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Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot)

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1 Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Tue Dec 19, 2017 9:57 am

The tide gently lapped against Kompress beach; snow having been washed from the shore by a small storm. The tide was half in, on it's way back out and gently receding further into the ocean; the night was moonless and thus, with the exception of faunus individuals, it was difficult to scan the beach for grimm or individuals. There was however be an exception shining through this impermeable darkness, out on the beach... was a crumpled figure at the water's edge, indistinguishable from his background if it weren't for the crackling of red light engulfing his figure as he attempted to drag himself from the sea. The water lapped around his waist; with every wave that met his legs his aura would crackle and the red light would spread across his body. Any hunter who had been or seen the badly beaten would understand; the man's aura was broken and ineffective. It reacted to touch in a last effort attempt to defend his body but truthfully provided no protection.

His body was wrinkled, both by age and sea, it was evident that he had lost his right eye no longer than a day ago as blistered pustules were observable within the socket... upon closer inspection one would find a many of his teeth had gone missing. He was making no headway in scraping his way up the beach in waterlogged clothes, he was dressed in what had once been a stylish red leather coat though it had lost it's lustre and been torn in places... likely from being tempest tossed. He wore drenched black trousers and half a pair of leather boots, fingerless gloves on his hands. He was clearly identified as faunus though his trait, a pig's snout for a nose, which was broken and lathered in dry blood. In his right hand was a blade, a twisted and gnarled dagger of sorts, he was trying to use it for leverage to pull himself... but it simply cut gashes in the wet sand.

Upon the approach of individuals, in particular those carrying light, he would freeze before peering up to them. In a voice like the wisps of wind, having clearly swallowed a vast volume of of seawater he would repeat but single line; "Hispaniola...Bones...Mutiny... Hispaniola...Bones... Mutiny...Hispaniola...Bones... Mutiny..." Before eventually stating in his croaking voice; "Pegleg... Walk... Water...Come... White-Wig...Knows..." Before returning to repeating; "Hispaniola... Mutiny... Bones... Hispaniola... Mutiny...Bones..."

He would only stop if someone dared lay hands on him or heal him in some way. It was fortunate that there were no Grimm out tonight.

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2 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:36 am

Dareios had wanted to visit the beach for a long while. It had been years since he had gone to a beach, where often the sand got everywhere. The sand going everywhere was just fine though. That meant that he had properly went to the beach, despite the likely lengthy cleaning process after. He hadn't even brought his tea this time. He had just brought his nice robes, and under those robes, the old man wore some swimming trucks. He had planned to go swimming, but when the man was at sea-side, and the people around were reacting appropriately, a look is all it took. This man was undoubtedly dying.

Dareios had been in that exact situation before. He moved, not quickly but still moved, and dragged the man away from the water so his full body was on the sand and not in the water. He knew the man was dying, so the quiet old man decided to get loud for the first time in a while.

"We need a doctor here, as soon as possible!"

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3 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:05 pm

A shout reached a motorcyclist's ears, even above the loud rumbling the engine possessed. A directional indicator, tires screeched as the machine almost lept on the sidewalk, over to the dikes, stopping right next to the metal fencing that was made to keep people from falling down to the beach in a rather painful way. A helmet smacked against the ground, the visor shattering and some bits from the black matte protective material scraping off. And Mathilde leapt over the metal barrier. The massive scythe in hand. Headed for the red light on the beach.

She jumped down the stone wall, sliding on the bricks down until her leather heels touched in the sand. The change of texture under her feet was enough to tell her she had landed. And thus with massive strides, she closed in on the sea-flogged man and Dareios. It didn't take long for her to be next to the pair, looking down at the man, before over at Dareios. "Keep an eye on him," she stated, taking a step back and pulling up her scroll. Dialing the emergency services. Requesting any kind of doctor. Both medical services or registered in Syne, to Bellmuse. Her scroll's location would be easy enough to read. Though she did include the details of a motorcycle, black in make, still humming in first gear, thrown on the floor at the edge of the dike.

