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Why should I care?/ Criminology 122 (Class / Private)

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Dr. Harvey Equinox
Harvey stretched his legs out across his desk as he leaned back into his chair, with a blanket tightly wrapped around himself and a cup of coffee within arms reach. He still hadn't made enough money to afford his own place, and luckily enough, he'd somehow still gotten away with sleeping in his office. There had been a conference about it once, but if Harv had to guess, he'd say that it was waived because the grounds were safer with another staff member on location.

Regardless, this didn't excuse the fact that he walked to his classroom from his office, completely draped in this knitted quilt with a coffee in one hand and a now finished bagel in the other. He was dressed for the part though, still adorned in his white blazer and tie with books stacked on the desk beside him. Being a teacher was hard work, and was made even harder by how few and far between his classes were. Of course, this was mostly his own fault. He'd been sidetracked with an investigation contract for the past few weeks, but was back for the foreseeable future.

That was the past though, and Harv really needed to focus on the present. The classroom was dark and cozy, just barely lit by a pale blue light from his holopad which showed his spinning name as an idle animation for any unfamiliar faces which may enter his class. For now, he'd wait to show the students what he had in store from the comfort of his blanket.

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Jack quietly made his way through the halls of the academy, anxiously looking around and questioning his own actions.  For a few years now, he's had a fear of anything involving the police, and the mere mention of them puts him on edge.  Getting caught and thrown into a cell is his worst nightmare, and he will go through great lengths to avoid anything cop - related.  However, he was now walking to a class he signed up for that involved that very thing, and it took all of his will power not to just sit in his dorm room for the entire day to avoid the class.  He knew what his reasons for signing up for the class were, but he couldn't help but be furious with himself for doing so.  See, he wanted to learn about what exactly what cops do to deal with a variety of crimes so he could better prepare himself for his nightly routine.  This plan's only flaws were that it wasn't very exciting, and being next to an someone who's an expert on the subject terrified him.

Regardless of his many reasons not to show up, Jack found himself outside the door to the classroom with his hand on the door handle.  After a long inhale and exhale, he commanded his body forward and into the classroom.  At first, he thought he was in the wrong room, as there weren't many lights on in the room, which would normally mean nobody was present.  Jack's first thoughts were corrected, however, when he looked towards a blue light, a face barely visible near it.  "Is this normal for you? Keeping every light off?"

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Castelina Santiago
Cassie was up and dressed well before her alarm went off, ready to the point where she was basically on her way out the door. Today started her criminology class and she could not be more excited to dive into the experience. Not only would it be an easy credit for someone like her, but it would also teach her new tips and tricks for her dream job. There was no force on Remnant that could keep her away from such a perfect opportunity. She left her third floor dorm room with a skip in her step, pulling her red trench coat loosely over her T-shirt and jeans while grabbing her equally red fedora and plopping it on her long, brown hair.

The sky seemed brighter and the air seemed fresher as she made her way to the lecture halls of Syne Academy where the class was to be held. She could not wait to meet her professor, As well as the like minded classmates that would be filling the room. After all, they were the very same people who could potentially be working under Cassie’s investigative offices one day. The young dreamer stepped into the classroom and was immediately hit with the strong scent of coffee, wafting through a dimly lit room. It was amazing how it looked exactly like a P.I.’s office from the movies, right down to the bored-looking man at the desk, presumably the teacher. Looking around, Castelina noticed that she was one of the first people here, naturally, so she figured she had enough time to get a good impression going. Networking was important after all.

”Hello Professor,” she started as soon as she had reached the front desk, “I am Castelina Santiago, Ace Detective.” She pulled a business card from the band of her hat and slid it over to her new mentor. “I look forward to your class and guidance on my path to my lifelong dream.” With that, she turned around and sat at the very front row, eagerly waiting for class to begin.

Business Card:

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Dean Mattox
Dean was a tired boy. He had been stressed as of late, due to some previous employers going to him and asking for his protection. He had to tell them no, and worse yet, he had recived the message early in the morning. This was a hassle. One that Dean wasn't quite as happy about.He'd be happy if something work-related ,or in his current case, school related would stop him. He’d rather not look back at the whole ‘I guarded criminals thing’ with a good light. He’ll always keep it in mind, but never in a good light.

Dean knew the teacher now, having been in one of his previous classes. That just meant that he was slightly more comfortable coming and wasting the energy that could otherwise been spent reading over news and the like. He hadn’t had much time to do so lately. That was something that displeased him. This displeasure, though, came from a lack of knowledge. He was sure something news related was going to happen in the class.

