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Thomas Graham (DONE)

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Thomas Graham
Enrollment Form

Thomas Graham (DONE) Latest?cb=20160701195723

Basic info
Name: Thomas Graham (Goes by Tom)
Age: 22
Birthday: February 14, (Valentines day)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 7'
Weight: 245 lbs
Face Claim: The Trapper (Dead By Daylight)

Aura 50|250 HP

Major: Medical
Likes: Talking to his daughters, knitting, happy music, collecting stamps, making friends, hugs, petting animals, sweets, gardening, video games, magenta, spiders.
Dislikes: Unkempt rooms, being alone, carrots, rain, heavy metal.
Fears: Mice, any danger to his daughters, social rejection, hazelnuts (He's allergic.)
Talent: Tailoring
Weakness Tactician
Overall Personality: A perfect way to describe Thomas Graham is by simply calling him "pure kindness in human form."  Tom's one of the nicest people anybody could ever hope to meet, and he does his best to make sure that everyone he meets is happy, be it one of his three daughters, a stranger, or a relative.  If someone's unhappy and he's aware of it, he'll do everything in his power to make them happy again.  After all, the point of living is to make happy memories and make others happy before you pass away.  However, this friendly soul found himself in the wrong body.  Tom is as tall as they come, muscular, has metal stuck in his body, and wears a mask everywhere he goes, only taking it off to eat or brush his teeth.  Due to his appearance, he has trouble making friends, since anybody with a sense of self - preservation feel a need to avoid such a dangerous looking person.  This fact can put Tom into a state of depression if he's reminded of it, and he can be brought to tears if ignored too long.  He's truly a gentle giant.  His friendliness is only matched by his need to protect people.  If he witnesses somebody being put in danger, he will do everything in his power to keep them safe.  This applies to everybody, even the people he doesn't know, mind you.  However, since he's so kind, he can't understand why somebody would be afraid of him without talking to him, or why anybody would hurt him.  Upon being avoided, insulted, or harmed emotionally/physically, Tom will do his best to hold it in (usually lasting three minutes.) before eventually sobbing quietly.  

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Dark blue.
Semblance: Tom's protective nature takes over, allowing him to attack whatever is threatening him, his allies, or his daughters. (+2 STR BUFF)
Item 1: "The Cleaver," named by his first daughter, Brianna, is a tool that Tom used to clear away plants whenever he took walks in the forest.  The blood on the weapon is his own, because he fell on it once.  No matter what he tries, the blood has stained there and won't come off.  He gave up after a year.

Item 2: Tom's Cleaning Suit.  (Physical Armor)  This used to be Tom's Father's uniform from when he used to be a butcher, a job that Tom didn't approve of, but tolerated.  Soon, old age set in on the man, and if Tom's dad can't wear the uniform, SOMEONE has to, right?  Plus, it has a pocket that's the perfect size for his wallet.  It's a shame the stains don't come out though.
History and Sample
Thomas has never really enjoyed talking about his past.  His first six years of life were normal, for the most part.  He was born to a single mother who raised him to the best of her ability, even if she did have to yell every now and again.  He only found out on his eighth birthday that life wasn't going to be the easiest.  His mother sat him down at the dinner table, the decorations were set, and the cake was in view, waiting to be eaten.  His entire birthday party was organized perfectly well, a child's dream come true.

Thomas, despite all of this, was in a panic.  "Where are my friends? Mommy? Mommy?"  Nobody was around to answer.  Tom searched the hallway, his room, his mother's room, the kitchen, even in the fridge.  Nobody.  In a panic, Tom sprinted around the house, the inside, the outside, constantly calling out for his mother.  After a torturous three hours, the police arrived, the neighbors having called the authorities to see what the child was screaming about.  Thomas, having watched too much television and assuming police officers showed up to kill people, ran away.  After one day, the police found him, and brought him to his new home.

His adoptive father raised him since he was eight, living a middle class life with the boy and raising him the best way he knew how.  However, the best way he knew how wasn't quite as nice as Tom had hoped.  His mother, being the caring one he always thought she was, had always been kind and forgiving for his mistakes.  His father was a much more rational man.  If Tom lied, he was punished.  If Tom got too close to a fire, his father let him burn himself.
Thomas used to think that his new father was too mean, someone who didn't truly care about him.  The truth was revealed to him, however, when he reached the age of 12.

On his 12th birthday, Tom was in his room again, crying.  This happened every year, as he still loved his mother, and he missed her every day.  But on this day, his father didn't leave him alone to cry in his room all day.  His father entered the room and told his son what he never knew about his mother.
 As it turns out, his mother wasn't abducted or killed like Tom had previously thought, but she simply left.  The stress of raising a child was too much for her,
and she abandoned Thomas to follow the dreams of her younger self.

This realization is what shaped Thomas Graham into the man he is today.  He never wished for anybody to feel the way he felt when he was abandoned.  He never wanted anybody to be hurt by someone as cruel and selfish as his mother.  He will always be kind.  He will never abandon anybody.
RP Sample:
Thomas wiped a tear from his daughters' faces before wiping away his, taking in every detail of his the last time he'd see his kids in years.  "Brianna, y-you're the oldest.  T-take care of them if Pa can't alright?  Juliet, don't be scared.  I'll be back before you know it!  B-besides, I promise I'll bring back something nice for you and your sisters when I'm done, alright?  A-and Alex? Don't break anything, you!"  His youngest, Alex, began to cry completely while the other two did their best to hold in their sadness.  Their father was off to an academy to become a hunter, and they had to stay behind.  Thomas kneeled down to hug them all, and Juliet handed him a wallet.  A purple plastic wallet that used velcro to stay closed.  Inside, a picture of all three of them at an arcade.

Tom did his best to hide his tears before turning away from his children and picked up his pink plaid suitcase, chosen by the three of them.  "Goodbye!"  Before even he realized it, he was running away, off to go to the academy he'd always dreamed about.  His "Cleaver" kept bouncing at his side and his mask shifted slightly up and down with every step.  Every time his foot hit the ground, his heart screamed at him to turn around, go back home, and stay with his kids.  However, even if it tore him apart inside to do so, there were people he had to protect somewhere else.

He just didn't know who, yet.

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Ishi Omo
Looks solid to me.


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