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4 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:13 pm

Valerie had been on the beach that night, trying to meditate and gain some perspective during a moonlit session of reflection by the sea. A simple reason really, her temper had still been getting the better of her, even if she was making some serious strides in delaying it. She opened her eyes and stared out at the ocean which she'd never know the embrace of and she felt a touch of sadness. Her wings didn't stop her from doing much, despite how big they were, but they simply retained too much water for her to be able to swim. So she would be contented to remain landlocked, though that contentment would not last as she heard a familiar voice calling for a doctor.

She looked over and was able to clearly see one of her professors and an unfamiliar woman by a man that was clearly injured. Her instincts would kick in and in the blink of an eye, she'd scramble to her feet and into a dead sprint toward the man, only stopping when she was dropped to her knees next to him, examining his injuries.

"Don't worry. I'm a field doctor, I'll see to him."

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Being pretty new to Bellmuse, Jack didn't even know they had a beach, and wondered if he'd ever be able to feel sand on his feet ever again.  Luckily for him, his wandering about the island brought him to the beach, easing his mind for a moment.  Mind you, this moment wouldn't last very long at all, as Jack almost immediately heard an old man yell for a doctor.  He broke into a sprint in response to this call for help, moving towards the aforementioned old man, somebody with an intimidating scythe, some girl with... wings?  He wasn't too familiar with faunus at all, but a man wearing a chicken mask all day had to excuse to ask questions, especially when more dire matters were at hand.  Sliding on his knees across the sand to the injured person's side, Jack began to look them over.

"Don't panic! Don't panic! Oh god, I think I might panic!  I'll call somebody, you make sure he stays ali- what happened to his eye?!"

Needless to say, Jack was quite worried for whoever this was, and his empty eye socket wasn't exactly pleasing to look at.  Sure, he'd seen violence and gore before, but only on victims that deserved it.  This looked more like an accident, so it was much harder to look at.  Pulling out a large and outdated looking phone, he attempted to call an ambulance.  The word 'attempted' should be emphasized, as all he received for an answer was a dial tone instead of anything actually useful.  Frustrated, he threw his brick - sized phone to the side.  Luckily, it seemed that someone was already calling somebody who's actually able to help, and the winged person was apparently a field doctor.

Jack wasn't a doctor, and he could think of nothing useful.  He began to feel useless as everybody seemed to have a basic idea of what to do but him.

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The old man, the first to arrive on the scene, would draw most extreme ire when he dared to pull the once sailor. The knife in his right, still drawn, attempted to stab at his arm a number of times but not once could it even penetrate cloth. His body was far too weakened to fight back, most of his attempted blows even missing the arm entirely. As he was dropped the man leered up at Mr Orange, still failing to pull himself up the beachside.

When more voices sounded, footsteps drawing closer, the man's composure was shaken further. He grit his teeth and began to shiver, as though he were finally succumbing to his injuries despite aid being so close at hand. He loosed a wretched cough, blood spilling from his jaw. He looked up at them with beady yellow eyes and continued to cough; "Hispaniola... Mutiny... Bones... Hispaniola... Mutiny...Bones..." It appeared he was much too disorientated to truly identify his saviours, quite fortunately as if he had seen a man wearing a chicken mask he may have mistaken him for a white fang member or some kind of monster. He drew his knife close, as if to defend himself from them, and froze up almost entirely.

As the medic crouched down next to him, he would grasp blindly at her and attempt to pull her in closer. "Get... away, got to tell Bones. Mutiny, Hispaniola, Barbecue is coming. Barbecue is coming. Step fast on water. The boy... the doctor to. They know about the island. They know what's here. I've got to tell Billy. I've got to tell Bones!" He would cough more, upchucking seawater tinted red. The man tried to rise to his feet only to fall backward and clash with an oncomming wave. Rising again, to the point of sitting, he would cry out; "Livesley! Livesley did this to us! It's all the white-wig's fault, she... she... Barbecue..."

