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Medicine 100(Class/Closed)

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1 Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:55 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi Omo, professional doctor among other things, was hung over in his classroom once again. It was no odd thing for this to happen, as the doctor was a drunk. This drunkenness, surprisingly, never hurt his medical abilities. Although, he stays sober when he's supposed to be doing some sort of surgery. Sudden surgeries weren't his best thing anyway.

He always needed to figure out what exactly was wrong, and having a clear head while neck-deep in liquor was not the way to do it. Would it be fun? Yeah. He just didn't want to fail anyone.

Despite him being a terrible human being, down deep, he didn't want to fail people. That's why he'd be lying under his desk until the class was ready to go. Anyone on time, would see Ishi under his desk. Anyone who came to a previous class, would know that this isn't too crazy, and he was likely awake under the table. Just not wanting to move.

He laid in his lab coat, and blue jeans with sandals on his feet. He didn't remember buying these sandals, but that's okay.

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2 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:08 pm

Breholf Talesa
The art of medical marvels was not something that Breholf was all that brushed up on. Sure his clan had a healer but that was a far cry from any doctor. It was his job to fight and someone else's job to patch him up. Yet he was leagues from his clan and there was a need to foster a type of self-reliance. Breholf had to find out information for himself and only he could do that for him. School was about tempering your own learning.

Sure it might not be fighting or sparring and Breholf had a notion that he'd struggle to keep up. He wasn't stupid but his intelligence lay in rivers and forests; not the biology of the human body. Or Faunus body. Then again nothing worth doing was ever easy and at least he'd hopefully acquire 'grades' that everyone seemed so keen to compare. As long as it helped Breholf become a better Huntsman then who was he to argue?

He sat down at a desk in the lecture hall dressed messily in his school uniform which was an article of clothing some chose to adopt and others did not. In truth he lacked any formal dress and being from a poor community he had only second-hand casual wear. At least the school had given him clothes for free; with the two top buttons undone, the noose-like tie slack around his neck and the shirt untucked from his pants which gave him a disshelleved, unkempt appearance.

With a booklet and a few pencils set in front of him he loomed over his desk and waited to hear from the professor who seemed a little worse for wear. Maybe it was the mountain air? It was always a rush for folks not used to it.

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3 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:14 pm

Aetheria E. Schwertkreuz
It was a pretty normal Tuesday morning for Aetheria. She was in a rather "cheerful" and "ecstatic" mood this particular morning. Well, she was as cheerful and ecstatic as one would be while maintaining her nonchalant and expressionless demeanor. She had spent all afternoon yesterday experimenting with Dust. The results of these experiments were quite promising. In addition to this, she had met a fellow Dust User. Aetheria and this fellow Dust User got along quite easily since they were similar personality wise. After spending some time together working on experiments in the Dust Laboratory, Aetheria and the other Dust User left in somewhat friendly terms.

As she was thinking about yesterday's events, Aetheria approached the classroom where the "Medicine 100" class was being held. To be honest, Aetheria has been interested in attending one of these classes for a while now. Aetheria had heard that the teacher was pretty cool. In addition to this, Aetheria was interested in learning some medical related stuff, so she could deal with her "issue" more effectively.

Aetheria entered the class quietly and quickly took a seat in the back corner of the classroom which was her Modus Operandi. As soon as she did this, she took out some writing utensils and a notebook and put them on the desk. Soon afterwards, she began scanning the classroom. Currently, there was a dark-skinned student in a desk a few rows away from her. The odd thing is that she didn't see the teacher yet.

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4 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:33 pm

Thomas Graham
The opportunity to get into a medical class soon after joining the academy had made Thomas giddy with excitement.  Not only was he already in a class, but it was probably about what he came to this place to learn!  Tom always had a soft spot for anything related to medical studies, seeing how he spends his time trying his best to make people feel better.  Tom approached the classroom door and practically threw it open, making a much louder noise than he intended, even startling himself just a little bit.

"Ah! Oh.  Sorry!  Just a lil' excited."  Thomas would then walk into the classroom, taking whatever seat that was close and available, and prepare for class.  Only after looking around for a few minutes would he notice that the teacher was in fact, under his desk.  Tom wouldn't say anything, however.  He assumed that the teacher was just having a rough day and needed some sleep.  Sitting patiently, Tom would begin to wait for the teacher to wake up and for class to begin, humming quietly to himself.

