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1 Fisherman. on Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:00 pm

Richard Lionheart

Blueno Brigs

Occupation: Fisherman

Location: Kompress beach (Before being at sea)

About The Fisherman: A failed academy student who, unlike most, does not harbour a particularly spiteful attitude toward the School; Blueno Brigs is now a fisherman. Though he hasn't been one for long he has gained a certain... notoriety among the fishermen on Bellmuse. This is due fishing being his second choice in life, though he does not regret it now, it is said that through his semblance he is capable of water manipulation. Thusly he is, hypothetically, capable of controlling the waves and the currents bellow them. Thus giving him an advantage over his competition; the literal ability to pull fish to his hook or even from the sea if he so chose to. He of course, while admitting he can manipulate water, denies such claims.

Blueno chalks it all up to his dashing looks garnering him jealousy from his fellow workers, arguing it can't be helped if he is so fortunate in life. While he is a bit of a flirt, with men garnering additional attention and bravado especially, he is better described as a show off. In the school's history of conducting this shadow mission he has casually captured and released safely no fewer than twelve sharks and the less spoken about the whale incident the better. Is this simple fortune though? Or the work of his semblance?

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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