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Seeing the man cough up blood was plenty to decipher what one of his injuries was, but she was left squinting as her face contorted into a mix of frustration and confusion in equal measure. At the sight of the knife, however, she rapidly grabbed the mans wrist, assuming that his injuries would render him less than capable of fighting attacking her, her other hand went to his shoulder. Despite her frustrations she spoke softly to him.

"I need you to be calm sir. We're here to help, so please cooperate. You're holding a knife and you've lost a lot of blood, so if you begin seizing, you could injure yourself further. Please, trust us, we know you're in a lot of pain. Drop the weapon, and stay still so we can help you."

The whole time she was talking, she had been looking him up and down as well, trying to gauge his injuries. He obviously had internal bleeding, which her semblance could likely fix, but she didn't know how much blood he'd lost already. She lacked supplies to truly examine him, and his eye was along the same line. Her semblance had no way of fixing that, so she simply hoped the paramedics would arrive soon with some supplies or saline.


Is that an aura? It's faint, but...

Valerie hesitated for a moment, staring nervously at the man before the golden wisps of her aura would begin to work on fixing whatever injuries that her semblance could. With an aura, a weapon, and the words he was saying, Valerie was suspicious, but she knew they wouldn't get any functional words from him until he came out of shock.


-30 SP: Healing (for reference)

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Mathilde rose her arm infront of Jack, to keep him from actually getting too close to the now improvised doctor and her patient. She glanced sidelong at him, before back at Valerie. "Calm down. Allow her space to work," Mathilde stated, maybe a tad too coldly. Lowering her hand again and taking a step back. She then fully turned to Jack. "Have you seen anyone else here but the man and the three of us?" She questioned, before she glanced at Dareios. She had seen his picture before. A teacher, in the very academy she was being tutored. "Mister Orange," that was his name. She glanced back the elderly man. Unsure what the general protocol was in this case. She was outranked if they would consider it from a military standpoint. Though it was still not ill-willed to suggest.

"If you'd also like to back up while this man is recieving emergency triage, I have already alerted the paramedics. No doubt the police will also be here within minutes." There was no reason to involve anyone else but themselves and the paramedics. Just now, she was keeping an eye on the three of them that were still able to walk. The man with the mask. The emergency doctor and the teacher. All four of them had to deliver a testimony after all. So she'd rather have them all here waiting for the appropriate forces.

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Despite his initial shock at the situation, Jack began to force himself to calm down and deal with this situation like the others were.  Mathilde's advice made sense.  Panicking right now would only cause further harm, and it's not like he's much use right now anyways.  The most he could really do is cooperate with whoever seemed to know what they were doing.  "Right, right...  No, I didn't see anybody else, just you guys."  This man seemed like he was at sea for quite some time before arriving at the beach, and nobody was with him.  The whole situation was pretty troubling, seeing how they had no leads.

Unsure of what else there was for him to do, Jack began to wonder about exactly what this wretch was saying.  He's looking for someone named Bones, he witnessed a mutiny or something... barbecue?  What?  He sighed, his attempts to understand this man's problem only raising more questions.  As the man stumbled backwards, Jack put his hand to the sides of his mask, tugging on it nervously.  "I don't get it.  Does anybody else get this guy?"

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10 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:27 pm

Dareios sat, listened closely to the man. Mutiny, and barbacue used in teh same sentence? That's not a good sign. Dareios knew a lot of things because he was old, and there was no for sure verdict on this.

He backed up slightly to give the medic girl some room. He knew to work their magic, they needed some space. That didn't shake his feeling though. This had to be something related to pirates, as if this were a military thing, the man would either be dead, or in better shape.

That meant he was probably a pirate. Probably. Maybe.

He had no confirmation. He would've stayed silent, had this chicken-masked man not spoken his words. Dareios had to throw out his input.

"If I'm right, and I'm not entirely sure. This might have been a pirate."

Dareios went to his scroll that he held in his pocket and sent Gwyn a messsage.