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5 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Tue Jan 23, 2018 5:41 pm

Ishi Omo
When the watch on his wrist struck the time that class was to start, the rather hungover and rather terrible-looking Ishi Omo shot straight up from under his desk, and then fell back in his chair. He shook his head, and then knew what he had to do. After all, there's a new batch of kids in the room, all of whom are probably okay at what they do. What Ishi firmly doubted, however, was that they knew exactly what they were doing.

He was sure that they had some sort of training at some point, but not at all for what they were going to actually have to deal with. Ishi would throw a pill in his mouth, and get ready to start talking.

“I stand here, having made many a medicine. I request that, for the sake of this class, you refrain from eating anything you make. I don’t even do that and I’m a train-”

He fell to the ground, face first. If one would check him, his pulse would be low and his skin paling. This was all controlled, of course. He just had to check what they’d do if someone were to pass out.

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6 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:03 pm

Aetheria E. Schwertkreuz
A few moments after class started, Aetheria saw the teacher pop up from behind his desk. Even from her current position, she could tell the he was drunk. To what degree, Aetheria was not sure. Soon afterwards, Aetheria heard him mention something about "medicine" and "taking what you make". A few moments after, Aetheria see him drop to the floor. After a few moments, Aetheria quickly got up and dash over to the teacher.

However, she had her staff with her just in case. Aetheria then cautiously approached the teacher from behind. After making sure it wasn't a trick, she got down on one knee and placed her index and middle finger against the teacher's neck where the arteries were. After a few moments, Aetheria picked up a low and thready pulse.

Despite of her lack of extensive medical knowledge, Aetheria knew that was bad. In response to this, she took out her scroll and dialed the emergency number. Despite of her rather nonchalant and expressionless demeanor, Aetheria still had a rather compassionate and caring side to her.

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7 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Tue Jan 23, 2018 7:24 pm

Breholf Talesa
The alarm Breholf felt when another student came bursting into the room like a herd of Goliaths coming into a set of glass vases was palpable. Yet it was nothing compared  to the feeling of dread when Breholf watched the professor just drop to the ground. Breholf ejected himself from his seat and sort of backed up at the desk behind him and seemed to look around for someone looming in the shadows with a blowgun or rifle. Since there was no immediate danger he stepped forward.

A pencil was taken in hand like some improvised weapon. He edged towards Aetheria and Ishi with a cautious air to him before he took a knee next to his classmate and started to jab the side of the professor's head with the eraser on the other end of the pencil. "Is he dead?" asked the Wild-Lander with a single raised snowy brow. He ruffled his vivid white hair with a hand in confusion.

The Professor, Ishi, had seemed a little worse for wear. Not only that he had taken something and popped it into his mouth prior to falling flat on his face. While Aetheria went about checking his pulse Breholf went through the questionable business of looting the man's pockets. Any items such as a wallet or Lien was discarded to one side; useless. However if he had found a bottle with a name of the medication that had been taken then he'd try to pronounce the name to his two fellow classmates.

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8 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Tue Jan 23, 2018 7:50 pm

Thomas Graham
Tom gasped the second Ishi's face hit the floor, bursting out of his seat and to his feet in nearly an instant, knocking his chair over. He sprinted to his fallen teacher's side, watching for just a moment as one student checked his vitals before he ran to the door of the classroom. In a panic, he swung the door open and began to make as much of a scene as possible.

"H-Help! Somebody! We need a doctor! Our teacher just... collapsed! Somebody, please, call someone! Is anybody here a medic?"

Whether or not the students or staff of the academy heard his cry, Tom would rush back to Ishi and watched, confused, as a white haired student began to go through his pockets. "U-uh... Make sure he's breathing. Do you think he hit his head too hard when he fell? Wait! Hold on, let me try..." Thomas learned a thing or two about medicine and things of similar nature before making this his major, so he figured he'd try and make Ishi purge. Tom picked up his teacher's head before sticking his ring finger back into his mouth to force him to throw up. He wasn't sure if it would work, since the medicine already took some effect, but he had to try something, right?

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9 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:02 pm

Ishi Omo
By no means an expert on human psychology, the way this was happening was interesting. His vitals were getting checked, and a certain student was sifting through his pockets. Smart, but not in the case of an emergency. The largest student was somewhat panicking, yelling and such. He had made sure that no one would come, even if the emergency was called, exactly from this room.

Of course, he knew at one time he was to do this. It was a planned thing after all. He always did this on purpose.

What he didn't expect was the rather large finger shoved down his throat, which both roused him from his false condition, and made him roll on his side and vomit onto the floor. It didn't cure all of his problems, that took a moment. It did however show him something extremely important about the large man. He'd leer at the boy who was going through his pockets as he rose from the ground and then went to, unsteadily, sit on his desk.

