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Aura Manipulations, Rare semblance (open 1 students)

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Claw Elderwood
Claw had set up his next class after he had returned to work, this time he would teach about aura manipulation for the class topic. He had brought back a aura show gloves, a devise that lets the user use his aura to make images in mid air, this would be a good example to show for the class. As usual, he had his helmet on so no one could see his face, then the bell had rang for students to get to their next class. The students came in and took their seats for the class,"Hello students, if this is your first time having me, my name is Mr. Elderwood and i will be your aura studies teacher. Today's topic is Aura Manipulation, what is that you maybe asking well it is a semblance the bends your aura to do what ever action it does." He then projected some examples out into the room."One would be a powerful burst of energy that acts like a barrier or EMP, one of the more rare version of this is making a weapons with your aura." He then makes a aura version of his own weapon,"But there are three types of these aura manipulations, we will be going to learn all three of them which are offensive, defensive, and weaponize"

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Terra walked towards the classroom with her eyes half open,still tired from waking up so early in the morning. She was just getting comfortable when her dorm partner woke her up. She finally made it to the class. Semblance class,specifically about aura manipulation. This should be perfect for her. She stepped inside the classroom and noticed the teacher,with some type of helmet. Weird,yet mysterious. She sat down in the front of the class,and listened intently. How his he projecting things out like that. She didn't know that other people could do that. Must be some piece of technology. Then she heard him talk about 3 types of aura manipulation;offensive,which must be using it for attack. Defensive,which must be making barriers or shields. Then finally,Weaponize,which must mean making weapons. Wonder how rare it is to have one of them. Probably pretty rare. How rare is it to have all three though?

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Aetheria E. Schwertkreuz
After waking up early to spend some quality time alone, Aetheria entered the classroom where the Semblance Class was held. Today’s lesion was about Aura Manipulation or the ability to bend Aura into any form that the users wants it to be. Aetheria was extremely interested in the topic since it was somewhat similar how she can manipulate the energy from the Dust she uses through her weapon, the Aetherial Staff.

Despite of her interest, Aetheria kept a very inexpressive and nonchalant look on her face as she began to look around for a great spot where she can be by herself. The only other person she could she besides the teacher was a young woman who was sitting in the very front row.

After a few minutes of looking around, Aetheria found a great spot to sit down. It was the very last seat of the very last row. The seat was located next to the window. It was the perfect spot for Aetheria since it was the farthest from the teacher and the other student. Despite of this, the spot did provide an extremely clear view of the teacher and what he is doing. Also, she was still able to hear the teacher clearly from this position. It didn’t take Aetheria long before she reached her seat.

Aetheria then sat down and took out her notebook and a couple of pens in preparation for the teacher to start speaking. Despite of the expression on her face, Aetheria was mentally excited to see what she could learn about Aura and Semblances. It didn’t take long before the teacher began his lecture. He first started off with a brief explanation of Semblances and defined what Aura Manipulation was. After explaining those concepts in great detail, he then moved onto the types of Aura Manipulation that a person can use. As the teacher spoke, Aetheria started taking notes in her notebook.

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