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First Day (Breholf x OPEN)

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1 First Day (Breholf x OPEN) on Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:01 pm

Breholf Talesa
The wonders and marvels of modern airships had been lost on Breholf. He was a firm believer of keeping his feet firmly on the ground as much as possible. Now some might argue that he was indeed on solid ground. Yet below the deck plating was nothing but sky and the inevitable death that awaited should whatever his boots had planted themselves against suddenly disappeared. Out in the wilds machines failed all the time; plagued by moisture or dust; that of the non-explosive kind. So when people did explain to Breholf said wonders he could only look at them incredulously. No amount of good salesmanship would get him happily onto anything that flew or floated.

Breholf's only reason to suffer the flight was education. As a new student of Syne Academy he had a duty to report, attend and learn all that the teachers had to offer in ways of experience and knowledge. Yet that idea was rocked every time a bit of turbulence rocked the airship which caused Breholf to close his eyes, breath in deeply, breathe back out again and then open his eyes back up. When the airship shuddered as its landing struts hit solid ground a wave of relief came over him and he shuffled towards the door. Once he managed to exit the craft he staggered off to one side and used his spear as a support as he doubled over.

He felt light headed. Nausea raced through him like a viper's venom and caused his head to spin around like a top despite it barely moving. The feeling passed after a few breaths but the dark skinned boy looked distressed. His armour clanked and scraped together as he moved to right himself up. Vivid green eyes drank in the details of the people around him as well as Syne Academy in its splendour. It looked more like a castle of childhood stories than a school and yet here it was right in front of him.

Instead of moving towards the building and going through the motions he found a bench by the landing strip and settled upon it. With a twist and turn the spear folded in on itself telescopically until he could hang it from his belt and keep it out of the way of others. One gloved hand reached up to ruffle his snow-white hair before he shuddered out again at the thought of using those infernal machines to come and go from the island. A boat wouldn't be better either since Breholf disliked open water.

Maybe he wouldn't have to leave the island just yet.

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