"Best response I've gotten from a class yet. My vitals were being checked, and the fact that our giant man realized that I had stuck a pill in my mouth, should get it out. Of course, I've gotta clean up my vomit but quick response. Big fella, what's your name and are you a dad?"

He then turned to the man going through his pockets.

"You went through my pockets. That tells me more than I feel like I should know about you."

He'd say no more on that front, to gauge the boys response.

Sure, he was even less great, but he still sat on his desk and waiting for each person to respond to him.

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10 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:18 pm

Breholf Talesa
A single brow raised at the professor's statement but Breholf didn't react at first. There wasn't a hint of embarrassment or shame about him since he knew his actions weren't nefarious. Even if he had died securing any resources for the group to pass on was just common sense. He stood there with a passive expression until his shoulders rose up and fell in a shrug.

He recognised how it looked. Kingdom Citizens had rule and wads of etiquette. People frowned on others rummaging through pockets and packs; dead or not. Breholf sucked on his teeth as he wondered how best to explain it. How did one explain what was looking like attempted theft?

"The healers back home often try to get those who are bitten by snakes to identify them. Or if one eats posion berries to show where they grow. To give the correct antidote." explained Breholf as he rocked on his boots. "My comrades were tending to your immediate care but I thought it would be prudent for us to identify what you had thrown into your mouth for the healers should they need to attend to you. Such as a labelled bottle. Or another pill of its like."

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11 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:48 pm

Thomas Graham
While Ishi threw up and began to show signs of consciousness, Tom's heart became overjoyed with the knowledge that his teacher was probably no longer in any sort of danger.  Or, he wasn't going to die, at least.  He watched, wiping away one small tear from under his mask, and followed suit, picking himself up.  As he rose to his feet and began to calm down, he made sure not to step in the vomit while he followed Ishi to his desk.  After hearing the teacher's question, Tom would pause for a moment before hugging the man that seemed like he almost died.  Not too hard, but firm enough to show he was worried.  Keep in mind, Tom never met Ishi before in his life.  The gentle giant was just too happy that nobody got seriously hurt like he thought would happen when his teacher hit the floor.

"Sorry, I was just really scared for a second there!  Oh, and I'm Thomas.  Thomas Graham.  Yes, I am indeed a father.  I've got three angels back home!  Wanna see a picture of them?"

Thomas was more than happy to have something nicer to think about in this situation.  However, he was distracted from those pleasant thoughts of home after the white haired student spoke up.  "Oh, I just knew you had good intentions!  Be careful, though.  Other people might've gotten mad at you."  It made sense, now that the student explained his reasoning behind his actions, but Tom couldn't help but worry about whether or not this student got into trouble by acting like this.  Denying the possibility that this was a bad kid, Tom smiled, although it couldn't be seen under his mask.  He was happy that everything was ending up better than he thought it would.

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12 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:22 pm

Aetheria E. Schwertkreuz
Aetheria backed away from the scene slightly so that the man that was yelling for help earlier would do his thing. From watching his actions, Aetheria had guessed that he had some form of medical experience. To be honest, this was a rather good thing for everyone since Aetheria is a rather cautious person when it comes to situations where she doesn't have background knowledge to solve it effectively. After, the man put his finger into their teacher, Ishi's, mouth, the gag reflex began to kick in and their teacher began coughing and vomiting.

After a few moments, their teacher recovered enough to get back on his feet. Soon after, he sat back down at the teacher's desk before speaking. Their teacher then made a comment about "This class's reaction being the best so far". He then commented about the vital checking, and the response that Aetheria's classmate had. He then asked the student who name was Thomas Graham about his family. Aetheria soon watched as the man started gushing about his three angels.

"Hmm....I wished I had a parent like that." Aetheria thought with a lot of melancholy. This scene bought back extremely bad memories for her. After making sure their teacher was completely fine, Aetheria solemnly and quietly walked away from the center of room and back towards her seat.

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13 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:18 pm

Ishi Omo
While Ishi wasn't an expert in psychology, he knew how to read people. There was a story behind Aetheria. He didn't know anything about the story. He also knew that there was truth in what the boy said. The one who was going through his pockets. Thomas also had a story behind him, Ishi figured. Well, figured as he was getting squished by the hug. Hmm. His only problem lied in the lack of communication between the three. Well, at least as far as he was concerned. It was a crisis situation, and it's not that they acted wrongly.

