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What's yours is mine (Closed)

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1What's yours is mine (Closed) Empty What's yours is mine (Closed) on Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:28 pm

Orion Dawn
Over the past few weeks, Orion had gotten a bit tired of walking everywhere around this stupid city, so today he had a plan. He was here going car shopping, not literally however, as he was in the above ground garage facility of a corporate building.

Word on the street was that the CEO had made an executive decision to lay off all of the faunus workers without benefits, and it hadn't started there. The guy had been rolling back rights for all faunus workers for months now, slowly and gradually. Altogether, the guy was a despicable excuse for a human, and it's unbelievable that he was allowed to get away with it for as long as he did.

Well, today was a bit of reckoning for his decisions. Orion wasn't a faunus rights activist or anything like that, but even he could see some serious unfair treatment here. So it starts with a car, then much much more. For now, we'll focus on the car though.

Orion was at the top floor of this garage complex and spotted what appeared to be the nicest looking black super on the whole block. With a quick image search to verify it on his scroll, he did have the right mark. Bingo!

Sliding his scroll into his pocket, he advanced on the car and checked to see if it was locked. Well duh, it was locked, but it never hurts to check. But with that in mind, he had one of two options; try to pick it or just smash a window. Decisions, decisions...

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2What's yours is mine (Closed) Empty Re: What's yours is mine (Closed) on Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:06 pm

Pluton Cronus
Aura was weird. Like... this was all super weird. Pluton had been gettin' punched and fallin' over only to come out without a scratch... and he wasn't sure he was likin' it. Scars were healin' up, he was lookin' a whole lot less tough... least he thought so. Only way to look tough and cool was to have scars, even if they weren't from fights that you'd won it showed you'd been in a fight and that was rad; no one tangoed with a dude who had a wicked face scar or golden teeth... well, outside people alike Pluton himself. He saw them as the toughest in the room, worthy of challenging!

As such Pluton had slowly been making his way up to the top of this big... garage... building thing. As he slowly climbed it he'd been looking around cars for dropped items, having scored himself a rather stylish looking leather purple handbag full of make-up (no money, unfortunately) and some abandoned (cold) coffee. Naturally he had kept the bag, for the potential to seek reward or sell it, and was slowly but surely drinking the coffee... though was rather disgusted at the lack of sugar. The lack of milk didn't particularly matter, seeing as the drink was cold, but he really had wanted some sugar in this. Regardless, dressed in his usual garb of baggy black trousers, white tank top and short sleeved jacket (Uncomfortable looking square bag on his shoulders, handbag over his right) he had finally reached the top.

Throwing the disgusting drink to one side he breathed the open air, walking passed a couple of the cars, before clambering up on the barrier that surrounded the top level of the garage. This was it, if he jumped here (regardless of his aura) he was certain he'd get some kind of wicked scar! Hopefully this one would stick around long enough to show it off! He was about to leap when he heard footsteps behind him, turning he saw a man approaching a car and looking to check if it was locked.

Jumping down from the wall, back onto the top of the garage, he shouted across to him; "Oi! If yer stealin' I want thirty percent of whatever's in there or I'm snitchin'!"

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3What's yours is mine (Closed) Empty Re: What's yours is mine (Closed) on Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:15 pm

Against one of the walls of the garage, Jack rested peacefully, dreaming of home. Just last night, the masked man was walking around, searching for people that needed dealing with, and for the second time this week he worked until he passed out. Thus, he was here, the side of his chicken mask pressed against the wall, his bat sitting still in his lap, and a quiet snore emanating from the man. His rest, however, would have to wait.

In the middle of his slumber, Jack was woken up to the sound of some moron deciding to yell about stealing. Whoever it was, Jack hoped that they didn't make a habit of thieving, since they'd probably get caught if they yelled as often as this. He pulled up his bat and pressed an end of it to the floor, pushing himself up to his feet. As he stood up, a steady pain grew in his head. "Quiet down, will you? Some people have to sleep, and this person has a headache!" Jack looked around, hoping to find the people responsible for waking him up before he was fully rested. "Plus, if you're stealing, that means I have to work again... I don't get to enjoy my work if I'm too tired..."

