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A Public Service Announcement (Plot/Closed/Public-Knowledge)

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Gwyn Ryu
A piercing gaze and furrowed brows, he would take no merriment from this situation. Gwyn Ryu was prepared to treat this press briefing like a surgery, cold and calculated. He would not hold back, he would be brutally honest. It was best that way. A wooden stage had been planted in central bellmuse, a podium erected for him to stand behind. He was wired up with microphones, cameras were pointed toward where he would stand. He felt no fear, no stage fright, save for slight worry at the island's potential response. He took to the stage, entering from the right, flashes of light catching in his vision and murmurs radiating from the group. He would await silence.

"Citizens of Bellmuse, two days ago there was a death on our shores. This was the death of Mr James Arrow, it was of no surprise to us, having not heard from his vessel since the fall of Bellmuse. It was, however, surprising that his death occurred on our shores. I am sure we all wish to share our condolences with the family, they were informed of his death as soon as we first identified the body before confirming the identity once-more with them. His remains have been returned to them." Gwyn paused for the moment, not that he felt anything for the deceased but as he was expected to show emotion at such a time. "His ship, The Hispaniola, was a large vessel once used by pirates but was repurposed to defend merchant ships and supplies traveling from the mainlands to Bellmuse. While in recent years airborne travel became the norm he and his crew worked diligently."

He slumped slightly before straightening himself, best just to get to the point; "Mr Arrow was murdered by a highly powerful dust attack from far out at sea. The dust type was electrical, it was powerful enough to atomise his body. According to our records he had unlocked aura but one could assume from his position and the state of his remains that it was already broken. Despite a triply thorough scan of our waters we could find no vessel, this is despite aircraft being sent out moments after his death. He did not die alone however, he was found by two academy students and a lecturer." Gwyn had intentionally not mentioned that buffoon who failed to answer questioning. "From one of their scrolls a recording of his last words were gathered, further details from a faunus on the scene suggests there was a vessel of some sort out there as a hobbling figure was seen on the horizon. Of these there are some relevant details; we know that a mutiny occurred on the Hispaniola though what prompted this is unknown. In addition to this we have a series of names."

"One Marrow Livesely, a boy named Hawkins and a one legged man named Barbecue. In addition to this there is a mention of a white-wig which is claimed to have caused the altercation. This is either a separate forth individual or potentially Marrow Livesely as genders were specified for Hawkins. We believe White-Wig is unlikely to be Barbecue as we have managed to uncover an identity who matches that name." Now things were going to get tricky. "The identified individual’s name is Barbecue Black Silver, a once pirate who had his bounty nullified following exceptional service to this island by the previous crew of the Hispanoila. In place of prison he was exiled from the island with no bounty... it is worth mentioning that Mr Arrow served on the same crew as him and so did one Billy, Bones, Creek. Mr Creek, owner of the tavern on Kompress beach, has been interrogated and his whereabouts over the past months have been verified. In addition to this he cooperated kindly; allowing a full search of his premises and for his scroll history to be checked. He has however made no statements in regards to any of the individuals mentioned and is still refusing to do so."

Gwyn clasped his hands before himself; "This investigation is still ongoing, additional surveillance has been put in place around the islands docks; Academy students and lecturers will have the opportunity to aid in this though we have serious doubts any pirates would come to the island in our current high-alert state. Be mindful but do not worry, report suspicious behavior as you normally would. There is a bounty out for Barbeque Black Silver and any information surrounding the events surrounding the Hispaniola, the worth of the details will determine the sum and we will have it thoroughly verified with our records."

His eyes furrowed; "Do not take this for a sign of fear or desperation, we simply wish to collect as much data as quickly as possible. Much the same would easily be achieved with time and the work of the police."

And with that, refusing to answer questions, Gwyn Ryu left the stands and made his way back to the academy.

All information in this thread is made public and spread throughout Bellmuse, you may freely recount any of it without being present in this thread.

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