They acted seperately. Even if the boy, the unashamed one, had done that because of the stated reason, there was no communication. That could end up being a crisis when one takes into a large scene. Think, maybe, a party. That's what kind of situation they needed to be ready for. While he wasn't sure any of the three would go to any, it was no matter. One should be prepared for a loud area, that typically has someone injured somewhere. Those were places he never went, due to the nature of them. He was a teacher, and he was old. That just meant problems for him.

Once Thomas was done hugging him, he'd start talking.

"I'm proud of what you did, and why you did it. However, in a bigger situation, your lack of communication will hurt. Now, you might be asking yourself. Why are we talking about this?"

He rolled backwards and went into the desk to pull out an empty bottle.

"It's a pill I rarely make anymore, that I know puts people in a really low level of life. There's the concept of don't take what you make. However, more importantly than that, I'll be using this class to help you figure out what to do if someone takes drugs. Be it teachers, students, party-goers and even daughters."

Ishi hardly looked respectable at the moment, both frazzled from vomiting and the fact that he was finally coming down from the hang-over due to the interaction of the meds.

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14 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:36 pm

Breholf Talesa
The young warrior furrowed his brow again. Should he feel proud or shame at the assessment of his actions? He wasn't quite sure. Usually there was a set of wrong actions and a set of right ones but he wasn't sure what to chalk this up as. Instead he reached back for his notepad and sort of idly scribbled away as Ishi talked; taking notes that he thought would be valuable somewhere down the line. His tongue was sort of stuck out of his mouth in concentration as he took notes; the pencil scratching along the surface of the paper.

He raised his eyes from the book up at the professor as he tilted his head at the barely familiar word. "Drugs?" he asked with a quizzical expression along his face. At Signal they had talked about it. Sort of one of those workshops that involved a lot of booklets and talks but Breholf hadn't paid much attention to them. People at the primary combat school had asked if he had ever taken drugs and he simply responded with the fact that he wasn't even sure what they were. Booklet or nor.

"They are medicines? Or poisons?" asked Breholf who was now more keenly interested in the subject than he had been years ago. No time like the present to actually learn things that weren't strictly combat.

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15 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:33 pm

Thomas Graham
As Ishi began his lecture, Thomas gave him his full attention, making sure to remember how important communication would be in a situation like this in the future.  Sure, he felt happy that he was receiving some amount of praise for his and his fellow students' actions, but what mattered most was learning how to help people.  He watched as another student took notes, happy that somebody else was taking this seriously like he was, but couldn't help but be hit with a small amount of sadness at the mention of daughters.  How would he feel if his own kids took anything that could do this to them?  No.  Now wasn't the time to get distracted by that.  Thomas's attention was brought to the white haired student who asked such an innocent question.  He envied that student.  How nice it must be to not know the more cruel aspects of the world.  At the same time, if he didn't know about this, how would he protect people from them?

"Drugs are..."  Thomas crossed his arms, remembering one of his friends falling victim to that inescapable trap before.  "Drugs are poison disguised as medicine, in a way.  You'll feel better, but then you'll take more.  They'll start to destroy you from the inside out, and make you do things that you'd never expect. Eventually, it...  Nevermind."  Tom wasn't comfortable talking about the effects that these poisons had on people, and he signaled this by waving a hand in front of his face, trying to dismiss the subject.  For now, he wanted to learn about how to help those that fell into this trap.

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16 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:58 pm

Aetheria E. Schwertkreuz
After returning back to her seat, their teacher, Ishi, began the lecture by asking the class, "Why are we talking about this? As he was asking this, Aetheria began rummaging through his desk and took out an empty bottle which he showed to the class before explaining it. It didn't take long before Aetheria pieced two and two together. That bottle must have contained a pill that causes a controlled near death experience. Aetheria thought that doing something like that would be an extremely stupid idea.

After showing the class the bottle, their teacher continued on by explaining that the concept of "Don't Take What You Make". In addition to this, he added that this class will teach all of them how to respond in these types of situations. Aetheria began slowly getting interested in the class now.

However, the pill that their teacher showed reminded her a lot of those experimental pills that they gave her to force her Semblance out of her. She slowly began remembering the pain her body went through due to the side effects of those pills. As a result, it took an extremely severe toll on her body. Aetheria was determined to make sure that nobody suffered through something like that.

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17 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:32 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi sat, listening. One was clueless, one knew and the other stayed silent. That was a crew that he wasn't sure how to handle fully. That was no bother. He'd continue his lecture.

