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Steel and fang [Private / Azuli!]

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1 Steel and fang [Private / Azuli!] on Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:14 am

A brow furrowed as Mathilde examined the rather outlandish prices on cake. She had some free time and despite having a plethora to do, such as training and learning, she decided to go into town. And check up on the costums of humans. It was easier fitting in and hiding if you know exactly how they ticked. So in essence, today was also learning. And training. She had to applaud herself for being not completely socially inept as she had first expected being sent here. She was, as some students called it, weird and distant. But none had called her out on her true heritage just yet. Which was more than positive.

Though she still had issues coming up with a response as to why such a simple thing as cake was expensive as it was. The base cost and the manifacturing wasn't too costly. And it was almost twice the original price. A winst margin was acceptable, though this far surpassed the normal margine of 120 percent. The most puzzling of all was that it sold. People actually bought this for this price and were happy to boot.

It was quite the ironic sight to behold for anyone passing by on this sun bathed noon. A large, almost two meter woman with an even larger scythe behind her back. Clad in a white jacket with extremely high collar and bound in dark leathers and stockings. Leaning forward to examine girly, pink and light blue snack cakes.

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