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Ismael Anduril [Waiting for Approval]

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1 Ismael Anduril [Waiting for Approval] on Fri Jan 26, 2018 2:19 pm

Ismael Anduril
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Ismael Anduril
Age: 18
Birthday: August 21st
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 180 lb
Face Claim:
SPD: 2
3 attacks
HP 100|200 Aura

Major: Dust
Ismael loves to find a real fight that requires him to think more than just act and many of these times this causes him to have gained new friends and acquaintances in a fight and has really been his favorite and most reliable way of finding dependable friends. Ismael loves making new friends, as everyone deserves a friend, even those who think they don't, yet this is only seconded by Ismael's love of finding new knowledge, as there is so much in the world he has never really gone a day without learning something new.

Ismael loathes those who are unwilling to try and understand something. There is so much wonder in the world and so much to explore, that those who are don’t experience it more, and the say their way is right is someone Ismael can neither deal with nor stand, as understanding is the key to life. Ismael, has an absolute hatred for those who use people, mistreat people, and even ignore the cries of those who are in need. Not everyone can go to a home when they get cold, they might not even have an idea of when they will eat again, assistance in some way is the right thing to do, in Ismael’s eyes. Yet to this same end, Ismael dislikes the White Fang, not for their ideas, or attempts, yet for their back handed actions and ideas that have lead to many suffering just for a hope the faunus will be in a better position that would be paved in blood, not camaraderie.

Ismael has fears from his blurry past as he is always scared he is on the brink of losing control of his power. However he is always willing to take this risk as he has an even deeper fear of dying before he finds the person in his dreams, as he lost most of his memories, the few that show up are of her and forces him to always be thinking of her, but he is also always afraid that he will find her dead. He has also been afraid to have his memories taken from him once more. He is afraid of losing the little memories he has, and he fears the idea he has no idea why he lost his memories, or what he even lost when he lost his memories. He is also afraid of what he'll find when he regains his memories, he is afraid of what he'll find when he looks into his past and is also afraid of what will await him in the future as his past might catch up with him.

Talent: Tactician
Weakness Stealth

Overall Personality: He is a kind and a very deep thinker, yet takes up a cold stoic expression as he is either in thought or is having a daydream. Yet once his concentration is broken he becomes a very kind and soft person who just wishes to find some joy in normality, he always carries himself with dignity and has an air of relaxedness as he is very approachable, yet he can easily drop this to become like an entirely different person when angered. His relaxed nature is replaced with a dominant and very aggressive nature who will not take any crap.

Aura type: Spirit
Aura Color: Black
Semblance: A large dark purple hex circle (about 20 feet in radius) starts to form on the ground under Ismael, as his aura creates ethereal black horns on his head, a thick black layer of aura over his face concealing everything except his eyes which turn from blue to red. When the circle underneath the Ismael fully forms anyone within the circle when it finishes or when it is active gets their resistance siphoned (-1 res), and Ismael transfers the energy into power for him to increase his potency with dust (+2 spt), this takes ten aura to activate, while this continually taxes Ismael 20 aura per post for the benefits.

Item 1: 2 vials of fire dust, Ismael uses a book with dust infusable pages to focus his power into a larger medium so he could more effectively extract power from the dust, also he is all about the aesthetic. He glides his hand across the page as the color leaves the dust and the page as then the power swirls around his arm, as Ismael extends his hand out a ball of fire is launched forward and ignites a large tree. The book is a large leather bound, black book with a large red hex circle on it with a strange symbol in the center. The pages are all stained, and seems to have been an older book as the pages seem to look worn from age.

Item 2: A long sword with a small inscription on the hilt, Anduril, which he found to be his last name as he started to regain memories some memories. The blade is silver, and the hilt is otherwise normal with it being a slight gold tint, with a black handle wrap, and a diamond shaped pommel.

History and Sample
Ismael was born into relatively simple circumstances to the owner of a small, family run dust shop in Vale. The dust shop was humble and would have gone out of business if it weren't for their willingness to serve known criminals in order to keep themselves fed and clothed. Ismael's parents tried to keep him away from this darker side to their Business  and as a result they decided to home school him in order to keep him in a place where they could ensure he stayed safe while he learned how to use dust and more importantly how to sell it to people with the goal being for him to take over the store once he was old enough. But this is the backstory of a hunter so that obviously didn't go according to plan.

When he was 12, Ismael realized that his family were experiencing financial difficulty and decided to work with one of the criminal organizations his family sold dust to in order to earn some money. He found a friend in his work, Serena, as they became good friends and did jobs together. These were mostly just some job of relaying information, or smuggling small amounts of good, yet even with the very little he did he did get himself arrested, but he was lucky to be let off with community service but in doing so he lost the trust of his family. After this unfortunate event their dust shop became a target for larger dust companies. Once their past of aiding criminals was learned they were quickly run out of business and due to them now having a criminal record were unable to find work anywhere. They were quickly forced to leave vale and hop around villages on the outskirts of the city. Using their skill with dust to repel Grimm from the villages they visited. If they were lucky the village would pay them or give them supplies. It was a rough life where they would often only scrape by but Ismael enjoyed being considered a hero even if he was often of very little help in the grand scheme of things. Even in these times, Serena stayed with him and his family, becoming family and striking it out with them. His destructive use of dust often causing more harm than good. His new life once again went poorly for him when he was 14 and his family's attempt to help a village ended with them realizing that the village was doomed. His parents decided that they would fight to keep the Grimm away so that as many villagers could escape as possible. They ordered Ismael and his friend to be one of the first to escape and as a result his friend left with the villagers. Thanks to his parents efforts the majority of the village made it out alive. However, he stayed to watch, and watched as his parents were among those who did not survive. Ismael's world fell apart around him as he watched his parents be torn apart, this unlocked his semblance as his rage overtakes him. He lets out a roar as a hex circle covers the ground the Ursa was standing on, that was ripping apart his parents, as another goes under him, he then took up his book and released a storm of fire that incinerates the Ursa, the town, and any sign of life near the village.