"One method, often quite good, is what Thomas did. Stick your finger down their throat and get them to throw it up. It doesn't always work, and I'll be the first to admit that. However, if you know it's a solid pill, and not something that dissolves when you put it in your mouth, you should be in wonderful shape."

Ishi pondered something, mainly Breholf's question. Mainly on the notion that they weren't actually all that different. They just had different uses. They were basically the same, though. How should he phrase that, though? Some poison, was quite literally, medicine used in the wrong situation. That was the general idea, that he felt he should go with.

"Now, I should go forth and clear that up. Some poison, and some medicine, is the exact same. They're, realistically, the same thing with different uses."

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18 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:59 pm

Thomas Graham
Although he took some pride in the first few things Ishi said, Tom wasn't very happy with what was being discussed afterwards. Thing is, there wasn't much he could really do about it, now was there?  This was a class, not a discussion between two friends.  However, when a certain unwelcoming smell hit his nose, he realized a pretty easy way to get out of hearing anything else about drugs.  "I'll be back in just a moment.  I'm gettin' a mop."  Tom stepped out of the classroom and took a few moments to himself while he found the janitor's closet.  After a while, he came back with a mop and one of the carts with the water, soap, and other things inside.

Regardless of what was said to him, unless it was "stop,"  Tom would continue to mop up the vomit, feeling that it was his fault it was there in the first place.  Sure, it was necessary and even praised somewhat, but he felt that it'd be best to clean it up now to make sure nobody felt too uncomfortable.  Besides, he liked to help out whenever he could, regardless if it was helping out a little or a lot.  While he mopped, he'd do his best to listen to whatever was going to be said next, nodding if someone said anything to him.

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19 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:35 pm

Aetheria E. Schwertkreuz
Aetheria listened carefully to the teacher's lecture. Currently, their teacher, Ishi, began explaining the proper procedure for dealing with a situation like what happened earlier. Aetheria watched as their teacher explained that "One method for dealing with a situation was what her fellow student, Thomas, did. If you know that a solid pill was taken, you can induce a gag reflex by sticking a finger down their throat." Aetheria made note of this in her notebook. Like her other notes, Aetheria wrote hers in Enigma Code. After thinking about it for a second, she asked their teacher a question.

"Excuse me, Professor Ishi. Would using Activated Charcoal be a good option to use in this kind of situation." Aetheria asked calmly. She had remembered some medical advice that she received from Dr. Tsuji. Dr. Tsuji had taken her in after finding her collapsed in the Kingdom of Atlas. During the time she spent with her, Aetheria had picked up some medical advice from her. Aetheria was interested in seeing if some of the things she learned from Dr. Tsuji was true.

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20 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:28 am

Ishi Omo
He let the mountain of a man go about cleaning up the vomit. He wouldn't make a comment towards the giant. He'd let the guy do whatever, primarly because of the interesting question that the young girl had asked. He knew what Activated Charcoal did, but had never actually tested it. Mainly because a lot of people never had it around when he poisoned them.

His entire posture turned into a contemplative one. He slouched, and had his hand on his chin. That was his thinking posture. He wasn't entirely sure, since most of his poisons were fast acting. However, theoretically, it could work.

"I can't say no, but I can't say yes. In this specific case, perhaps not. However, in normal instances like this, it's a good first step if you know for a fact that vomiting won't work."

He only spoke like he did because that was just the simplest way to word his thoughts. He'd then look at Thomas.

"As a father, have you ever had your child eat something that they shouldn't have? How did you take care of this?"

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21 Re: Medicine 100(Class/Closed) on Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:54 pm

Thomas Graham
Tom was listening the entire time Ishi was talking, but he only showed enthusiasm until he was questioned about himself and his daughters, clearly much happier to talk about his kids.  "Yeah, my youngest thought that anti freeze was just another drink that only adults were allowed to drink.  See, it tastes sweet, so I guess she imagined it like a forbidden fruit sort of thing, you know?  Luckily for me, a friend of mine gave me a drink as well.  Ipecac.  He was trying to prank me with it, but it really saved my angel's life.  Although I did have to mop up the mess like I did just now."

The masked man hummed quietly and began to think of home, wondering how his little angels were doing, and if they missed him.  Who was he kidding?  Of course they missed him!  Tom giggled for just a moment and pulled out his wallet, the sound of ripping velcro followed by a happy Tom humming while looking at a photo of the three of his daughters.  Soon, his happiness faded.  He had to pay attention to the class.  Besides, Ishi might be about to teach him how to save someone from poisoning themselves without another medicine.  He only had enough ipecac for one incident, after all.

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