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Street cred or streed ded [PvT / Jack!]

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1 Street cred or streed ded [PvT / Jack!] on Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:02 am

Pocketed hands. Determined strides and a soft whistling, the demeanor of Felix was cheerful. Moving his way down the street, without a care in the world. It wasn't like he had any reason to be worried. He didn't have any hunts he was forced to go on, he had completed and turned in his annual planning of lessons and such. There wasn't much to be concerned about.

His hand moved up to his chin, rubbing it with a soft scritching. Some stubble, he had to shave. The hand moved further up to the cigarette in his mouth. A soft inhale and he pulled it out, flicking out a zippo and lighting the tip properly again. Exhaling slowly. He turned a corner into a small alley he had to pass through every so often, one hand pocketed again. The other gripping the pistol in his chest holster and pulling it halfway out. His thumb fingering the cylindrical magazine of flechette, a soft clicking resounding. "Top of the mornin', you can come on out now," he stated to no one in particular. Glancing around for any sign of movement.

Provided no one showed themselves, he just pushed the pistol back in it's holster and move on. It wasn't the first time he made the wrong call. He did it almost every time he passed this particular alley. Hoping one day, he'd be on point.

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2 Re: Street cred or streed ded [PvT / Jack!] on Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:01 pm

Resting peacefully against a wall, Jack was asleep, still holding his bat in his hands as if he was guarding it even when unconscious.  He had just finished some of his "work," and his arms and hands ached even after sleeping for a few hours.  He would have had time to recover more, maybe even get a decent amount of sleep, but another voice from his right decided that wasn't going to happen.

The voice had called out to somebody, telling them to come out, as if he was looking for somebody.  Figuring that this guy probably didn't want to have to search the place himself, Jack pulled himself to his feet, pushing up some of his weight with his bat.  "Yeah, yeah, I'm up.  By golly, look what you've found!  A person! A very tired person! Congratulations."  Jack did his best to show that he wasn't quite happy about the situation, but he also tried to make a joke about it.  If he just seemed flat out angry, he might accidentally pick a fight.  However, he almost forgot that he was wearing his usual rooster mask, and probably looked like the last person someone would want to find in an alleyway.  The fact that he was holding a baseball bat probably didn't help, either.

Jack's unusual appearance aside, this other fellow seemed to be pulling something out of a holster.  Oh, a gun.  Fantastic.  Jack pointed at the man's chest with his bat.  "If you're going to shoot me, you'd better pray it only takes one shot.  If you're not going to shoot me, then neither of us have a single thing to worry about.  Except... hey, what time is it? I'm starving."  He wasn't exactly the best at talking to people, but he figured a change of subject would get this guy to chill out.  It wasn't Jack's favorite thing, having a gun drawn on him right as he woke up.

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3 Re: Street cred or streed ded [PvT / Jack!] on Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:16 pm

This time actually worked? He legitimately did not expect that one. "Sleeping? Here?" He gestured around the alleyway before sighing slowly, pushing the gun in completely again. "You'll catch a cold in the best case. Get mugged in your sleep just a bit worse," Felix answered, glancing at the bat with desinterest. He moved over towards, the pistol snugly back in his holster and pushed it down. "I'm just being careful." He retorted, before frowning slowly, taking another deep puff from his cigarette.

"I'm guessing.. Ten in the morning?" He stated before going quiet for a moment. "I was going out for breakfast myself," he held out a hand. "Felix. Care to go for a burger with me? It's my treat, handsome." He jested, glancing at the mask with a smirk on his face. Regardless of Jack's positive response, Felix brushed past him. Continuing his route. A smug smile on his face.

Seems like repeating the same sentence each day finally paid off.

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4 Re: Street cred or streed ded [PvT / Jack!] on Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:24 pm

Jack gained some amusement from Felix's questions. It wasn't hard to understand his confusion at all, seeing how he wasn't exactly a normal citizen by any means. "I mean, when your job is anything like mine, you tend to want to get some rest as soon as you can, right? Besides, I don't keep my valuables on me, so there isn't a lot to mug me for." Although, he was right about getting sick. Next time, he'd try to make it to a hotel before succumbing to his exhaustion.

