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Sonia Songstress

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1Sonia Songstress Empty Sonia Songstress on Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:47 am

Sonia Songstress DSwou_pV4AECOqu

Basic info
Name: Sonia Songstress
Age: 17
Birthday: March 4
Gender: Female
Race: Songbird Faunus
Face Claim:Mystia Lorelei from Touhou Project (Wings are the faunus trait, ears are decor part of her hat.)

Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Dust
Likes: Music, pastries, arts.
Dislikes: Racists, bigots, sudden direct confrontation, silence for long periods of time.
Fears: Ghosts, sudden loud noises, caves, and graveyards.
Talent: Musician
Weakness Cooking
Overall Personality: Sonia is a chipper and chatty little songbird faunus. She is quite possibly the worst person to tell a secret to, being unable to keep them for long or keep quite long enough. She is socially dense, unable to read the mood of the situation and often saying the wrong things at the wrong time. She's a ditz through and through, seemingly useful only in providing an extra pair of eyes for watching and limbs for manual labor, which she is terrible at. To a lot of people, she's just a happy go lucky bird girl that probably has no business being in a school for Hunters. She seems to embody the typical cheerleader stereotype.

It is all of course an act to Sonia Songstress. For behind all the smiles, the music, the poems, and the words of encouragement, is a scarily cunning and terrified girl so haunted by her past that she feels the need to hide behind the facade of happy idiocy.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Maroon
Semblance: Musical Accompaniment (Buff/Debuff/Utility): Sonia can start performing and her songs start to affect the area around her. It causes a maroon circle of Aura to expand from her It fills the area with musical notes that come in an array of colors in its wake. It gives her three options to pick from. She can either play a rousing song to buff herself and her allies that the circle has touched, a haunting melody to debuff enemies that the circle has touched, or a noisy messy performance that makes it difficult for enemies that the circle has touced to approach her by making them feel like they're moving through molasses.

Item 1: Songbird: A seemingly simple looking lute with a reinforced frame. This lute actually houses a complex firing mechanism capable of firing bullets or launching dust attacks. It is not in fact fired by manipulating the strings. Sonia brushes past several hidden triggers hidden on the lute.
Item 2: 2 T1 Wind Dust

History and Sample
Even in the very beginning, life was already unfair to Sonia Songstress. At the day she was born her father had gotten the bad end of an Anti-Faunus rally and was hospitalized. He received horrific injuries and was lucky that he was still alive. Unfortunately, being disabled meant that her mother had to be the one that went to work, had to be the one to make a living for the sake of a daughter that just wanted her parents to smile more and a husband who lay pathetically on his bed or sat on his wheelchair, letting the day pass in silence.

Her father managed to hold out for a few years before he eventually passed, leaving the two to their lives. Her mother, despite having one less person to worry about, wasn't able to make ends meet for most of the time, took out a loan with the literal local loan shark, a shark faunus named Bruce. Despite how hard she worked to pay off the debts she had taken she only managed to pay a little bit of it before eventually she too passed away from overworking herself.

The debt became Sonia's burden. Even as a child Bruce forced her to do labor for him, sending messages, working his illegal cargo, poisoning people, entertaining people, and a whole slew of terrible and illegal things. If she made a mistake in some way she was hit severely. Sonia sought for a way out of the hell that she was in but it seemed that she was trapped. Finally she got her chance, the warehouse that she was working in was set on fire by one of Bruce's many competitors. She saw an opportunity and she took it, cutting her hair short, plucking a few feathers, and planting evidence of her death before stowing away on a ship to Bellmuse where she sought to make a new life for herself.
RP Sample:
Sonia quietly looked over her shoulder as if she was expecting something to be there. Nothing. Just the scant few passerby's that roamed the streets at night. Sonia had been getting very jumpy lately, she always felt that someone was looking at her, spying at her, when she wasn't looking. Another shiver went down her spine as she kept walking, nervous. If she strained her hearing enough she could hear the sound of rapid footsteps that stopped whenever she did. Her paranoia full fueled, she slowly turned the next corner before she broke into a sprint, willing her feet to carry her as quickly as they could and as far away as possible.

She stopped after a while, panting and leaning against a building's wall as  she rested. Her mind was racing, asking herself 'Are they gone? Did they leave me alone?' as she recovered. It was then that a clawed hand placed itself on her shoulder and-

Sonia awoke with a start, screeching, flailing, and throwing herself off of her bed. "Ow..."

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Richard Lionheart
Hey bud, this is a good app but there are a couple problems. First of all, in regard to your faunus nature, you have to specify your trait. Faunus only have one trait, yet your fc has ears and wings. To explain this away one could be "clip on" for aesthetic or the like ^^ Next is the age, to be going to the academy you need to be at least 17 as Syne is closer to a college or university.

Third is your semblance; Sound based semblances are banned though there is a way around this. The main problem with sound based semblances is their instantaneous nature, by making a physical (visible and tangible) wave of sound from your aura that travels as a beam or wave you remove this problem as the buff can be avoided. This can be stylised how you want; say a circular pulse of your maroon aura expanding from your or a musical note from your mouth that moves in an assigned direction.

Finally bud just to be clear, you are writing over your prior character with this; all exp you have gained would be lost ^^ if you want to keep both you would need to make a second account. bump when done ^^

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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3Sonia Songstress Empty Re: Sonia Songstress on Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:35 am

Edits made and note acknowledged.

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4Sonia Songstress Empty Re: Sonia Songstress on Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:06 pm

Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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