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Major Missions (Feb-Mar)

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1 Major Missions (Feb-Mar) on Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:01 pm


  • Perform the Tutor Shadow Mission: Receive some academic tutelage on how to tutor yourself.

  • The Missing Painting: A painting has gone missing from Bellmuse biggest gallery, track it down.


  • Investigation: Delve deep into the forrest or find some caves, go out your way to understand the environment.

  • Unarmed Practice: Revise your fisticuffs, alone or with others.


  • Assist the Refinery: Help with the refinement of dust.

  • Testing Grounds: Work with multiple dust types in tandem, boil some water or melt some earth!


  • Self Care: Learn to patch yourself up following the likes of a spar.

  • Wild Remedies: Learn some field medicine, research and practice using common plant-life to aid your medical work.


  • Aid the Blacksmith: Perform the Blacksmith shadow mission, learn all about smithing.

  • Work on A Boat: Spend some time as a Shipwright!


  • Attend Class: Simply go to a class of any sort, learn a thing or two!

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