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Jack (Done)

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1 Jack (Done) on Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:00 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Jack
Age: 22 years.
Birthday: 3/17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 235 lbs.
Face Claim: "Jacket" from Hotline Miami.

Aura 120|180 HP

Major: Civilian
Likes: Music, polaroid cameras, the beach.
Dislikes: People prying into his life, the cold, anyone deemed immoral.
Fears: An unstoppable end to himself, the discovery of his face, law enforcement.
Talent: Athleticism
Weakness Organization
Overall Personality: It's a real challenge to describe Jack's personality.  Not because he's mysterious, although that doesn't help.  The real source of the difficulty is the fact that he has more than one real personality.  The mask he wears seems to determine what type of personality he's going to have on that day, or until he changes masks, the only thing that remains the same is his name.  Despite having multiple personalities, Jack is hardly a difficult person to get along with.  His most commonly worn mask seems to be the real him, and it's far from unfriendly.  He's often seen out in public meeting new people just because he thought they looked interesting or they accidentally made eye contact.  Although he doesn't like to bring up much about himself, and what he does bring up just leads to more questions, he's quite the talker and could go on for hours about any random subject that one could think of.  As long as whoever he's talking to doesn't try to take of his mask or ask questions that are a bit too personal, they'll probably have a blast meeting Jack.  He hopes so, at least.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Red.  Not any special kind, just red.
Semblance: Depending on what mask he's wearing, Jack's semblance can change drastically.

Chicken mask: Jack's most commonly worn mask.  It doesn't do anything.

Tiger mask:  Fury builds up inside, making every attack hurt just that much more.  Also, insults become that much more aggressive.  ( +2 Str Buff)

Chameleon mask:  Jack becomes much less appealing to look at.  Does not affect combat.

Wolf mask:  A knife materializes in Jack's hand, doing semblance damage.

Walrus mask:  This mask makes Jack's skin thicker, protecting him from some physical damage. ( +2 Def Buff)

Item 1: A baseball bat that's seen some intentionally unclear use.  It's probably not his, but he uses it as a weapon anyway.
Item 2: A letterman jacket, nothing too special about it.  Even Jack's not sure how it protects him so well. (Physical armor)

History and Sample
Before most of his life changing events could take place, Jack lived a relatively normal life for the most part.  He grew up with a loving family, a mother and a father, that always did their best to raise him right, providing him what he needed and making sure not to spoil him.  Jack grew to treasure knowledge, unlike most children, vowing to continue his education as far as possible, even after highschool.  In his time growing up, although they kept it hidden from him, both his mother and father were sick in their own ways.  His father had brain cancer, getting diagnosed when Jack was only 17, and his mother suffered from congenital heart disease.  Afraid of scaring their child, both parents agreed to keep their conditions a secret, at least until Jack was an adult.  After finishing up his highschool education, Jack's family didn't have enough money to send him to college, and he didn't have any chance for a scholarship, so he enlisted into the military in hopes that it would take care of this problem.  Of course, Jack's life couldn't stay all sunshine and rainbows forever.  While he was away from home, he received the news that his mother had given in to her heart, falling too ill for any doctor to keep her alive.  While he was still greiving the loss of his mother, his father passed mere days after, leaving Jack truly alone in the world.  There wasn't a home that he wished to return to, and he fell into a deep depression while still in service to the military.  His new comrades sensed this, but did not provide the same comfort he would've expected.  Day after day, his comrades began to grow hostile in their attempts to toughen up Jack, who had to resist the urge to fight back again, again, and again.  However, resisting such an urge for days on end proved to be too difficult to keep up.  Giving into this need for violence, Jack found one of his tormentors in the night, his fists crashing against their skull repeatedly until his own knuckles broke under impacts.

It felt amazing, ruining someone to pay them back for their sins.  His superiors, however, did not see it this way.  Jack was dishonorably discharged immediately, his hopes for even further education had been crushed by the one that created them.  But Jack wasn't one to let something like this keep him down.  The last time he let himself fall into depression, it brought people to torment him, to make him suffer.  Shaking off his failure, Jack kept his chin up.  Now, he had a new hobby.  Although he was reluctant, he had to return home eventually.  Not only were his savings there, but the only clothes he had on him were his military fatigues.  Picking up his jacket from highschool and whatever cash he could carry in his wallet, Jack set off into the world with a new purpose.  He had to find that thrill again, the thrill of acting on karma's behalf, giving criminals and other awful people what they deserved.  Sure, it wasn't the most original life plan in the world, or an easy one, but he had to admit that being somewhat of a vigilante was going to be at least kind of fun.  Well, that's how it was at first.  It began as a monthly thing at it's most frequent times, he would wear a ski mask and look for small time criminals, doing his best to permanently damage them so they couldn't do whatever crime they committed again.  One night, he received a phone call.  Someone over the phone told him a package was waiting outside of his door, and they gave him an address.  Within this package was his first mask, a rubber chicken mask.  Whenever he's pressed further about what happened after this, Jack will either fall silent or change the subject, so the rest is most likely going to have to be revealed some other time.
RP Sample:
Although he wasn't too happy about having to be out in the cold, Jack could barely contain his excitement as he hurriedly walked down the streets of Bellmuse, on his way to his favorite restaurant to try out their new dessert.  He could never really remember the name of the place, but they had nice food and even nicer people, so he was more than eager to relax and have a great meal today.  As he walked, he hardly even noticed the stares he got from the folks passing by.  He understood, of course.  A man wearing a chicken mask wasn't really a comforting sight for most people, the fact that most are put off by this only assures him that he's not surrounded by absent minded idiots.  Finally arriving at his favorite spot, he walked over to a booth and waved one of the waitresses over, Jill.

"Hey! How've you been?  I'll have the new "Lumberjack's Parfait of Kings," please!"

Needless to say, he was pretty excited to be here, trying a brand new dessert that, by the sound of it, had enough syrup to drown him.  When it finally arrived, Jill's face fell as she realized something Jack didn't.  Unable to hold himself back anymore, Jack dove at the parfait... and watched helplessly as his treat failed to get past the rubber mask.  Jack tried again, again and again, failing over and over for at least three hours.  But, after many tries, Jack let his head hit the table in defeat and sobbed, for there was no more dessert left to smash against his second face.

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Hey bud couple things. First is that your aura/hp must be done in multiples of 10 not 5. Second there are a couple of masks that's effect I cannot allow.If they all did buffs you could most certainly do something of it's nature but as it currently is I cannot allow the chicken and the chameleon masks. Teleportation has to be on it's own as a semblance and so does invisibility. Bump when done

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