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Breholf Talesa (Done!)

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Breholf Talesa
Enrollment Form

Breholf Talesa (Done!) CorSUav

Basic info
Name: Breholf Talesa
Age: 18
Birthday: 22nd March
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 130 lbs
Face Claim: Breholf (Art done by Karina Parks)

Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Barbecue food, exploring local customs, hunting
Dislikes: City living, motorised vehicles, large bodies of water (Oceans rather than lakes)
Fears: Being a castaway after a ship malfunction, great heights, stagnation.
Talent: Wilderness Survival
Weakness Acting/Persuasion
Overall Personality: Breholf is a practical young man; more interested in coming up with solutions to problems. Being one of the many inhabitants that choose to risk Grimm attacks and bandit raids to live in the relative freedom of the wilds away from the cities he has grown to be a resourceful individual. While someone who prefers to speak when he has something useful to say Breholf is a polite lad when he does if a little bit monotone in his inflections. He works well by himself as a scout as much as he does with other students; preferring to take the lead (though not 'in charge') by using his shield to cover his allies.

In the wilderness Breholf tends to thrive far more than he does within the cities. Keen senses of sight and sound allow him to traverse forests, mountains and deserts with ease being from a semi-nomadic people that often settle in a variety of terrains. Assignments that require students to be in the wilds are obviously his favourite. Though he lacks the attention span for the simple task of sitting in one place and being talked at during a lecture. He also lacks the ability to convincingly lie. Breholf is an honest young man. Earnest in the attempt to earn respect through action over words and as such should not be relied upon to deceive. Or tell a comforting white lie.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Grey
Semblance: Shieldwall! - Buffs a chosen ally (or allies) with an increased defensive rating to ward off physical damage.
Item 1: (Tier 1) Longreach: A spear; it allows Breholf to lunge towards the enemy while keeping them at a distance. Longreach is a sturdy, simple weapon that lacks the elegance of most other designs and is intended to be used in conditions those same weapons would find damaging.
Item 2: (Tier 1) Tribal Armour - A collection of hardy plates over a mail shirt keeps Breholf safe from claw and blade while the plates themselves also provide ballistic protection. A Corinthian-styled helmet is sometimes worn.

History and Sample
Raised within a clan of nomads Breholf learned from a young age the duties that people expected from those strong enough to raise a weapon. The life was hard as moving through areas that could often hide Grimm or wild bandits was a constant threat. Breholf would often accompy his father and siblings in the second line behind the advanced scouts to learn the importance of remaining alert in dangerous territory. During the day Breholf attend to chores such as skinning kills brought in from the hunters as well as learning spear fighting and bowmanship to partake in hunts themselves.  

At the age best suited to joining a Combat School, Breholf's clan was settled on Patch he asked his clan to leave in a bid to further his combative skills. A debate took place between himself and his father though it was a cordial enough conversation between serving his clan and serving the people of the world. Whatever was said is something that only Breholf and his father would know. Yet he began his training at Signal Academy forthwith. While his people were accomplished fighters and something that even hardy bandits dreaded going against; training to be a Huntsman was something else entirely.

The skills and techniques bestowed to Huntsman was not something privy to most and the elevated pace was something that Breholf found challenging; though it was a challenge he relished. Like all students of Signal he had to construct his own weapon and went for something that was both familiar yet easy to carry; hence the creation of Longreach. Breholf's dedication to his training is what caught his instructor's eye. When things got tough; Breholf wouldn't quit as he was determined to find a solution to any problem.

After leaving Signal Academy he was ready to take on his next challenge; Syne Academy.

RP Sample:

The city of Bellmuse was a confusing place as far as Breholf was concerned. He had never seen so many people in a rush to some place else. It was a strange sight watching people completely oblivious to those around them with scrolls held up to their ears or simply taking long strides to get that extra velocity to arrive a few seconds faster than they would have initially when they started out. Breholf stood on the sidewalk half-afraid to move into the river of people in case he was swept away by the crowd. That's what it felt like. As if he was standing on the bank and watching a rushing river that had been swollen by rain coursing through the land on its path that it had cut through soil and rock. Maybe the fact people were just large bubbles in the river.

He was not a small nor slight individual. Breholf was tall and armoured but still he was reluctant to move forward. Even standing still did not afford him any safety as an absent-minded businessman who was too interested in the screen of his scroll didn't notice Breholf in front of him and walked right into the white-haired man. Armoured plates clanged and scraped together as Breholf struggled to keep himself on one foot to prevent himself from toppling over. The man, dazed and confused, gave a sheepish apology and a smile to which the warrior inclined his head politely but by then he was gone; off to where he needed to be.

Breholf decided to brave the current of people. There were gaps in the ebb and flow. Large enough for him to step into. Sometimes he could feel himself step forward only to rock back as if afraid of falling off of a ledge. Then he went for it and turned left and walked. Breholf focused on the woman in front of him; his brow furrowed in concentration as he watched her move as if using her as an anchor as he walked along the sidewalk.

It was getting off again that would be difficult.

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