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Ishi Visits Caduceus Trauma Center(private/Anastasia)

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Ishi Omo
Ishi isn't an idiot. When he gets an offer to become a doctor for a few hours, because of a grimm attack that left a place full up on patients, that's what he'd do. He was both sober, and not on drugs at the time. Once he had gotten there, he noticed that there were a few skilled medical practitioners here, but one stood out above the rest to him. Partly because she was a woman, and partly because she actually had skill. See, while Ishi had taken 'a break' from being a doctor, this lady likely had been working. However, knowing work etiquette and the fact that he was in a hospital, meant that he shouldn't bother the lady. However, he knew that once this rush was over, they could probably have a nice chat, if small.

Once the rush had ended, and Ishi finished properly disposing of the equipment that had blood on it, walked up to the lady doctor.

"Where'd you get your skill from?"

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Anastasia I. Alexandrova
"Alright, This should be the last emergency patient for now. Today has been an extremely busy one for me." Anastasia thought quietly to herself as she finished up suturing the patient she was operating on. She had just completed extracting debris that was lodged in his heart and lungs and reconstructing his broken ribs.

It had been an extremely busy Saturday for the Caduceus Trauma Center. A Grimm attack had occurred earlier that day and all the hospitals in Bellmuse were filled to capacity. Caduceus Trauma Center hadn't avoided the storm as they had been receiving the overflow from all the other hospitals. The amount of patients the hospital received had caused the Director to call in the Field Teams and request assistance from medical personal from organizations like Syne Academy.

"You have done a great job, Dr. Alexandrova." Nurse Jaeger commented as Anastasia entered the Surgical Wash Room where she took off her Surgical Gown, Gloves, Mask, and hat. After carefully taking the off, she threw them into the biohazard container located to her right. After this was done, she exited the Operating Theater.

"Nurse Jaeger. Please keep an eye on the surgical patients for me. If anything serious happens, page me." Anastasia instructed calmly and respectfully as she walked towards the Break Room. Along the way, a male doctor stopped her and asked her a question; "Where'd you get your skill from?" After looking at him for a bit, Anastasia realized that he was not part of the hospital's staff. From his appearance, Anastasia first thought was that he was Ishi Omo, the medical teacher from Syne Academy.

"Good evening to you, Sir. You must be Dr. Ishi Omo from Syne Academy." Anastasia greeted in a very respectful tone.

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Ishi Omo
Ishi merely nodded. He was, in fact, Ishi Omo. He was a medical expert from outside the Trauma Center's normal group. That just meant that he was mostly a mystery to a lot of these doctors and nurses. That was fine to him, as he would likely never see them again. He wasn't one most would call usually, it was just a crisis.

He had to think how to keep his professional manners about himself. Across from him stood a lady who obviously took the business quite seriously. If it weren't for people like her, the world would have a much higher mortality rate. It made Ishi feel like a fool honestly.

He was a fool because he's never taken it serious like they did. Sure, there were times where he took it serious, but it was never a perpetual thing like this. It was a simple matter of 'when it was good for me' from him.

He made no show on his face and decided to continue the conversation.

"I must insist on asking where you got that skill from! You can't be much older than 20, yet you have the skill of people 10 years your elder."

He was truly curious. He, at this time, wasn't aware that she was a student at the academy. He just figured she was an immensely skilled female doctor.

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Anastasia I. Alexandrova
"My guess was correct. The man standing in front of me is Ishi Omo from Syne Academy." Anastasia thought quietly to herself as Ishi simply nodded to her inquiry. A few moments later, Anastasia noticed that Ishi was extremely lost in thought as if he was thinking about something. In response to this, Anastasia decided to wait before a bit before speaking. Ishi then spoke up in a very insistent tone. He wanted to know where she got her skills from. In addition to this, he made a comment about her rather young age and how she had the skill of of people 10 years her senior.

"Well, Dr. Omo. The short answer to your question is that my skill comes from a mix of talent, hard work, determination, selflessness, and my relentless drive to help the sick and the injured. However, if you want to hear more, we can discuss the matter in the Break Room over a cup of tea." Anastasia replied calmly to Ishi's inquiry. Anastasia decided to give him the short answer since speaking in the hallway like this was not a good idea since it might impede the nurses who were busy rushing around dealing with all the new patients. Also, Anastasia needed a cup of tea to help unwind a bit since she was still feeling extremely tense after dealing with all the emergency patients. Despite of her extremely calm and cool demeanor and her experience in the field of Trauma Surgery, emergency situations like this still puts her on edge somewhat. To be honest, Anastasia was glad that the situation had put her on edge since it would prevent her from becoming overconfident.

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Ishi Omo
Ishi nodded and would shortly after follow her into the break room whenever she decided to move into it. There wasn't often when he met a lady of this skill. Partly because every other time he even sees a lady of equal skill, or a lady at all, he's often hitting on them. However, and he's not exactly sure how it happened, he's grown to actually respect a certain subsection of women. This subsection being doctors that are ladies.

He still thinks of nurses as things to be perved upon, despite being told otherwise.

Once he sat down in the break room, he'd go and start asking more questions. These questions, of course, would be asked in a mildly sexist manner.

"I know that you've had to come from a lower manner, as you've had to do hard work. That's not uncommon among ladies anyway. Tell me, where did this determination and drive come from?"

Something Ishi wasn't going to say is how he doesn't have that drive anymore.

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Anastasia I. Alexandrova
"Unfortunately, you are wrong in that assumption, Dr. Omo. My mother and father were both doctors of some renown. They used to run a clinic right her in Bellmuse Island. However, they are now both happily retired." Anastasia replied calmly as she took a sip of her cup of tea. Anastasia had ordered a cup of Earl Grey tea from the hospital cafeteria which formed part of the Break Room. Ishi had made a wrong assumption about her background, so she decided to correct him. After correcting him, Anastasia continued on to talk about and answer Ishi's question.

"Well, Dr. Osmo. My drive and determination comes from the fact that I truly enjoy what I do despite of how much work is involved and how long the days are. In addition to this, it brings me great joy to see the look of gratefulness, appreciation, and relief on my patients' faces. To be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way." Anastasia explained calmly to Ishi. Anastasia was a rather unusual person as she really enjoyed her job as a Trauma Surgeon. This joy stemmed from her time spent at her parents' medical clinic.

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