to straighten herself up so she could stand on her own, but with the poor footing she had and the still slimy floor, she slipped once again, only this time bringing down with her the poor girl that tried to help her not a moment ago. Zoe immediately started to apologize the moment she realized what had happened, not noticing that she was now awkwardly laying on top of the other girl. She was extremely embarrassed by the situation, too scared to say anything more than "sorrys" over and over again, basically forgetting to get back up right away.

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3 Re: Arrival at Bellmuse Island (Private/Zoe) on Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:55 pm

Alexandria didn’t expect for this turn of events to happen. One moment she was stopping the teenaged girl with long brown hair that was tied in a ponytail from falling on her face. The next, she was on the floor with the brown-haired girl on top of her with am embarrassed look on her face. Alexandria didn’t really care about herself since she was a tough teenaged girl. She was worry about the teenaged girl who fell on top of her.

“Excuse me, Miss. Are you alright?” Alexandria asked calmly once more as she got up and checked out her clothing. There was nothing too bad except that part of her cape had gotten wet. However, this was a relatively minor thing, so she turned her attention towards the teenaged girl in front of her.

She then began looking at the teenaged girl carefully to see if she was injured. Alexandria couldn’t see signs that she was injured. However, she had noticed that the teenaged girl was suffering from a bout of the “sorry syndrome”. Alexandria could help but be reminded of her maid back home in Empyrea who was the exact same way. So, Alexandria placed her hand on the teenaged girl’s shoulder before speaking.

“There is no need to apologize, Miss. There was no harm done. However, your current condition is my biggest concern now.” Alexandria spoke in a very calm yet charismatic tone.

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4 Re: Arrival at Bellmuse Island (Private/Zoe) on Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:04 pm

Zoe Isle
It seemed like everything wasn't as terrible as Zoe thought they'd be as the girl she had dragged down with her wasn't mad at her for the situation, she was even more worried about the brunette's well-being than her own, which was surprising to her. There was a moment of silence caused by Zoe not sure how to answer to the girl's concern. She simply stared at her, feeling calm and relaxed just by feeling her hand on her shoulder and the sound of her voice. This girl clad in red was no ordinary girl that was for certain and this charismatic aura really picked Zoe's curiosity.

The brunette got up on her feet, this time without further incident before bowing her head as an apology but without speaking a word as the other girl probably heard it enough from Zoe's mouth for the next century to come. Bringing her head back up, the obviously shorter girl rubbed the back of her head nervously along with an equally nervous smile before finally speaking something else than an apology. "I should have been more careful... I'm alright though all thanks to you. Pretty sure I would have at least broken my nose with a fall like that so I'm glad you were there to save me. Thank you!"

Zoe bowed her head down again, this time as thanks before bringing it up and finally asking what has been on her mind for the past minute or so. "You're... not from here right? You clearly don't look the part and that armor is nothing quite like Bellmuse knight's... so how was your trip to our pleasant island? Calm enough sea I hope!" While most people would have asked her where she's from and all that, Zoe went the weird route to ask if the pretty stranger's voyage went well. The brunette had a funny innocent look on her face while still managing to look interested in anything the girl before her would be willing to share with her.

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5 Re: Arrival at Bellmuse Island (Private/Zoe) on Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:26 pm

“There is no need to thank me, Miss. I am glad to see that you are alright. To me, that is the most important thing.” Alexandria replied as she watched the brunette haired teenage girl smile nervously before speaking in an energetic manner. Alexandria couldn’t help but be reminded of her maid back at home. She couldn’t help but giggle in a very lady-like manner with her right positioned slightly over her mouth. Soon after, the brunette teenager soon began asking her questions about her journey to Bellmuse.

“You are correct, Miss. I am not from Bellmuse Island. My name is Alexandria Sigrdrífa Riessfeld and I am from the Kingdom of Empyrea. I have come to Bellmuse Island in order to attend Syne Academy. It is an honor to meet you.” Alexandria replied in an extremely formal fashion as she put her right hand over her heart and bowed respectfully.

“My journey was quite pleasurable. The waters off Bellmuse island are extremely beautiful and peaceful.” Alexandria added in a formal and respectful tone. As the Crown Princess of Empyrea, she was taught in the ways of diplomacy. This was the very first time she was away from home and she was determined to make her kingdom proud.

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6 Re: Arrival at Bellmuse Island (Private/Zoe) on Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:03 pm

Zoe Isle
There was a sparkle that was lighting up Zoe's eyes as she heard the words that escaped her new acquaintance's mouth as she was from a kingdom that the brunette had never heard of before. While she probably would have studied it during classes at one point during her attendance at Syne, it hadn't happened yet so everything about this kingdom of Empyrea and this Alexandria was surely going to be something super interesting.

