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Indigo ShadeHallow (Waiting Approval)

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1 Indigo ShadeHallow (Waiting Approval) on Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:44 pm

Indigo ShadeHallow
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Indigo M. ShadeHallow
Age: 18
Birthday: Nov, 1st
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus/Butterfly/Naturally produces powder from Sweat glands
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Face Claim: Butterfly Costume Raven

Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Combat
-Love stories, He considers himself a hopeless romantic believing that love is fated
-Neith, Previous and his self-proclaim soul mate (He doesn't love her like he use to anymore)
-Desert, this reminds him of his previous lover and despite their difference their love blossom and became endless and eternal
-Art, he finds that art reveals the true inner personality of a person
-Humans, he is very envious of humans, as they are unaware of what is happening around them and they can live normally
-Chocho, is an stray dog that Indigo has taken a deep likening too, going as far as to sneak the dog food from the cafeteria
-Lord Shikitsuhiko, his adopted father
-Show tunes, His adopted father took him to plenty as a child.
-Racist, He deems people who hate another race as an excuse for your personal faults and weaknesses.
-Sour food, as he can't stand the sourness.
-Pushy people, he doesn't like having his buttons press to often.
-Cowards, He doesn't like people who hide from everything.
-White fang, he doesn't dislike the group because of how they are but due to the fact that Neith is with the extremist group.
-Spiders, Their are natural predators
-Fire, He doesn't like the smoke generated from fire
-Surprises, He has a big fear of being surprised from things he didn't expect
Talent: Fine Art
Weakness Chemistry/Drug Making
Overall Personality: Blunt, quiet, and reliable these are Indigo major personality traits that he shows in everyday life. He rarely speaks opting for hand signs or someone else to speak for him. Indigo has a very blunt way of speaking, whenever he talks, always telling the truth. Indigo is quickly prone to anger as he view every thing in a simplistic manner and not understanding why people can make a fuss about some things. He will often listen to the problems of others even offering condolence and the needed comfort of another. Indigo come from a rich family (via adaption) , so he carries himself with an air of importance and poise. Indigo has a very hard time making friend due to his quiet nature but is a team mate you can overall trust the most.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Gold yellow
Semblance: Butterfly Menace, Indigo can project a pair of golden aura butterfly wings at his back (Intangible), while he uses his semblance Indigo gains greater agility and Powder effect.
1. Greater agility(utility) - The wings acts as boosters whilst also lightening Indigo body weight. His speed is comparable to Ruby's semblance though not as fast with more control and movement ability. He can also extend his jumps, using these wings to glide slowly.   (10 aura per post)
2. Powder Manipulation- The powder that naturally falls off of Indigo, Now clumps together to form small golden butterflies, which can heal and provide other supporting effects
-Healing, The golden butterflies land on the person who going to received the healing and slowly fade away (For every 30 Aura, you can heal +20 HP. When healing multiple people, you heal 10 HP per person instead of 20).
-Debuff, The butterflies swarm their target covering the target in Indigo aura, slowing weakening their armor. (-2 defense for 10 aura, when used on multiple people -1 for 10 aura)
Item 1: Phantom Menace was created by Indigo and Neith during his time at signal academy. The sword itself is 7 feet long. The sword has a gold trim on the hand guard and sword hilt. The sword has a softly colored purple pommel, the pommel also acts as dust slot (slids out like a CD disk). The blade of the sword is unique in appearance, being extremely curvy. The sword was created with a Nitinol, Chromium, and Titanium man made metal they called Hephaestus steel. This allows the metal to be extremely manipulative and tough hence the shape of the blade.
Item 2: Armor/His cyber arm (also called Sincere Memories), functions as a regular arm, the arm has a sword sheath function in the shoulder while the swords are in their sheath form. The cyber arm has the same length and size as his other arm. The only difference is that his cyber arm is a bit heavier and stronger.
History and Sample
Born on the menagerie, Indigo and last memory of his home is the desert. The desert was extremely be beautiful. No man made landscape was nearby, the lights of the city didn't block the starry night, it was just Indigo and the desert. This memory was like a fading dream to Indigo, He didn't know either to believe it was true or false.