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4What's yours is mine (Closed) Empty Re: What's yours is mine (Closed) on Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:52 pm

Orion Dawn
And just like that, Option A was no longer in his best interest. Between an idiot that has no idea that by shouting it out was snitching by logic alone, and some other do-gooder in a funky mask trying to pretend he was all hero, this was looking hairy. So maybe he would have to smash the window after all? It's not like the car wasn't going to have a security system anyway, Orion was certain that he'd have to outrun some of the "Bellmuse Finest" before the end of the day.

On the other hand, this looked like a situation rife with opportunity to practice a bit of his manipulation again. He'd felt a bit rusty, but figuring that he could very easily make his way out of this even if the situation did get out of hand made this a much better opportunity than many of the other times before this.

Orion looked up at Pluton. His own dress didn't look particularly dangerous, with his gloves and jacket covering his prosthetics. So maybe Mr. Hero could be useful after all?

"Huh? Oh no. I must have left my key inside the building with my business attire. Looks like I'll have to call Janice and have her run them down to me AGAIN..." Orion pulled out his scroll and pretended to start dialing some numbers, before slowing down and looking up again, pretending to only just take notice of the ultimatum that the boy tried to throw at him. "Wait... 30% of what I find? Hang on, that's Mary's bag! I'm calling the police!"

Orion felt like the young man with a woman's handbag was more than enough implication to make his concern plausible. He pretended to punch in more numbers as he began running for a nearby staircase, heading down.

"There's a theft occurring in the parking garage on 4th and Main. Help please!" Orion hadn't actually called anyone, nor had he gone very far. He was simply on the floor beneath them, ducked behind a pillar and listening for anything that followed after.

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5What's yours is mine (Closed) Empty Re: What's yours is mine (Closed) on Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:07 am

Pluton Cronus
"Ah, so you're but a mere civilian are ya? Well that's unfortunate, I guess I'm gettin' one hundred percent then... lucky me!" Pluton, shoving his hands into his pockets, refused to relent in his approach toward the car. His smirk, in actuality a wide and toothy grin, was threatening to explode from his face and spill out onto the pavement. "Ya see, if I was yer common or garden criminal that police might'a scared me... but I..." Suddenly Pluton would jump backward, pulling his hands from his pockets. "Have AUuUuRAAAAH!!!" Having said that Pluton simply stood, in a wide stance with his right hand around hip height while his left was raised above the matching shoulder. Jazz-handing furiously in a manner he presumed looked intimidating or mystic... and not at all dorky.

Though one would think it impossible, his smile grew even further, closing his eyes he shouted; "Ya best repent before ya life is spent! You've got no chance so... uhh... give up the dance!... I can tear ya apart with a single glance!" And with that Pluton would clench his fists, lowering both hands to waist height and getting into a squat position. His brow seemed to furrow deeply, as though he was focusing on something with all his might... sweat began to manifest on his forehead. One could assume he was trying to "Charge his energy" or something. He was going quite luminously red in the face...

It looked quite stupid. Quite stupid indeed.

It was only now that he noticed the man had run far away... likely the instant Pluton had jumped backward he had lost sight of this strange man... though it wasn't as if he had been paying any real attention to him. Pluton had simply wanted to look cool. "No no no! This is just... the beginning... you're gonna... wanna... see... this! I can't... stop once I've started!" His face was certainly getting redder.

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6What's yours is mine (Closed) Empty Re: What's yours is mine (Closed) on Wed Feb 07, 2018 7:55 pm

Jack groggily held his head, trying his best to drown out whatever it was that the potential car thief was saying to spare him the pain of his headache.  Of course, it wasn't working very well, and everything within his skull hurt.  His attention was stolen away from his head however, when car thief guy shouted out that he was calling the police.  "Hey.  Hey!  HEY!  You're not calling anybody!  I swear on whatever I have the right to swear on, if the cops show up..."  He began walking over to wherever the man in the jacket went, holding his bat in two hands.

