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Sera Beltza, Unusual Huntress [WIP]

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1 Sera Beltza, Unusual Huntress [WIP] on Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:51 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Sera Beltza.
Age: 19 years old.
Birthday: July 7th.
Gender: Female.
Race: Owl Faunus, can turn her head 180 degrees.
Height: 164 cm.
Weight: 112 lbs.
Face Claim: Seo Yuri, from Closer Online.

STR: 1
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 5
HP 300|0 SP

Major: Tech.
Likes: All type of food, especially desserts; Music that she can dance to; Things related to special effects and spectacle (explosions, pyrotechnics, bright lights, etc); Thinkering with machines; Studying Dust; Math; Messing with people by twisting her head;
Dislikes: Fish, the only exception to her love for food; Surprises; Language gap; Being locked somewhere; the battery of her Scroll dying;
Fears: Not being understood, Speaking in front of a large crowd, Not making friends because of her handicap; Never finishing her projects;
Talent: Cybernetics/Robotics.
Weakness Social Interaction/Speech.
Overall Personality:

Aura type: Recovery.
Aura Color: Blue.
Semblance: Vectorial Redirection; Locked; This Semblance will have multiple uses once Sera unlocks it. The way it'll work is that when used, it'll create a small blurry field to the designated location and whatever finds itself in it can have its force vectors redirected in any direction. The field needs a direct line of sight in order to be created.
Utility: The main use for Sera will be for projectile redirection, making things seemingly bounce off from thin air in a direction of her choice. She can also launch herself for bigger jumps or even a double jump if needed.
STR Buff: By adding the force of gravity to an affected object's kinectic energy, adding to its force making physical attacks stronger.
Offense/Defense: If an incoming attack is affected by the field, its force can be sent back to the sender, but since the vector goes in the opposite direction, it loses part of its potential energy but keeps enough to be harmful.
Item 1: Grenade Slugger; Weapon; One of Sera's personal project. At first look it seems like a regular baseball bat, albeit a bit larger, made out of metal that isn't aluminum and with a lever-action mechanism at the handle. This weapon is meant to be pair with Dust, the lever-action mechanism used to generate Dust grenades for Sera to swing the bat at to send them flying before exploding. Unfortunately it is still in its prototype phase and can't create the grenade just yet.
Item 2: Machina's Hand; Physical Armor; [Image Link] Sera's second project that she is working on. It is still in its rough state, but it is made from a durable material and can take quite the hits. It is used like a shield while being able to still grab on to things, although small objects can be hard to hold. When not in used, it looks like a regular metal glove, but when activated it becomes way larger. No one really knows how it works beside Sera herself.

History and Sample
RP Sample:

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