He had worn his normal white t-shirt, and jeans. He had his normal sandals on, which meant he had next to no time to get to class, just to see the teacher relaxing. He’d sit somewhere in the classroom, and just stare at the other two in the room.

One had a sort of peppy look, while the other looked insane. If he had to fight one of the two, though. It was always going to be the man in the mask. That way, if you won, you couldn’t care about who you fought. Either way, once he sat down, he kept his snarky comments to himself.

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Dr. Harvey Equinox
Harvey looked up and took a long gulp of his coffee. "I mean, when I'm preparing a hologram, the lights are best left off." he didn't move much until he reached forward to scribble on his attendance sheet. He could tell that this was Jack, only because the only other names on the list were that of a female and a student he already recognized. "Is it normal for you? Wearing a mask in a society where the most common unions of wearers include villains, terrorists, and criminals?"

Harv didn't really mean anything by it, he just answered the question with another to make conversation while another student slid him a business card. He simply sniffed when he read it, flipping the card so he could read it better.

'A woman that fancies herself a detective. Hmm. Odd that she would consider herself an ace and be in training.'

His thoughts came analytically, mostly racking his brain a bit as he made a mental note to take a peek at her file later. He scribbled her name on the attendance sheet as he gave an acknowledgement that she did in fact get his attention.

It was when Dean came in, that Harvey realized something. Every one of his students was older than him. He wondered if they'd noticed. Dean most certainly already knows, and Harv appreciated that he was still treated like a teacher by the guy. The other two, however, were wildcards as far as Harvey was concerned. Whether or not they would capture his attention had yet to be seen, but Harvey refused to drift off for long.

He scribbled the last name on the attendance sheet, and abruptly stood up, practically running out of his chair as he stepped onto his desk and dropped down on the other side.

"Welcome students. Be seated and we can get this show on the road. This is going to be an unconventional first day." Harvey clapped his hands together before loosening his tie from his neck a bit. "Simply put, you are going to be watching some of the broadcast from one of the worst terrorist attacks in Remnant history. Thanks to the party which orchestrated this attack, we were given the opportunity to see firsthand video from the Battle of Beacon shortly before the CCT went out."

Harvey was lighting a cigarette now, while glancing at the smiley face sticker that covered the lens of the camera in his classroom. "I've taken the liberty of taking clipping out the zealous speech given by one of the perpetrators, because let's face it.... none of us want to hear the bull that they spew out. Unfortunately, this means that the video is silent. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I expect rapt attention as we'll be having a discussion afterward."

Harvey grabbed the remote to his holopad and moved far to a wall to stay out of the way and waited for each of the students to confirm that they were ready to begin.

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Jack nervously clenched his fists as he searched for a seat, never letting each person in the room out of his sight.  This is terrifying.  Sure, he expected some people that seemed like cops or something, but not an actual detective!  He began to sweat under his mask, the gravity of this scenario starting to crush him.  He almost didn't even hear what his teacher just said to him.  "Y-yeah, I wear these all the time.  It's normal."  He cursed at himself in his head, realizing that the more he talked, the more suspicious he probably looked.

He took a seat towards the back of the class to make sure people wouldn't be staring at him throughout the entire class and prepared himself for whatever was to come next.  Jack's stress only increased, however, since he would not only have to worry about looking normal while wearing a mask in front of everybody in this room, but he had to balance his focus between them and the class itself.  He wanted to get as much information as possible, and it would look even stranger if the most conspicuous person in the room wasn't even paying attention.  What if he had to answer questions?  Would he be focused on if he couldn't answer them correctly?

In the middle of his thoughts, Jack was startled at the sudden movements of his teacher, jumping slightly in his seat.  None of this was going the way he wanted it to, and it seemed like it was only going to go downhill from here.  For now, he had to focus on the lesson he was receiving.

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Dean Mattox
Dean was unamused by the boisterous talking of a so-called detective. That whole field was dangerous, and not to be made fun of like that. The amount of detectives that he had read about, getting murdered, wasn't a small number. he had read about a lot of things. It's what he spent most of his time doing. He didn't have the energy to do much else.

Jack's reactions did trigger Dean's curiosity. From that reaction alone, one could assume that he was some sort of weirdo. Perhaps not a evil man of any means, but it's possible that he was just a particularly scarred man who didn't wish to show his face to others. Dean knew some like that.

Alas, the professor was waiting for him to confirm that he was ready to watch the video, despite there being no sound. He had to be sure that he didn't fall asleep during.

