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Aetheria's Arrival at Syne Academy (SOLO) (Closed)

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Aetheria E. Schwertkreuz
It was barely 6:00 AM when Aetheria arrived on the campus of Syne Academy. The campus was mostly empty since it was still too early in the morning for students to be in class. Aetheria then took a couple of minutes to look at the courtyard of the pretty empty campus.

“Well, it looks like there aren’t any students roaming around early this morning. That is the way I like it. I rather spent time by myself.” Aetheria thought quietly to herself. She was the type of person who preferred being alone most of the time. Aetheria was not the type to hang out in large groups. After thinking quietly to herself for a bit, Aetheria then walked straight ahead before heading directly towards the Administrative Building where she need to submit some paperwork to finalize her acceptance to Syne Academy.

After arriving at the Administrative Building, Aetheria entered the building. Luckily for her, the office has only one person working at the front desk. Aetheria was soon called up to the front desk. Soon after, she quickly handed the woman all the paperwork that she requested. Amongst these were the Combat Testing Evaluation. After a few minutes, Aetheria received her Syne Academy ID on her Scroll, and her uniform. She was soon excused from the Administrative Building.

“Now, it is time to spend some time alone with my Journal.” Aetheria thought quietly to herself as she left the Administrative Building. With the paperwork completed, she had planned to find a extremely private spot so that she could write an entry in total peace and quiet. A few moments later, Aetheria found herself in the Courtyard again. As soon as she reached the Courtyard, she then began looking for a good spot where she could do her writing in peace and quiet.

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