Zoe made a little curtsy bowed to introduce herself, the formality making the brunette giggle lightly as she wasn't used to being addressed in such a way. "My name is Zoe, Zoe Isle. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the island of Bellmuse! I am glad to hear that your trip went well and that you love the scenery, this is one of the strongest point of the region! Wait till you see Finnek Forest, you'll be speechless! You know of Everfall Forest in Vale? It's kind of like that, but blue! Oh and the leaves aren't constantly falling either, so it's just a blue forest, but I swear it's pretty!"

The brunette suddenly stop talking, realizing that she went on a touristic tangent that was probably not interesting Alexandria in the slightest. Zoe brought her hand behind her head once again, scratching it with a sorry look and a goofy smile that she soon changed back to a more cheerful expression when she asked her next question, a more serious one this time. "What brings you to Bellmuse Alexandria? You came all this way from a kingdom to another, surely it's something important... like a diplomatic mission or something, right? Wait, if that's the case you're probably not allowed to mention it... and if so, forget I asked! I'm not a spy I swear! Zoe then began to paranoid, fearing that she may have asked too much to one that, by the look of her attire, was someone important enough that could put her in some serious trouble. The brunette was completely freaking out, mumbling incoherent things as she looked away at all the people staring at her because of her frantic behavior.

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7 Re: Arrival at Bellmuse Island (Private/Zoe) on Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:38 pm

Alexandria couldn’t help but smile as she watched the sparkling eye of the brunette girl. A few minutes later, the brunette girl introduced herself as Zoe Isle. After introducing herself, the brunette girl welcomed her to the island of Bellmuse. Soon after this, she began talking about the various points of interest on the island. Among the point of interests that Zoe mentioned were Finnek Forest. Alexandria decided to make note of that point of interest for the time being. The enthusiasm that Zoe was showing when she was talking about the forest caused Alexandria to giggle in a lady-like manner. Zoey totally reminded her of her maid at home.

Suddenly, Alexandria noticed that Zoe had stopped talking before a rather sorry look appeared on her face. After a few seconds, Zoe then asked about Alexandria “What had brought her to Bellmuse?”. Soon after, Alexandria watched as Zoe tense up as if she had said something wrong. In response, Alexandria placed her hand gently on Zoe’s shoulder before giving her a very reassuring smile.

“Ms. Isle, there is no need to be so tense. You asked an honest question. There is no need to be afraid of me. Alexandria replied in a very calm and soothing tone. By this time, she saw that Zoe was talking incoherently and was freaking out. Alexandria was determined to calm the girl down.

I am quite willing to answer your question. My purpose for visiting the island is to attend Syne Academy. Syne Academy has extended me an invitation to attend the school. After hearing about the school’s reputation, I decided to accept. It was quite an honor to be accepted into the academy.” Alexandria added while maintaining the same calm and soothing tone.

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8 Re: Arrival at Bellmuse Island (Private/Zoe) on Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:48 pm

Zoe Isle
A huge sigh of relief escaped through Zoe's lips as Alexandria reassured her that she wasn't about to throw her in jail or anything. The girl in red seemed really nice as she was calm and patient with Zoe's sudden paranoia. She even answered her question saying that she had come to Bellmuse to attend Syne which got a look of awe in the brunette's face. Someone this impressive was joining the academy she was in and it made Zoe think two things. First, that there was probably more interesting and impressive people like Alexandria in the school and second that the small archer's skill may be on par with someone that Syne invited to attend. Maybe the second one was a stretch, but she had the right to dream.

While she obviously thought that if Alexandria was invited by the academy itself to attend was because of her probably impressive talent as a potential huntress, Zoe couldn't help but ask just to be sure. "So why were you invited? I mean it's probably because of a feat of some sort right? Like protecting an entire village on your own from a Grimm attack or something. I never heard of a huntress being invited to the Academy and didn't read any record of that either, so there has to be a good reason!"

Zoe was super excited to probably be the first one to meet someone from another kingdom that also happened to go to the same school as her. She was nearly bouncing on the spot as she waited quite impatiently and without any subtlety for Alexandria's answer.

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9 Re: Arrival at Bellmuse Island (Private/Zoe) on Fri Dec 15, 2017 10:09 pm

Alexandria felt a sense of relief come over her as the brunette girl she was talking to relaxed. A few seconds later, Alexandria watched as the look of excitement appeared on Zoe’s face after mentioning that she has arrived on Bellmuse Island with the intentions of attending Syne Academy. A few seconds later, Alexandria was then literally bombarded with questions from Zoe about her invitation to attend Syne Academy. Alexandria thought about it for a bit in order to determine if she should tell the brunette girl about the reason why she was invited to the academy. Zoe seemed to be a pretty nice girl. She was clumsy, but she had no bad bone within her.

“Well, I was accepted into Syne Academy after helping a group of people fight off a random mass Grimm attack. Unfortunately, the story is a tad been too long for me to tell here. I shouldn’t be taking up any more of your time, Miss Isle. If I remember correctly, you were looking at the catch the fisherman brought in. Alexandria replied in a respectful and formal tone.

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