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11 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Sun Dec 31, 2017 8:00 pm

As the blonde dared to lay hands on him the red ripples once again shot across his body, as the girl began to heal him (much to his behest) the broken ripples of red vanished and in it's place a thin coating of dark red surrounded the entirety of his body. His broken nose twisted back into place and a few of his teeth twisted back into place but that blood which had left his body, some of it now on the medic's hands, would not be returning. The man was old, no healing semblance could cure that. He was still quite delirious... but there was a light in his eyes now. There was a force behind his actions and a determination in his breath. He managed to rise, stumbling away from the girl before turning to the bizarre crowd before him. An old man... a chicken headed fellow... and some kind of vampire? Certainly a strangely dressed woman holding a giant scythe, likely some manner of undead.

He flinched a little and took a step back as his vision improved, however as he did it appeared something else nearby had caught in the corner of his vision. He raised a hand to his stubbly chin and spoke clearly; "There was a mutiny on the great privateer ship the Hispaniola, the single legged Barbecue is at the helm and two others flank him; Marrow Livesely and that boy Hawkins... They are coming for the Captain's loot with his former force. You've got to..." Something again seemed to catch the corner of his eye, "Someone needs to get to Billy, someone needs to get to Billy Bones Creak! Tell him Captain Arrow is here and-"

It was with that the spectre which haunted his vision made it's move. From the sea came a thunderous bang, as quickly as it would grace their eardrums the lightning would strike; a bizarre teal sphere of lightning had raced across the water-top and made steam in it's wake! Plugging directly into the man, now explained to be Mr Arrow, and instantly broke through what little aura he had regained. In an instant the blast disintegrated him, it was easier to explain what remained than what had been lost; just his right collarbone, neck, head and left arm had lasted. Everything else had turned to ash and fallen into the sea, the point of dismemberment being blackened and hardened by the harsh electrical wave. He landed face down in the water, what remained of his corpse was of no risk of sinking into the sea.

If anyone had dared look to sea they would find it dark, but out there... what must have been nigh a mile away the blonde faunus medic would be able to see a strange visage on the horizon. It appeared there was a small island no bigger than her thumb from where she currently stood and on it was a bulbous figure who seemed to sway as though he walked with a limp though he moved incredibly quickly; as he shrank into the distance as did the island. In a matter of moments the sea would appear to swallow both him and the island.

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12 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Mon Jan 01, 2018 3:38 pm

Valerie watched the man attentively, listening to his story as her eyes were concerned for his well-being, despite his condition being good enough for her to deem it necessary to stop the man. in time she came to grasp the situation more clearly, but her attentiveness yielded results, as by the second time his vision was caught she was able to register where he was looking.

There was, however, no time to react to the sound, the light, or the static which hung in the aftermath. Time seemed to slow down and Valerie was only able to utter a gasp as her former patient was rendered from reality. Her eyes glazed over, and it was all that she could do to press her hand against her mouth and keep herself from vomiting. She'd no preparation, no adjustment beforehand. Her ears were ringing.

Time continued to crawl, and she witnessed the passing of the figure across the open sea. The silence was only broken by her thoughts, and every voice inside of her telling her to remove herself from the sight of this grisly tragedy, or the thought that this man was completely aware of his impending demise. What kind of fear must he have felt?

It didn't matter anymore. She had only one name in mind anymore, and she wanted to do anything that would help the situation while getting far away from here. Valerie gathered herself and her things on the way toward Creak's tavern. She'd never met the man in person, but she knew of him. And boy did he have some explaining to do, why he or someone sharing his name was linked to this ominous event. For now she wordlessly left the scene in search of some answers.

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13 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:31 am

It seemed like the teacher had heeded her words. He took his distance and took his scroll after stating this man might've been a pirate. It was then, even faster than her mind could do the most basic calculation of incrementing one by one, that the man had died. Torn apart and turned to ashes, only a major chunk of flesh remaining from what he originally was. She didn't avert her eyes. She didn't turn away. Mathilde merely watched. It was too late for the officials to get here and keep this man alive. Her eyes moved to Valerie, seeing the shocked visage on her face.