He'd merely nod to say that he's ready.

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Dr. Harvey Equinox
Harvey waited a moment, staring at the wall before he clicked the play button on the remote and the images started moving, instantly showing a Nevermore screeching as it swooped onto one of the Atlesian airships and began to shred it's hull. The lack of noise may have lowered the brutality of the scene to some, but this was as important as any lesson he would teach. He took off his glasses and slid them into one of his blazer pockets. He adopted a very stern appearance, and reiterated his one desire for this video, speaking through the filter of his cigarette. "Focus."

When he turned his attention back to the projection, one would see a group of students struggling to fend off an Atlesian Paladin.

"That's the problem with using bots. Some can be reprogrammed to do the bidding of anyone that dares to try."

Harv fast-forwarded a bit through the fight with the Paladin, only taking note of the large arm slicing the Paladin in half as he sped through it. He resumed normal speed once he saw some White Fang members opening fire on innocent civilians that were just trying to flee from the Vytal Coliseum. He stared blankly as his mind ran rampant with the imagination of their screams of fear, even pain from the ones that were hit or hurt.

In time the video, panned to some huntsmen and huntresses fighting a group of Atlesian knights. One he recognized as General Ironwood, who he recounted seeing at one point in Atlas when he was on a case. He'd never had the chance to meet the man in person, a shame really. Though the guy with bad hair, and the angry looking woman were an enigma to him.

Eventually, he turned his attention to the students to make sure that they were paying attention, and also to make sure none of this was too graphic for any of them. This was the harsh reality of the Battle of Beacon, which he was certain would go down in history as one of the worst terrorist attacks in Remnant history.

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Jack stared in a mixture of awe and sadness as the video played before him. Sure he'd seen his fair share of unpleasant sights, like that one guy who almost died on the beach a while ago or... something else. But those were pretty trivial compared to this. What upset him the most however was the thought that despite the way the White Fang members shot at innocent people, others were still supporting them today. Luckily for him, nobody could see his expression of disgust and depression through his mask.

As he watched the video, Jack felt a bit of relief. It seemed that this class was going to be more focused on crimes involving larger groups of people performing one major act, and nothing like what he does each night. With this realization, Jack would relax a little bit, but he still hasn't seen what else this class had to offer, so he'd still be on guard. At least he wouldn't have to stutter through every word and sit in his chair, shaking. His shoulders lowered a bit, and he continued watching the video, not asking any questions.

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Akio Marigold
Puer had been sitting in the back of the class, staying relatively quiet throughout the whole presentation. His whole presence in this class was an oddity, as it wasn’t anything he would ordinarily have signed up for. However, what most would forget is that a class like this, criminology was NOT one that would focus on one’s physical aspects or combat abilities, but rather one’s mental faculties. As such Puer had found it more interesting, because it would most likely make him more helpful to any team he was assigned to, and he had needed to fill out his schedule regardless. So, he’d taken the class on impulse.

The acts on the screen were disturbing to Puer, as he’d only ever seen Grimm attacks, never anything like the slaughter of civilians that was showing, and he rarely thought that actual people would do such a thing. However, he also knew he was a medic, and as such knew he would need to be able to work around situations like this to do his job effectively.

Regardless one could tell he was shaken by the events on the screen, even if he was trying to hide it. Questions flew through his mind regarding different details regarding the event, but one stood above all else. “Why did they do this?” he spoke up. “What’s the point in hurting a bunch of people who didn’t do anything?” He’d stayed quiet for most of the class, and likely hadn’t even been noticed by the other students as such his appearance may have come as a surprise to some people.

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Dean Mattox
Dean understood what was happening on the screen, and understood why the teacher was showing this. It wasn't too gruesome for Dean. He knew that it happened. That it did happen. He'd done some messed up stuff. That was like what everyone did. They totally murdered people and beat them down. They totally guarded evil people from other people who wanted to shoot them. He had been on some sides, thankfully he just wasn't there.

He had been driving something somewhere around someplace at the time. He couldn't particularly deal with being there if he was. He wasn't squeamish. by any means. That didn't stop him from being disgusted from what he was seeing. He had read the news about it, everything short of actually watching it up until now. That's why he had the mean look on his face, as he thought what he was seeing disgusting. He also agreed with the not using bots, because this particular thing could happen. It could happen, and that'd be immensely dangerous.

Other than a look of discontent, not super different from his typical look, he was just still sitting, waiting for what he saw to end.

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