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Ain't No Rest For A Hunter (Private Hunt w/ Terra and Breholf)

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Nyx T. Thanatos
"Okay, I am ready for another hunt." Cynthia thought quietly to herself as she slung a large duffle bag over her shoulder. She had spent the early hours getting ready for another hunt. Her father had sent her a shipment of grenades, mines, and various high explosives for her to use. It has been a while since Cynthia used these types of explosives out in the field. To be honest, it was a rather exciting prospect for her. She needed a chance to use all of her explosive skills in the field.

After gearing up, Cynthia walked towards the front of Syne Academy where she was supposed to meet up with the two other hunters who were assigned to the mission with her. As she walked, Cynthia took an extremely detailed look at the information at her scroll. Currently, her mission orders were to search around the Skylight Forest for any Grimm and eliminate them. There had been a rash of Grimm attacks on people traveling around the forest.

"Ah, Skylight Forest. Grimm always seem to be there. I remember that one time where the festival were swamped with Nevermore." Cynthia thought. The fact that the mission was in Skylight Forest reminded her of that one time she help some other hunters kill some Nevermores. Cynthia wasn't there from the start but she arrived at the key time to turn the tide of battle. Many of the hunters involved were hurt either badly or seriously. The only one that seemed unhurt was one of their teachers, Ishi.

After approaching the front entrance of the school, Cynthia stood by and waited for her fellow hunters to arrive and meet up with her. In order to pass the time, she put on her earpiece and began listening to some music.

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Breholf Talesa
The news that Breholf would be joining a hunting group in the Skylight Woods was welcome indeed. His time at Syne Academy was of course spent on physical training to perfect and test both familiar and unfamiliar styles of fighting. As a warrior it was important to hone various different tactics. However there were also less energising lessons. Ones that involved books and penmanship; an art that Breholf had yet to master. Yet now he had been given a spot to venture beyond the school walls to kill.

He sauntered up to the school door and had dressed for light travel. Of course he had his plate and mail armour which clanged and scraped with each step he took. No matter how quiet he tried to be or slowly he moved there would always be a rustle of chainmail here or there but it was better than fighting naked. His spear was simple; a sturdy metal pole with a pointed tip and a weight on the other side. He had opted for a cloak and carried a light pack and several fixed pouches along his armour that carried dried meat and a water canteen along with items such as a utility knife, compass and tinder box.

Breholf stopped his gait in front of Cynthia so at least there was no invasion of personal space. Green eyes looked over at her as the dark-skinned warrior inclined his head to her. "G'day." he said finally as he went around checking his pouches to make sure they wouldn't slip from a loose buckle. Though he was oblivious to the fact that she was listening to music and sort of just looked at her with a forlorn, lost expression as he waited for the other party members.

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Saying Terra was bored is an understatement. She was almost dying from boredom. But even after extremely boring classes,she had some excitement. She was supposed to meet up with someone today,and that would finally bring some excitement to her day. She walked to the area where some other hunters were supposed to meet. Her walk was a bit,sluggish,but she was still excited. However,before she got even halfway to the meeting point,she collapsed on the floor. Then 10 minutes went by before she was back on her feet again. She was running now which was good.

Terra finally arrived at the place. As soon as she saw Cynthia,she yelled out,"HEY! Are you the one that I'm supposed to meet up with?" She was panting from running around so much. "I am Terra. Nice to meet you. Now if you don't mind,I'm going to collapse on the ground again." Terra then proceeded to collapse on the ground again like before but just breathed heavily instead of falling asleep.

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Nyx T. Thanatos
After waiting for about half an hour, a young man with dark skin approached her before saying "G,day". Cynthia smiled slightly in response to this as she and Breholf waited for the final member of their hunting party to arrive. Out of the corner of her eye, Cynthia noticed that Breholf was feeling a bit awkward and had a rather lost, forlorn expression on his face. Cynthia was tempted to tell him to relax, but soon a female voice called out to her.

"HEY! Are you the one that I'm supposed to meet up with?" A female faunus with cream colored hair approached. Cynthia instantly picked up on the fact that she was panting hard from exhaustion. Soon after, the girl introduced herself as Terra before collapsing on the ground, panting hard. After seeing this, Cynthia took out a bottle of Sports Drink and placed it next to Terra's head.

"Here, drink some of this. It might help you feel a bit better." She suggested calmly as she took off her headset and put it back into her duffle bag. After she did this, she then turned to Breholf before speaking. She hadn;t forgotten to introduce herself.

"Good Morning, Breholf. Good Morning, Terra. My name is Cynthia Testarossa Schwarzchild. It is a pleasure to be working with you guys. If you want anything blown up or annihilated, I am the person to call." Cynthia greeted calmly.

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Breholf Talesa
The warrior twisted his mouth in thought at the way Cynthia introduced herself. It was rather eccentric since Breholf had never met anyone that advertised themselves as someone who blew things up. Then again apart from Signal Academy he hadn't really had much dealings with hunters or, like himself, aspiring hunters. Most people just gave their name and guarded their trade jealously for fear of being kidnapped by a hostile tribe or clan.

He tilted his head from side to side as if studying the self-proclaimed explosion maker. His attention was only turned away from Cynthia when another girl, Terra, had fallen beside them. That was another odd introduction. "We don't have to carry her, do we?" asked Breholf with a single raised brow towards Cynthia as he turned his head back towards her. People who relied on others in the wilderness to survive in the most basic aspects did not last long.

Of course they would work as a team. Many hands and all that. Breholf wasn't too fussed about who took the lead. IF they had a professor with them but wanted to just evaluate them someone would no doubt take charge but Breholf felt he hadn't yet earned the right to ask anyone to follow him into the glorious bloody melee. Maybe he never would to some people. Today was about learning the art of hunting Grimm.

"You have told me what you are good at, Cynthia Testarossa Schwarzchild. I am Breholf Talesa. Of Clan Talesa. I can scout, track and hunt. If we grow thirsty I can find us water. If we grow hungry I can find us game. For the duration of this hunt my spear is yours."

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