She moved over, putting a hand on the girl's shoulder. "I'm sorry," she stated. "This is my fault. I failed to see the strike coming," and she was by no means fast enough. The hand moved to a grasp on her arm. To pry her away from the remnants of the corpse. Though when she made notion to leave, Mathilde was swift to be at her side again. "We should stay," she nodded towards her motorcycle, on the ground, engine still running. "At least, you shouldn't go alone. Let the police investigate. Answer questions and such. Let them get to the bottom of this. I can bring you wherever you need to be after."

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14 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:22 pm

Jack froze as the man was destroyed instantly before his eyes, leaving only a few pieces of himself behind and a painfully small amount of answers.  Staring in awe, he would say nothing in hopes that the others around him would know what to do now.  He wasn't a hunter, he wasn't a police officer, and he wasn't a doctor, not that any amount of medical attention could bring someone's body back into existence.  Jack sighed, a wave of calm coming over him.  There was nothing he could do.  There was no need to panic now, seeing how whatever opportunity he had to help was gone.  He watched the medic, feeling at least a little bit sorry for her.  She did her best to keep this man alive, and for what?  He was just taken away mere moments after receiving help.

Watching Valerie get up, Jack moved to follow her, assuming that she probably knew what she had to do next.  That, and it was probably a good idea to make sure she was okay after the rather traumatizing event that just took place.  This idea was put on hold for a moment, as the girl with the scythe approached her and tried to convince her to stay.  Why would we stay here? The police have already been called, there was no need to keep anybody alive, and they didn't have many answers to give the cops anyways.

"I know it sounds like a good idea, but what exactly are we going to tell the cops?  There's nobody around here that could be a suspect except for all four of us,"  Jack said, motioning his arm at the four of them.  "Not only would we waste time talking to people that probably couldn't help us, but we wouldn't be able to figure this out from a jail cell." It was a somewhat selfish approach to the situation, but what other choices did they really have?  Plus, sticking around the same area in which someone was disintegrated with no hopes of avoiding it seemed like a great way to get the same thing to happen to them.

He turned to the winged girl.  "I don't know where you're going, but you're trying to figure out what happened here, right?  Let me help."  He couldn't remember which masks he brought with him today, but he hoped they'd be able to help him in whatever challenges he would face soon.  Someone out there needed to be punished for murdering that man, and he wasn't just going to sit around and wait for them.

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15 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:59 am

He took it all in, with a visage of understanding. He understood what happened here, despite not knowing who was involved. Mutiny, as the pirate had mentioned, often ended in some measure of death and dismemberment. Usually involved heads being taken off. He watched Valerie, a student who used to be in his class, start storming off to start a witch hunt. He watched another person who decided to stop the girl. That was fine.

He sighed, as Jack did, when he realized what was going on. He read the response message on his scroll and understood. That was fine. He stood up and knew that he had to talk to the others.

"Pirates, for the most part, are a dishonest and bloody bunch. Now. The head of this academies security has contacted me and told me to gather some contact information for all of you. If you could all give me contact information; we'll be able to get this sorted in a short time."

He knew that Valerie was angry, and he hadn't had the others in class. He wasn't even sure if they were in the classes. Alas, he had to play the matter of messenger.

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16 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:35 pm

There was a flash of blue and white light ahead of them, emanating not from the water but above the bank of the beach; on the pavings of the car park outside Creak's Tavern. Soon after, emanating from above, were the sounds of three airship's propellers; two seemed to fly on ahead while a third loosed a searchlight beam down on the coast... quickly passing over the hunters (and civilian) to the remaining torso of the corpse before tracing around the beach in search. Of the perpetrator? Of any other sailors washed ashore? One could only speculate.

From the bank's edge a crowd of officers, some in white garb and carrying bags, rushed passed the group and down the beach; starting to set up what looked to be some sort of tent around the body and establish a perimeter of sorts... even if the body was flanked by the ocean on one side making it quite difficult. Following them from the bank's edge, emerging from the front of one of the cars, was a small faunus man (having some rather gnarly boar tusks emerging from his mouth) with a bright gleaming badge; wielding what seemed to be a paper with printed words on it. He approached following Dareios speech, looking quite nervous; "On the orders of Gwyn Ryu a-after you give your details to Mr Orange you are to return to the dorms or other places of residence as soon as is convenient, Mr Ryu seems to want you to hurry and get a good night sleep but... I understand this experience may have left some of you shaken."