In the middle of his approach, Jack flinched at the ridiculously loud "Auraaaa!" that resonated from the crazy guy he forgot to speak to.  An overwhelming fury began to build within him, and he turned, pointing his bat at the moron.  "If you don't shut your mouth I will grab you by the ribs and pull so hard that your lungs will fill up with enough air to pop them."  After saying this, Jack realized that this maniac seemed to be hostile towards the guy who was calling the cops.  He didn't know who either of them were, if they had weapons, etc.  Maybe an ally wouldn't be too bad.  "Actually, I've changed my mind.  Loud guy.  This other guy's trying to call the cops.  I don't think either of us want that, now do we?"

He shifted on his heels, turning his entire body to face the man who was trying to call for help.  "You want to uh... deal with him?"  Of course, he wasn't going to stay on this random guy's side, but he might need some assistance in what was about to occur.  Jack tilted his head in all directions, cracking his neck a bit for no real reason.  Maybe it was to look tough?

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Orion Dawn
Orion flinched at the sight of Jack, feigning fear as he ran away again. He ran across the floor of the parking garage he was on until he made it to a staircase on the other side. Orion ran up the stairs, pretending to almost trip on the way up to the floor that the car was on. Once he was sufficiently out of sight, he ducked between a pair of cars and rolled underneath one of them to have a hiding spot. All he needed was some space, just a bit.

He clutched his scroll nearby, in case he needed to put up his defenseless act any more, but thought to himself all the while.

'Come on you idiots. Just go to a different floor than this one, just for 30 seconds. That's all I need. So go on... Shoo...'

He looked out from under the car, waiting to see if any feet came nearby. Orion's expression was very focused in that moment, not wanting to waste a single instant to take this score when the opportunity came.

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Pluton Cronus
Pluton was in a rather troubled position. Sweat was rushing down his brown, surely if he opened his eyes they would be drenched... his face was bright red. He was focusing so hard on channeling this aura, he was working with all his might to show off this cool power to this complete stranger but... if things kept up like this he'd not get to show it to anyone. "Hey!...Get!...Back!...Here! I'm...Gonna... Show...You!" With that Pluton let out, what he assumedly thought was, a ferocious roar. His fists were clenched so tight they threatened to turn his palms into diamonds, his face was glowing so red... so red... that looked unnatural. His whole face was a glowing red, almost like lava or some incredibly hot flame.

It in-fact was unnatural. Running out of air from his roar Pluton attempted to take a deep breath, but instead got a face full of explosions. Immediately his body rocketed backward, the force behind the blast had knocked him from his feet and spun him right around. His body successfully did one full back flip, and was on it's way to a second, when his white hair met with the ground and his head thwacked off the tarmac with a satisfying thunk. The force of the blast had impacted and pushed the very car the strange man had been trying to get into, it wasn't a particularly powerful push granted... but it had been enough to set off the alarm. And with that the one next to it would set off... and the one next to that.

Pluton, now slumped on the floor in the foetal position, clutched the back of his head and screamed out. "Ya see ya fool?! Ya ain't got nothin' on me... give us all ya dough! Or... or I'll do it again." He was very much unsure he could do that again.


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9What's yours is mine (Closed) Empty Re: What's yours is mine (Closed) on Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:20 am

Jack clutched the side of his head in pain as he was hit with a barrage of auditory torture from the aura crazed idiot's explosion and consequential car alarms.  The sounds would have been enough to bother him even if he didn't have a headache, but now they made his own ears scream at him in anguish.  Filled with a horrifying amount of rage, Jack's fist clenched around the handle of his bat and he turned his face to the idiot, the eye holes in his mask staring into his soul.  He would have to yell to get his guy to hear him at this point, and he really didn't feel like making even more noise right now.  Jack began a sinister march towards the fallen man, dragging his bat across the ground.

