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Chance encounters [Pvt / Azuli!]

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1 Chance encounters [Pvt / Azuli!] on Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:41 am

Azul Haneulbich
Night time. There was something charming about the by moonlight ill lit hallways of the academy that drew him there in the hours past midnight. Grown with the fact of little to no sleep, it was nice. Even though Myra would once again not let him hear the end of it of not sleeping properly by her or any other normal standards. Ears were up straight, twitching at the littlest of sounds. But he seemed to be calm. The eerie silence, often interrupted by the settling of wood. The tapping of his feet, it was nice. And it allowed him focus to study. Lectures and studies were a pain if any sound foreign to a forest presented itself.

And in an academy, those were plenty. Barring at night. It's why he decided to do this at least a few times a week. Fox ears were nice and all, for hearing. But they were a pain to deal with due to his sensitive hearing.

With a soft humming, Azul moved through the halls at a snail's pace. His history book perched on one hand, several written papers in a rather posh handwriting on one fold of that huge brick of history lessons. Listening closely to the humming, there were words that could be made out. And even more, they seemed to be directly cited from the book and his written recaps.

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