"Ten, huh? Five hours isn't that bad, right? Ah, well." Upon hearing Felix talk for a moment, Jack hesitated after hearing the word "handsome" come from him. He confidently shook his hand, pointing at his mask with the other while saying, "It's about time someone noticed my charming features!" Jack let go after laughing for just a moment, swinging his bat over his shoulders. "I'm Jack. If you somehow can't remember that, I also go by "that one weirdo with the masks," but that's more for my close friends. There's a pretty great burger joint... that way."

Hanging his arms on the bat across his shoulders, Jack nodded in a direction before taking a look at Felix, trying to figure out a bit about him. Is that a... No, don't ask about the eye patch, that'd be rude. So far, that would be the only information he'd get from looking at this guy. Friendly enough, missing an eye. Well, there's the gun as well, but most people who value their lives should have one on them, shouldn't they. Without a word, Jack would begin walking to the burger joint, happy to get a free meal.

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5 Re: Street cred or streed ded [PvT / Jack!] on Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:14 am

"No, but it takes one madman with a knife, or a gun," he said with a smirk, before shaking his head. A weird individual. The masks were certainly a thing to note, but he had seen far more alien things back in Vacuo. He had fought a possessed cactus.

A possessed cactus.

"Five hours?" Felix snickered. "Lucky bastard," was mused whilst letting out a soft chuckle. Taking a last few puffs of his cigarette, he pressed it out between his fingers and flicked it aside. And both hands found their way in his pockets again after the handshake. "I'm surprised I'm the only one," he noted with a soft smile. Glad his joke was taken in good nature. "Nice meeting you Jack," he glanced the way Jack nodded towards and smirked. "I know. I'm not new here. And Felix knows what's good."

He cast a sidelong glance at Jack, before back forward. "So, tell me a thing or two about yourself, Jack. I'm most curious as to what profession you have that has you ending up asleep in a stank alleyway." He let out a soft breath. Maybe even a slight hint of worry had crept into his voice whilst inquiring.

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6 Re: Street cred or streed ded [PvT / Jack!] on Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:58 pm

He couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of another person trying to fight him with just a knife.  That, and Felix seemed to be a pretty fun person to hang around, so he was pretty glad that it was him that found him sleeping in an alleyway instead of some cop or psycho.  However, when asked about himself, Jack paused, unsure of exactly what he would be able to tell Felix.  Sure, he seemed friendly enough, but they were still sort of strangers, and he wasn't about to say anything that could get him locked up anywhere.  "Let's see... a thing or two about myself, huh?"

Jack unzipped his jacket and pulled it open, revealing a plain white shirt underneath and several masks on the inside of the jacket. "Well, these are my friends here.  The wolf is Dennis, the tiger's tony, and the others are somewhere else at the moment." Zipping his jacket back up, he wondered exactly how much he could reveal about his 'profession' as Felix called it.  What was he, exactly?  Calling himself a vigilante was too embarrassing, and maybe a bit inaccurate.  "I'm uh... I'm a janitor, I guess.  I make sure that if I find any 'trash' around, I keep it from bothering anybody ever again."  He might have made the real answer a bit too obvious, but at the same time, it was pretty lonely having to hide one's identity all the time, not being able to talk about it with anybody. Jack began to toss his bat in the air, playing catch with himself while he waited for a response from Felix.

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The chuckle reached him and Felix couldn't help but smirk. "Mind yourself, a knife can be pretty nasty if you're shanked while sleeping," he added before shaking his head. He glanced at the masks, arching an eyebrow and nodding. "And-.. Well, sorry, but do they.. Talk to you? How, or rather, why are they your friends?" He might be taking a walk with someone with a mental condition. And while he didn't even come close to being disturbed by it, he'd much rather know to actually play around it and see no harm comes to Jack, or to see no one is harmed by him. "No offense intended, ofcourse."

He tapped his hand on the corner of a building in the alleyway, looking at a main road, across there. Was the fabled burger joint they had decided to go to on a whim. "Y'know," Felix started as he moved over to the pedestrian's crossing. Waiting for the light to turn green. "Don't you get incredibly dirty yourself from picking up trash? It can't be good for you." He answered, having immediately understood what Jack hinted at and deciding to play in on the janitor metaphor.

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