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Nanashi, the nameless one

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1 Nanashi, the nameless one on Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:50 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Nanashi
Age: 26
Birthday: Second of march
Gender: Male
Race: Stag Faunus
Height: 172 centimeters
Weight: 75 Kgs
Face Claim: Furi: The Rider / The Stranger

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 2
SPT: 3
Aura 200|100 HP

Major: None / Graduated hunter
Likes: Alcohol, silence, his sword; Dōshi.
Dislikes: Loud, sudden sounds, bright lights, being sober, Rabbit
Fears: rust, Rabbit, severe claustrophonia
Talent: Weaponsmithing
Weakness Herbalism
Overall Personality:
Nanashi has a rather silent and strong personality. More than often deciding to answer in grunts and nods or shakes of his head, rather than actually talking. He becomes a bit more vocal when drunk, but it's still below standards. Though, he isn't nescessarily shy. He just decides not to speak much and let his actions speak for him. Those that come to know him as a friend, which with his current distrust to everything that moves isn't so easy, will find a faithful companion and a truthful, no-nonsense supporting individual.  

However, his past has left it's mark. As earlier touched upon, Nanashi is distrusting and borderline paranoïd. He's often found arguing with himself or staring off in the distance, either a thousand yard stare, or a focussed gaze as if he's staring down something or someone, only to be looking at nothing.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Purple with orange hues
Semblance: Voidwalker || Utility

Wherever Nanashi's blade strikes, be it the ground, a wall, an enemy's weapon or armour, or even the flesh of someone, deep red, residual energy is left. This energy holds no use but markings and do not harm anyone in any way. At will, Nanashi can open at least two portals of his own choice, with the cost of 10 SP per portal. These portals are orange and contain a deep purple hue. They have to be opened with two initially. Other than that, the amount can be opened per one portal. And they all link to eachother. Everyone and everything that fits in the portal that is usually a bit bigger than Nanashi can travel through these portals. Though if you stick just an arm through, only said arm will surface on the other side. Though it is known to Nanashi to select which portal is his exit point. Anyone else would have to learn how.

Item 1: Dōshi - Tier 1 weapon - High Frequency Katana: Dōshi is a blade reinforced with several blends of metals and actuated by a small motor. While it's invisible to the blind eye, the blade vibrates at an extremely high rate, leading to extreme cutting power. Though there is a drawback. The actuator has barely a battery to keep this high frequency vibration up. Though the sheath serves as a charger. A swift unsheathe, slice and sheathe fighting style is vital for this weapon.

Item 2: Dust-weaved chassis - Tier 1 dust armour: Nanashi's torso replacement was forged with a blend of metals and dust, providing simple protection against dust based attacks.

History and Sample
There were happier times. Team DRWN, a band of warriors baptised in battle. Darren, Rin, Whyte and Nanashi, formed together at Beacon Academy. They stuck together after graduation and moved across the continents, performing odd jobs, being proper and reputable huntsman for roughly for years.

Though, fate reared it's head. And soon, Team DRWN was dealing with more than they could handle. The being they were facing was nothing short of pure horror. It had multiple heads, teeth and eyes everywhere. It didn't seem to possess a solid form. Yet it was dangerous, ravenous. The fight was brief and onesided. Team DRWN was wiped out, all but Nanashi. Who was able to escape.

Other hunters, old friends saw how he changed. Seeing that thing had pushed him in a mental decline. Drowning his demons via strong liqour and booze didn't help that mental affliction either. He was in a dark spot. Spending everything he had on booze. And when he had nothing left, when he was looking at the bottom of an empty bottle. He began to plot revenge. He desired to kill that horror, only to die to it's claws. At that point, he decided he would die. But not in vain.

Tracking it down wasn't too hard either. It had a nest. And Nanashi had a chest strapped with fire dust and explosives. It took him just one last, stiff drink before he threw himself in the fray. His leg torn off, his chin cut off. The back of his head busted open and as he planned. He died in the fire and brimstone. But it didn't hurt. It was sweet release. Sinews and nerves were already burned beyond recognition. And within the fire, he closed his eyes. Embracing death.

His eyes opened again.

They opened to look at an empty, bloody lab. The beeping of computers, the sound of a heartbeat monitor humming with each beat of his heart. His mouth held together by cybernetics, his chin replaced. The back of his head sealed and armoured. His torso almost completely replaced. And in the corner, against the wall. Sat a familiar, yet odd blade. His former weapon. Heavily modified.

There was no one else. So he ran.

RP Sample:
The soft pop of uncorking a bottle of liquor resounded. Followed by a soft sigh as Nanashi sat back against the dumpster. He tilted his head back, the glass bottle pressed against his lips. And the rum flowed in like it was nothing. That comfy warmth moved down his throat, warming up what otherwise was a cold and foreign body. A vessel he hadn't gotten used to just yet. It was uncomfortable, it felt restricting. It felt limiting. Though those thoughts were quick to dissipate as he finally felt the kick of the bottle he just downed. The bottle he still had in his hand. He snorted and threw it against the wall, the glass shattering in an explosion of shards.

Using Doshi as a support, Nanashi grunted and got to his feet again. Cracking his ankle by twisting his bare foot before trudging on through the alleyway. Maybe he could find an easy assignment. Buy more booze.

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