You see, Indigo is an orphan, he was born on island of menagerie before being adopted by Lord Shikitsuhiko, otherwise known as Daniel in the weapon making industry. Indigo was adopted at a very young age, having little to no recollection of his birth home. Daniel was a famous weapon maker in his area, known for coming up with brilliant and unique weapons suited and tailor to the user rather than mass produce.
He adopted a child for this very reason, having come close to death on multiple occasions. He decided it was time to settle down and raise a heir to whom that would do him proud. He traveled to each and every orphanage in the world, wanting to find a child destined for greatness. He travel far and wide till he came to menagerie where he found said sparkle, a young boy who stood looking out to the desert at night. He named him Indigo for his observant eyes, granted him the middle Fain for the dead of night of which he was found, and finally was given the family name "Shadehallow."
Daniel then took the small boy home (after going through legal process) and raise and trained him in the arts of smiting. Two years later during the fall season, Daniel watch his son play fight with the other boys from the community and came to realization that he could be so much more. He instantly signed for his son to go to Signal.
It was here, Indigo learn both huntmenship and smiting. During his time at signal, Indigo meet a young girl named Neith. She was a wolf faunus and shine like a full moon ( ... -girls.jpg). The two kick it off wonderfully at orientation, this eventually lead to friendship and to later years something deeper. The two was inseparable, they forged together, fought together, and even trained together. These two even created a new man made metal called "Hephaestus Steel." Hephaestus steel is a combination of Nitinol, Chromium, and Titanium. They're melted down all together and then went to 2 different treatment process.
Neith knew one process while Indigo knows the other process. His process is the combination of the metals to forge the new metals. He slowly melts down each and every metal into a single cauldron where he then keeps the metal heated for 3 days and 3 nights while adding his butterfly dust into the cauldron while Emboldening the metal to promote growth. After this, He lets the metal natural cool while in a liquid state and heals the metal of any faults (both emboldening and healing require the use of his semblance). After the metal has harden, he takes the new incomplete metal and delivers it to Neith to finish it.
His adopted father have even said that the metal was probably the best thing he ever seen when he was sent a sample of the material. The two have been scouted out by multiple big wigs companies but was turn down when the two said they was going into the huntsmen business. Now, while Indigo was attending signal his father we took up his business in order to pay for fee's and tuition.
The big companies having stop going to the kids started going to the two families, often bothering, begging, and threatening them to try to get the kids on their development teams. The only group that had a lasting effect on the family was the White Fang. They simply ask for the children cooperation, when they was told ,"No," they simply got up and peaceful left.
That is until one fateful day, Indigo was home for the weekend (Daniel lived to far away so Indigo had lived with a family friend but then stay with Neith family while school was in succession.).
In the dead of the night, the father and son was visited by White fang members attempting to kidnap Indigo. Daniel defended the child as best as he could but he was old and was a craftsmen not a fight and was quickly defeated. Indigo seeing his father fall bloody and hurt became enraged and attempted to fight back but he quickly was defeated resulting in the loss of his arm (via sword) when he continued to refuse to help. They thought if we can't have them, no one can. Indigo soon passed out from blood lust later awakening in hospital being told what had happen.
First, his father had enter a deep coma. Two, A person he cared for extremely went with the White Fang willingly, and finally the last fact that he had lost his right arm. Fueled by rage, Noir took every last piece of Hephaestus Steel he could find and slowly (took 5 months) built himself an arm which he had attach. After going through two years of painful rehab, he set back to work and reforge Lover's Embrace. A sword his father forge for him but later broke during the White Fang attack.
He then set about working on his body, 20 sets of box hops, 20 minute jog, and 20 sets of weight legs curl. Indigo slowly built on his physically speed, not wanting anything to slow him down. He soon added weight lifting to build upper body strength, not wanting to reply on his new arm. He continued these exercises every day resting only when need be (such as school, needed sleep, and muscle repair) all the way up to graduation. On the last day of regular home life before he went on his trip to beacon, Indigo received in the mail a letter from Neith. It only said "I'm waiting on you." He crumbled the letter and departed on an adventure like any other.
RP Sample:
150+ words

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