Once he was within a foot of the screaming mess on the floor, he placed a his other hand on his bat, preparing himself.  "Can't you see what you just did?  Now everybody on this block probably heard us!  Not to mention the cops.  I should crack your skull open for making things so difficult!"  He reached out with his left hand, about to grab his shirt before he remembered the other guy, the one that actually called the police.  This one probably wasn't actually trying to do that, since he did seem to be trying a bit too hard.  He definitely wasn't a professional, so he probably didn't mean to get the cops' attention.  That other guy, however, actually called the police.  He knew what he was doing.

Deciding that he would deal with the explosive one later, he began walking towards the car that seemed to be the focus of this whole event.  This car either belonged to the guy, or he was trying to break in and steal something like the other guy said.  If it belonged to him, he probably wasn't about to abandon it, and the car alarm would bring his attention back here.  If he was stealing from it, Jack doubted that he was about to let his score fall out of his hands, and he doubted that he called the cops at all.  Either way, this car was important.  Jack searched his own pockets, looking for his music player and headphones.  He couldn't stop the car alarm, but he could try and drown it out.  Once he'd found it, he would wait for the man in the jacket to return, or for the sound of police sirens.

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10What's yours is mine (Closed) Empty Re: What's yours is mine (Closed) on Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:58 pm

Orion Dawn
Orion was intensely annoyed at this point. Subtlety was a language that some people just didn't seem to understand, much less any reasonable level of intellect. The moment he'd heard the explosion, Orion rolled out from under the car he was hiding under. He stayed low, however, not willing to give up his position yet as he weaved his way through a maze of cars, making use of the loud noises coming from an array of multiple car alarms.

Eventually, Orion had made his way over to the opposite side of the car that he was after. Sure, this had gotten very chaotic now, but not when he wanted it to. For the first time, the chaos was making it harder for him to do his job properly. With that idea fresh in his mind, Orion stripped his gloves and pocketed them. At this range, despite the alarms, Orion had doubts that he'd be able to break the window without being noticed. With the two of them being so close, that could make his job that much harder, so instead, he pulled out a lockpicking set and started to work.

Orion wasn't particularly adept at using these, but neither was this his first time using them. It was a standard issue portion of every real criminals kit, and with any luck, he'd be at least into the vehicle without problems.

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Pluton Cronus
Pluton groaned, still lain on the ground crumpled like a rejected love note. He continued to grasp his head, aura flickering around his body. It wasn't broken by any means... but it clearly wasn't accustomed to utilising his semblance. To put it in more human terms, his aura was like a lethargic dude deciding they wanted to run a marathon on a whim; hard pressed to succeed and in vast amounts of pain. The homeless Pluton was wheezing deeply, still clutching the back of his head... were he bald one would notice a large purple and red lump beginning to form. His vision was blurred, even if he wanted to stand right now... he probably couldn't.

The struggling young man rolled over, trying to edge his way away from the blaring of the cars. He hadn't heard what the chicken dude had said, nor noticed that his target was now approaching the vehicle. He just wanted to go lie down on a couch or somethin'. Get some good grub... maybe some icecream.

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12What's yours is mine (Closed) Empty Re: What's yours is mine (Closed) on Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:42 pm

Jack watched as the other man in the jacket approached the vehicle and pulled out a set of some tools, unfamiliar to him. Despite this, he realized what he was doing as he began to mess with the car door. The guy that he thought called the police came back to the car, like he thought, but he also just confirmed that this wasn't his vehicle, and he was indeed breaking into said vehicle. Jack took hold of his bat and thrust towards the other guy's hands to stop him from working, hoping to damage the tools in the process as well. He wasn't trying to hurt the guy's hands very much, just enough to prevent him from continuing his work.

"Can't be doing that, man." He had to do a half shout thanks to the other idiot's explosive mishap. "Explain what's going on here. I need to decide what I'm about to do." Jack put another hand on his bat and rested it on his right shoulder, preparing for whatever answer he would receive. If he was lucky, this guy would admit his mistake and let Jack watch him exit the building. If not, the car thief might try to attack him, and Jack would have to deal with him and the exploding guy.

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