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Felix Sangwyn

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1 Felix Sangwyn on Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:09 pm

Felix Sangwyn
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Felix 'Lich' Sangwyn
Age: 34
Birthday: 1st of april
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 178 centimeters
Weight: 72 kilograms
Face Claim: Lavi - D.Gray man

STR: 1
DEF: 5
RES: 5
SPT: 1
Aura 60|240 HP

Major: Teacher: Marksmanship and CQB with ranged weaponry
Likes: Students, his profession, guns
Dislikes: Bigots, the smell of cigarettes, alcohol
Fears: Inadequate gun control, mild claustrophobia, impaired vision
Talent: Social Interaction / Speech / Charisma
Weakness: Stealth
Overall Personality:

Felix is what you would call a people person. He's a patient, laid back and well-mannered individual, though he's not afraid to speak his mind and has the uncanny ability to make others view his side of the argument. He's pleasant to be around with and portrays a very warm and welcoming demeanour to all of his students, regarding of ethnicity, race, background, etc.

For some, he's always been a 'cool' teacher. Some students think it's ridiculous or just attention seeking, others like the laid-back and joking demeanor. The best example is a video circulating the net, where he's in Bellmuse waiting for an airship at a stop. Freestyling on a house tune beatboxed by one of his students for five minutes straight.

Prejudice is something that isn't in his vocabularium. Though one thing he is perturbed by, is bigots. Racists, close-minded people, tick him off needlessly. For a man that has traveled as he did, everything is worth a shot. And people with tunnel-vision can't even begin aiming one of those shots.

Though, there's a point in everyone where they're pushed to far. Even the kindest soul can shatter and even a saint has a limit to his patience. Felix has pulled this short straw of losing his cool once, when he was younger. And those that were around to witness it, are quick to explain that you do not want to be at the end of said patience.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Crimson
Semblance: Shadow of death: Undead Regression || Defense / Recovery / Offensive.

Undead Regression is what gave Felix the nickname of both Lich and Undead Professor. When struck by an attack, or rather, about to be struck. The body part becomes rotten, skin is removed and the bones turn to dust, before the attack comes through. A sheen of his crimson aura is visible each time. This is not full negation, since he has to recover from more damage than he temporarily infected on himself. After the attack, the parts of himself he killed off immediately regenerate again.

Though that is not to be confused with his actual regeneration. Cuts, bruises, aura damage, etc. All heal over time at the cost of SP, as per Aura rules.

Undead regression can also be utilised as an offensive semblance, namely to poison meals or drinks with rotten skin sheddings and such. In combat, it's also a possibility to attack someone with rotten body parts, leading to chances of applying poison.

It has been noted that whenever Felix uses his semblance, there briefly are whispers audible, or a seperate shadow besides his, however, these have been unconfirmed rumours. And they possess no advantage whatsoever.

Item 1: Hallowed barrier || Dust Armour: Several charms have been placed across Felix' body, just underneath his skin, these charms are infused with dust and provide defensive capabilies. They light up in whatever element of dust he is hit with, revealing the intricate lines. Which in and of itself is quite the sight.

Item 2: Executioner || Weapon: Ranged, sawn-off revolving shotgun: Executioner is what the title and image tell you. A short barreled, revolving shotgun. Able to deliver both flechette rounds for close range, or be loaded with slugs for medium to long range.

History and Sample
Felix, born and raised in Vacuo, was raised a desert dweller. A happy family, his youth was tough yet fair and taught him several skillsets that forged him in the man he now is. He was trained at the academy there and after several succesful missions, yet close calls, decided to settle down and become a teacher at the academy. He still participated in several missions, though they were low tier hunts mostly to instruct students that had taken a liking to him. Which a few did, mostly the ones that had any kind of ranged weapon and semblance. The man produced a fine line of marksmen. One of his missions featured another huntsman, they became close friends. And soon, Felix felt himself falling for the man. And vice versa. They settled down together and everything was looking up. He was at the point in life where he decided that this was how he wanted to spend the rest of it.

Though lady lucked had shuffled her deck differently.

When questioned about Kumiko, he only responds that the sun was way too bright that morning. It hurt just to look outside. One faithful afternoon, a friend of Kumiko's was at the door. And Felix greeted him as he would any other guest. Invite him in, offer a drink. It wasn't anything special save for that the man looked uncomfortable. Pale and nauseaus even. It was then that he learned that Kumiko had been killed in action. It took a few days for him to comprehend that Kumiko would never return. And it took a week for him to pack some clothes and start traveling. He just couldn't bear looking at the place anymore. At the house he created with Kumiko. He didn't say goodbye to anyone else, the only thing he left on his desk was his resignation letter as a teacher.

His travels eventually had him ending up in Syne, where he decided he had 'traveled' far enough and applied for a job as a teacher there.

RP Sample:
The sound of growling was accompanied by the scuffling of sand, the clicking of a firearm being loaded and primed. What happened after was a madness of growling, roaring and hissing. Answered by the firing of a pistol and fireballs being lobbed. Felix had been caught out by several Grimm. And miracelously came out with only losing one eye.

The beowulfs were no issue. They only took one well-placed shot from Exectutioner. The Ursa and the Deathstalker, however. Were far worse. Being forced in close quarters, Felix felt way more uncertain and uncomfortable. He rolled underneath the Ursa's claws and managed to empty his chamber in the beast's throat.

It was then that the DeathStalker had gotten a hold of him between one of it's pinchers. Using the last tidbits of his reserves, Felix completely combusted in flames, letting them crawl over to the creature, having it hiss and scream in panic, rushing off.

Burned and mangled, Sangwyn got to his feet and spat out a wad of blood. Turning around to head campward. Though a-.. Cactus? Smashed him in the gut. The spikes slamming in his skin and providing excruciating pain. He glanced up to the green creature and was immediately able to tell that it was possessed by a Gheist. He threw his gun up, pulling the trigger. Only to cycle through an empty chamber and hear the clicking sound of a firing pin hitting nothing. His semblance was also exhausted. And the Gheist approached.

It was then that everything went black. He was found wandering the desert in a haze of amnesia. Recollecting not even going for the hunt. His right eye missing completely. And his semblance had been changed completely. After all the official inquiries and investigations, the studies and experiments, he was explained his mind had selectively eliminated the memory of that night, due to the severe trauma it might bring. And that one day it may return. His different semblance, no trace of his original one, was also placed underneath his mind being unable to process the memory and adapting to the situation at hand.

It all happens due to one close call. Just one hunt going wrong. Most hunters lost limbs, loved ones or their lives, though they kept fighting. Felix seized the opportunity and called it quits. Applying for a job as a teacher. Even if he was to be contracted at times, it was less dangerous. And he was still helping to train the hunters for tomorrow. A decision he could find peace in.

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