He was clearly trying his best, appearing to have been quite unnerved by the task he had been given. "As long as you give Mr Orange here your scroll c-contact details you should be fine to stay with a friend, I think... o-o-or if you are so scared and would like to spend the night elsewhere I can have it arranged? We don't know how e-e-experianced you are as Hunters but, if some are knew following the shock you may want to be a-ae-admitted to hospital either down here or up at the a-ae-academy. In the afternoon tomorrow, twelve sharp, Gwyn Ryu will begin to message you with questions and asking for statements. Anonymised if you wish them to be. If you truly wish you can meet with him in person, just ask him, though naturally he will be quite busy with this investigation and further securing both the island and the academy. You will be c-cea-compensated for your time."

He looked up to the tavern atop the bank, not a light shining within; "I-I was going to offer to pay lodgings for you all at Creak's Tavern, though in he-he-hindsight it is probably too close to the scene for comfort, but it appears to be closed. D-D-Darn shame, Creak's quite the guy; probably wouldn't even have charged following what happened... n-n-not to mention the presence of the patrons might have prevented it." With that he'd nod, "Unless you all have any requests I-I really need to get to work."

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17 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:47 am

Valerie clenched her eyes shut as the dull ringing in her ears subsided and she began to make out the words that Math spoke, not becoming fully lucid until she heard "We should stay" and heard none of the words which followed. She opened her eyes, and could tell from the warmth in her face that her eyes were likely betraying her emotions with the purple hue which showed her anger.

"For what? So we can sit around and this can happen to anyone else, or until the trail goes cold waiting for someone else to arrive?" Her lip was quivering and tears were blinked from her eyes. She looked at Jack with reassurance in someone willing to be kind out of the goodness of their heart to a complete stranger and stared out to the sea. Not even roused by the officers taking over the area, a group she longed to rejoin, but suffered in silence as the bad news mounted onto her psyche like a mountain of pebbles placed one-by-one.

Valerie abruptly drew her scroll free and turned it off, glancing sidelong at Dareios. "My contact information will be at Bellmuse General Hospital. If you need me that badly, then ask for me there while I'm volunteering."

She'd made up her mind to go there to sort things out for the next few days. Sitting idly on the crest of this tragedy was a simple level of sloth and a menial promenade that just seemed ridiculous at this point, and implying she could rest when such matters are at hand is such a direct insult that she felt sick. She stomped off, determined to make something of the time until she was called to recall this horrific scene, hoping to do more than just pass the time as she did so.


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18 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:48 am

She glanced at Jack, before shaking her head. "You two arrived after me, that puts you two out of suspicion for the time being. As for myself," she let out a soft breath. "I also have a foolproof way to prove my innocence in this man's untimely demise." Her gaze cast at the teacher again. "And I don't think Sir Orange did this either." Silver eyes moved to Valerie yet again, who was portraying clear signs of discomfort. Anger, ill will. Whatever suited it.

"For us to be safe? For this not to happen to any of us. If you wish to rush headfist into battle, be my guest. It'll end you up just like him, another mangled corpse for no good reason." Mathilde stated, her tone lacking mirth, silver eyes unsympathetic. She glanced back at Dareios and shook her head, moving over to pull a scroll from her white overcoat. "My apologies, sir," was stated absent mindedly whilst rifling through her own contact details. "If you wish to synch your scroll momentarily, I can transmit my details and forward any details you or Mister Ryu may require." She glanced at the police officer again, nodding momentarily.

"I will most likely return to the academy and see to resuming patrols or return to my dorm. And it is highly likely I will stay in the academy for the next two days." During that, she was going to look up the name Billy Bones Creak and this Creak tavern. Designate a plan and move in for a personal inquiry of her own.

