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Crux Harmaa

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1 Crux Harmaa on Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:34 am

Crux Harmaa
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: IC_27CH || Crux Harmaa || Iron Crusader
Age: 3 years since built, programmed as 21 years of age
Birthday: 17th of august
Gender: Female
Race: Android
Height: 205 centimeters
Weight: 550~ Kg
Face Claim: Dungeon Fighter Online; Inquisitor second awakening, Inferno.

STR: 4
DEF: 4
RES: 3
SPT: 1
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Battle, Grimm, blood, overwhelming numbers
Dislikes: Melancholy, surrender, cowards, her three sisters
Fears: Losing, being outclassed, death
Talent: Fighting
Weakness Acting/Persuasion
Overall Personality:
Crux is unique in many aspects due to her rather explosive and volatile nature. She is by no means kind or tactful, though if you're somewhat decent and behave, she's not half bad and even trustworthy at times. Though if she is wronged, she presumes any and all reason to end the individual that wronged her. She's a powder keg, a great ally to have. But a pain to deal with and extremely explosive.

However, her constant anger isn't without reason. There is method to the madness she more than often indulges in. Surprisingly enough, she is a devout android. Even her creators were unsure how this developed. But the trait seemed shared in both Selena and Yeong, though Crux seemed to be far more fanatical. Her response to the question of meeting her gods and creators was simple; "You aren't my gods. You are my creator. But someone created you, your soul. My soul. Plucked it, and put it inside this vessel. I will honor this god. And no other." And if anyone dares disrespect or defy this god, there will be hell to be reckoned.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: deep grey, hints of a fiery crimson / orange
Semblance: Damage / Utility || Fire themed || Inferno, the purging flame: Inferno, when activated with any effect, grants Crux a double set of fiery wings. One from her shoulder blade and one from the small of her back. These stay for the duration of any effect and aren't utilised bar for in their utility slot.

In it's damage subpart, Crux can use the flames in a variety of ways. She can coat her battleaxe in flames, lob fireballs, etc. There is also an AoE to this ability. With focus and acces to Book of Netherwhere, large crosses erupt from the ground around her, set alight by these fires, before burning out in roughly 2 seconds. Crux decides where these crosses spawn.

Utility utilises the wings, they allow Crux for quick dashes and charges, dissipating once said movement is complete.

Item 1: Weapon: Grade 1: Righteous Glory - A massive battleaxe, richly decorated with gems and a chipped blade.
Item 2: Dust armour: Grade 1: Book of Netherwere - The large, cross-branded tome recieved by Crux, wrapped in lock and chain. It acts as a defense unit against dust by utilising the flames of inferno passively and as an integral part of her semblance. The lock lights up whenever she's defended against dust attacks. And dissipated in embers when she opens it to use the offensive part of her semblance. It is resealed each time it closes again.

History and Sample
IC_27HC was built with one thing in mind. Self-learning. Similair to her three sisters. Though the key difference is how they were taught the basics, before being thrown out in the fray. Mathilde was raised with the focus of charisma and leadership, Selena was released with compassion and tact. And Yeong was raised to be the adventerous spirit.

Crux, the newest model and youngest of the three in construction, seems to have drawn the short straw. She was taught and raised horridly. Physical and mental abuse, delusional programming that now has been 'fixed' and the idea that she had to fight for a position in this world, with tooth and nail, was the first thing she learned. Even before she could properly speak. Or knew anything about social mannerisms.

Anger was the emotion she first and foremost felt. It fueled her. Drove her through where other similair units failed. And her semblance manifested in an explosive way. She was the first unit to not be cast out from the original facility by method of acting. Mathilde, Yeong and Selena all went through a fake situation and were sent to Bellmuse.

Crux, however, didn't require this, she was just sent to the continent for two reasons. It was primarily their most effective unit yet. And she was too dangerous to be running rampant across Atlas. Unlike Selena and Yeong.

Though, they sent someone over to safeguard their assets. This someone was to monitor Crux closely, but also study the others that were present on Bellmuse. An independant rapport ontop of what the board usually got.

Crux enlisted in Bellmuse as a combat major and has been rather quiet and brooding ever since. Few people dared to talk to her, which was rather positive. It made her segregated from the rest and she purely operates on a 'leave me alone and I'll leave you alone' basis.

RP Sample:
Atlas. The dark and gritty of the underbelly of a glorious city. Dark alleyways and shady corners. Metal boots collided against concrete. She had heard a gunshot and went to investigate. A man, shot in the chest, desperately clinging to the last straws of life. Crux knelt down and glanced at the wound. It was a high caliber. And this man wouldn't make it, even if she called paramedics. She pulled off her glove, and stretched her fingers, before grabbing his mouth while pinching his nose shut. Softly hushing and consoling him. It didn't take too long to relieve him of the pain. Fingers brushed across lifeless eyelids and shut them properly. "Sleep now, I will pray for your soul, greet our benevolent god with the respect he deserves." Then Crux got to her feet. Lifting righteous glory on her shoulder.

A wicked grin spread across her face as she heard the sound of a trashcan dropping. So the killer was still in this alley. She knew it was a dead end. And he was probably waiting for the man to die, before looting his corpse. "Come on out," she stated. "I'm not going to end you, I'm just going to take you in." She stated coldly. A brief moment of silence, before spme rustling. Another male popped out of cover, holding up both hands. A pistol in one. "Enlighten me, sinner," she stated, her head tilting. Expression contorting to pure malice. "What was it youth yelled when they threw something?" With a burst of movement, she used both hands to hurl the massive battleaxe over, lodging it in his shoulder, tearing through flesh and sinew, smacking into bone and shattering upon impact.

The man dropped like a lifeless doll. Bleeding profusely from his shoulder. Crux walked over with loud thumps. Pressing her boot down on his throat. Grabbing the handle of Righteous Glory. "Yeet, wasn't it?" The only response was a bloody and struggled gurgling. She sighed when wrenching the axe out. "Remember this face. I'll come to visit you in hell when it's my time." The axe finally gave way and his throat was crushed. Ending his life then and there.

She turned her axe and stomped the head in the ground, dropping to one knee as the chained book of netherwhere appeared in her hand. Chains combusting in flames and the book slamming open momentarily. A soft prayer was murmured under her breath.

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