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Dontae Dennis

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1 Dontae Dennis on Tue Jan 30, 2018 12:31 pm

Dontae by dontaethechaoswolf

Made in rinmaru

Name: Dontae Dennis
Age: 17
Birthday: September 1st
Gender: Male
Race: Malanistic wolf Faunus
Height: 5.0
Weight:105 p
Face Claim:Dark skinned, messy black hair, blue right eye and an orange left eye, wolf ears that are tucked into his hair(Can pop them out when he chooses.)

DEF: 3
RES: 1
Aura 250/250

Major: Specialized hunter
Likes: Videogames, sketching in booklet, plotting
Dislikes: Being called short, being underestimated, disrespect
Fears: Heights, snakes, horror movies
Talent: Weaponsmithing
Weakness Stealth
Overall Personality: ¨Dontaé is a somewhat laid back and quirky individual with unique and at the same time questionable traits. Usually he displays joking and playful tendencies, especially when around family but at times goes overboard when trying to make friends, sometimes giving a bad impression and causing him to be more reserved around people and interactions to be strictly isolated with family but tries his hardest to make friends regardless.  He can at times have a calm demeanor and express a limited caring capacity about a lot of things. One of the main aspects of his personality that is also commonly displayed is his scheming mentality or what people would view as evil for when he´s plotting something dangerous or just plain wrong for personal benefit and or people’s punishment at his expense. But at heart is a genuine person who is always willing to help...if you ask.
Skillful at: Fine art
Lacking skills in: Swimming
Aura type: Spirit
Aura Color: Dark Blue
Item 1: Dust Cards which he can infuse with a glove letting him take on various attacks.
Item 2: Art booklet.

Dontae: Since I can't think of a scenario for the RP sample.*Ahem.*(Still editing.)

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2 Re: Dontae Dennis on Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:09 pm

Richard Lionheart
Please remove awaiting approval from the tittle seeing as you're working on your rp sample and history still bud ^^

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