"If that is all," she nodded to the officer, before to Dareios. With a turn of her feet and a sheen of the massive scythe, she moved back to her motorcycle, pulling the thing up with one arm, attaching the scythe to it. Proceeding to pick up her helmet and dusting it off. She picked it up, propping it on her head and letting out a soft sigh.

A kick to put the engine in gear and she was gone.


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19 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:10 pm

As a searchlight scanned the beach and police officers rushed onto the scene, horrifying memories began to flood Jack's mind. He took a quick step backwards, clenching his fists. To anybody who would notice, he probably looked as suspicious as one could possibly be in this situation. This fearful pose would soon go back to being somewhat relaxed as he realized that they were in fact not there to arrest him. This realization allowed him to shift his focus back to the people around him, specifically the winged girl next to him. He knew what it was like, knowing you're perfectly capable of assisting and being forced to stand down. He almost said something to try and calm her down, maybe even cheer her up, but decided not to. Someone in this state might just benefit more from being left alone. Besides, Jack definitely wasn't a person one would seek comfort from.

Turning away from Valerie and thinking over what the tusked officer had to say, a crucial detail came to mind at the mention of scrolls. Quietly walking over to the man to speak to him, Jack talked quietly. "So, uh... I don't have a scroll and I'm never in one place for longer than a day... What do I do?" He hated having to talk to cops. He didn't think this one had the guts to be very tough, so this wasn't too big of a problem, and not giving information seemed to be out of the question anyway. It did feel awkward though, bringing up something that's almost comedic in nature at such a gruesome scene.

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20 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:58 pm

Dareios, an old man, was put to thinking about this. This wasn't a matter of safety. It was a matter of a problem being nipped in the bud. Pirates, often, threw things away because they were useless without actually thinking about anything. He watched the other leaving, noting to find Valerie at the hospital, and the woman named Mathilde according to her details. She was to go to the academy and stay around there, Valerie was going to be fine seemingly.

It didn't particularly matter, in the old mans mind, if these kids ever got back into this whole thing. If they didn't, better for them. Jack and Mathilde could manage it, but that Valerie character should've be trusted in times of crisis. Proven both by the time in class that Dareios had with her, and the way she reacted in the field. That was no matter, though. He had to address the Jack lacking a scroll situation though.

"Police, do you perhaps have a scroll for the young man to borrow?"

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21 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:19 pm

"Uhh... h-h-hold on." The young officer pulled his scroll from his jacket and begun to tap some buttons. There was a noticeable bleep, seemingly as a message was sent out. With that the light faded from it's screen, he folded up the elongated screen and handed it out to the young man who... the officer just noticed was wearing a mask of a rooster. He raised a brow at this but seeing the old man standing next to him didn't see much need to push it.

"The-The-These are given to us like candy really, I can certainly avoid to pass one off to you to keep. Before I wiped my data I sent a message off to Gwyn with your new contact details, he'll be able to reach you no be-bee-bee-bother. As for you Mister Orange I'm sure Mr Ryu will be able to reach you without any problems, I really need to get going and working now. Ya'll st-stay safe alright?" And with that the officer would nod to the pair before making his way down the beach; rushing toward the white tent which had been set up and the officers scouring the area.

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22 Re: Beached Arrowhead (Open to Four/Site-Plot) on Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:27 pm

Jack snatched the phone out of the officer's hand, not wanting to make physical contact for longer than necessary, and checked out his new scroll.  So this is that thing that everybody's been using?  Shaking his head in shame, realizing that it's ridiculous that he didn't have a scroll at this point, Jack began to walk away and fiddle with this new device.  "So what does... oh what?  Wait, no!  Yes, that.  I can't just... Fine! I'll figure it out later!"  Jack angrily pressed every square inch of the scroll while he made his way off of the beach, only putting it in his pocket after a minute of frustrating experiments.  Moving his focus back to the dire incident that had just occurred, Jack made note of where everything happened, promising to return eventually.  This was by far one of his least favorite days on this island, and he'd been through a lot so far.  Now, it was time to go take a shower and chill out.


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