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Third door on the right: Mr Winterstone's room (open)

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Sidono Carref
"Alright, I shall concede on account of respect for the professor. But mark my words I shall get you, and if you think those puny pistols will hurt me you have another thing coming." Sidono said trying as he took a seat in the front row. As he sat down he unholstered his double headed scythe he calls Obitus and set it next to him. He was seeing how much it takes to set him off the deep end. Now it was all about waiting and seeing what his next move was going to be, he hoped that he would start something. Sidono just wanted an excuse to fight, because school was dreadfully boring and he feared that he was losing his edge. "If your not going to do anything else then sit down already, I wish to learn like the rest of us here." Sidono said with a wicked smile across his face. Hoping that he would taste battle once again.

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Oliver Balcross
Sighing Oliver looked over to the Professor. “I think everyone present is seated and ready to begin. So. Can we start please?” Oliver looked over to Sidono with a sort of mixed expression. An expression of anger and confusion mixed together. ‘Does he want to start a fight or something?’ Oliver seemed lost in thought for a second but he snapped to rather quickly and pulled out his pencil and put it down on the page. Ready to take some notes about class. ‘I suppose I can think some things over before class actually starts… Like how mom and sis are doing. Oliver seemed to drift back away into thought soon after however. A far off look in his eyes. ‘I wonder how sis is holding up through all this. Hey maybe dad came to visit! Although. I don’t know If he did. But maybe If I got his address in Atlas I could mail him my Scroll number and we can chat! That sounds like a good idea.’ Oliver seemed to maintain this thought train for a good while. Once he snaps back to he mumbles a few things to himself before raising his voice slightly by accident. “Still… Makes me wonder how Sis is holding up through all this…” Oliver looked around realizing he had spoken slightly louder than his intended hush tone. “Uuuuh…” Oliver looked again like a deer caught in a pair of headlights. “CanwestartclassnowpleaseandthankyouthatwouldbegreatProfessor.” The words seemed to stream out of Oliver’s mouth like one long nervous river of sound. Oliver just sat there face on his desk with his left hand over his left ear and his right hand halfway over his right ear so he could still hear when class started.

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Revan Winterstone
"I hope you brought your note books because you probably won't need them. I hope to have you all not just listening to something you might never use I'm hoping to have at least a few of you using the techniques that I teach by the end of the day." Revan Looked to the class and talked with an almost creepy enthusiasm. He had paid attention to the reactions and semblances of those he had spooked to figure how their semblances worked together with the way that they fought.

Revan had hoped there would be less commotion now that he was starting his lecture, but he had ways to stop rowdy students, he scanned the class to make sure everyone was settled in after the commotion. Once he was happy that everyone was settled, Revan took a breath in as if preparing for a long sequence of talking and demonstrations.

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