Ismael awakes as he finds he is now in a strange blue forest looking at a young woman with straight white hair, blue eyes, and a small smile resting on her face as he sees the forest ignite and fills his vision with fire. He then awakes looking at a ceiling, he finds he is in a hospital and realizes he is having a hard time speaking and can barely move his hands. He watches as the days pass and as he finds he can move and speak, he finds his memories are a blur. His motor skills began to come back, then his vocal skills, then his cognitive skills. As he began to rehabilitate he began to see the same woman he saw in his dream when he first woke up. His wish is to find who that woman is as she began to occupy his mind, she took full attention as he could never get her out of his mind, nor did he want to. Ismael began to regain memories as he began to allow his mind to recuperate and he learned his name, his birthday, and the most basic things about him. As he said his age, 16, he was corrected and was told he is 18. He was in a coma for 2 years, and no one knew if you would wake up, Ismael was shocked even further as the very little information he has on his old life is dated even further than he realized. He took his leave after his rehabilitation and found he needed to find the woman he keeps finding in his head, she must have answers on his past. Yet he first needs to find a job so he could survive. He tried everything, yet nothing really felt right or even worked out, until he went to apply at a dust shop. He was able to work with dust like it was a simple matter, his skills with handling dust was elegant as he was a natural. One day he was asked what the black book was for, as he brought it everywhere with him, he never knew as he just felt this book is very important to him. He passes the book to the shop owner as he looked through it, Ismael was surprised as he learned it was used as a form of dust storage to use as a weapon. As the shop owner have the book back, he asked Ismael to try use some dust, this caused a shock to both Ismael and the shop owner as he was very effective at using the dust and even downright deadly. Ismael was then recommended to become a hunter as he was a very strong contender for a hunter with his strength with dust. Ismael began to make his arrangements to then join Syne Academy. His hopes are to become a great enough hunter so he could find the woman in his dreams and hopefully find the things he had lost.

RP Sample:
Ismael looks towards the blue sky as his eyes finally fall to the airship that is to take him to his new 'home'. He begins to straighten his grey long-sleeved shirt, then starts to pat the dirt off of his black pants, and finally a quick clean up of his shoes, as they finally finished loading the airship. Ismael takes up his suitcase, his sword, and his tome as he begins to walk onto the airship. Ismael hears someone yell to him, a large man with black hair and a very scruffy beard, "Hey, I need your name".
Ismael gave a small smile as he then said in a very smooth voice, "My name is Ismael Anduril". The man then looks to him again as he then says,
"Well I hope you find your calling up there". Ismael nodded in appreciation as he enters the ship, he finds that the he was the only person on the ship as every seat was vacant of an occupant. Ismael takes a seat near the back as he looks out of the window and lets his mind wander. A large forest of blue fills his mind as he begins to see a deer run by. His mind runs through the nature that he had seen and had always had a strange feeling of nostalgia

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2 Re: Ismael Anduril [Waiting for Approval] on Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:28 pm

Richard Lionheart
Oh sorry no one got to this, should have bump it to show it had been approved ^^ I really like this app, theres' just a couple things I want to check and one thing I see needs fixing.

Alright when it comes to this app the only immediate problem I can see is the semblance;when it comes to how these work first of all the glyph appearing under someone would naturally be avoidable; auto hit ban is not limited to just damaging semblances.  You could potentially make it a radius around you in which people are be debuffed rather than targeted, though you'd have less control over who you were debuffing (everything in the radius could mean allies, though everyone would only be debuffed by 1 res rather than when there is one person within) and still need to wait a post to be sure they have entered the radius before buffing.

Secondly, when it comes to "Lifesteal" or draining semblances we recently put out a ruling on how they would work. As you cannot know for certain your debuff has taken hold you would have to wait until your next post before you would gain spt. How the aura cost would work for this is you'd pay ten aura to attempt the debuff then next post, assuming it'd hit, you could pay ten aura to buff yourself. If you wanted to maintain the rest dubuff also you'd pay ten aura per post for that just as you will the buff. I just want to make sure you know that, when working, you would be paying 20 aura per post for this buff/debuff combo, only ten the first in an attempt to initiate it.

Also you've done it in a cool and detailed manner but I only count two likes and dislikes, and only one fear. You do need to fill these categories ^^ Bump when done.

Bump when done ^^

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3 Re: Ismael Anduril [Waiting for Approval] on Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:36 pm

Ismael Anduril
Thank you for finally finding my app and went over it. I have added the likes, dislikes, fears, and reworked the semblance so it is follows the rules this would include the changes needed to make it fair and balanced.

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4 Re: Ismael Anduril [Waiting for Approval] on Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:23 am

Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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