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Ruben Nuke (Re-amp)

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Enrollment Form

Ruben Nuke (Re-amp) 53fb73e0d1a482f92f49fd55_541032a49b6108533146464d_rz

Basic info
Name: Ruben Nuke
Age: 36
Birthday: 1/12
Gender: Male
Race: Android
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 500 lbs.(200 without armor)
Face Claim: Shota oc from Seikkan

Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Teacher:Weapon Studies
Likes: Food,Weapons,Technology,Explosions
Dislikes: Racists,Grimm,Breaking something
Fears: Glitches,Mud,Getting Angry
Talent: Cybernetics
Weakness Swimmng
Overall Personality: Ruben is very calm and collected after he was calibrated. He is almost like a different person. Some parts of him are still left,like he still likes teaching his students. He also still like explosions and upgrades himself in his spare time,constantly striving to get stronger and better. He doesn't show emotions often,and when he goes into battle,he doesn't fight that seriously. Unless he gets angry. Ruben has angrophobia,a phobia of getting angry. When he is angry,he fights like he is possessed. He'll take hits and fight like he doesn't feel anything,and if you ask him,he'll say that the pain is actually be worse. He doesn't want to fight that much,but if he has to,he will.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Red
Semblance: Electromagnetic Manipulation:Ruben controls electricity by manipulating the charges around him to cause static to form,and be released in used in different ways,mainly attacking and overcharging for better mobility or damage. He can also coat himself to cause either buffed damage or damage to people that touch that area. He can also charge up regular things and let out a small electromagnetic field.
Item 1: Override and Circuit Breaker:Two pistols with magnetic ammo holsters
Item 2: Physical Armor:Tungsten plates-metal plates made from hard metal that adds on a large amount of weight

History and Sample
Ruben was testing out his pistol when the man came in. He told him to sit on the table and stay as still as possible. He did as he was told and the man started doing work. It felt like needles being put in to his back than getting immediately ripped out. In other words,it was painful. He had to be as still as a statue for 6 hours. He took note of the time. When it was finally done,Ruben took his first steps with his new body,or system,or something. It felt different. Extremely different. He felt heavier lighter than he was before. Whatever this guy was doing,he was doing it right. He had some other upgrades too. Bioreactor,less spasms,even a better electricity manipulation. He turned around to thank the guy,when he realized he already left. Weird.

Ruben was in the training arena practicing with his pistol when something kicked in. It was weird. It was like an urge. An urge to get better. It was strong,but controllable. He was contemplating it. He can't really do much right now with his current weapon. He likes the pistol,because it is simple,yet effective. All he can probably do with the stuff he had on him was to maybe make it look cooler. Or,he could sell the parts and his old magnum and use the money for something else. Apparently,the old magnum he used was expensive. Where did he get that in the first place? Ruben had a lot of extra lien,but he didn't know what to do with it. Maybe he can buy a weapon with the money. He found out he can actually buy 2 guns with the money. They were heavier and different from his magnum,but he can dual wield them,and that makes him happy.
RP Sample:
Ruben sat at his desk,with his head laying on it,looking at the rows in front of him. He hates it when no one is in the class. No one is supposed to be here today either,so his entire day is free,except for making plans for tomorrow,which he already did.  Ruben gripped the end of his desk. The grip got stronger,causing it to crack before breaking,with a large cracking noise. He turned his head to the noise and realized,he was holding wood in his hand. "Goddammit,I broke the desk,"he said before slamming his head down on the desk. "Okay Ruben,you need to calm yourself. You need to think of calming things. A running waterfall. Rapids. Working on an upgrade that'll allow you to go faster and not weigh 500 pounds." This continued on for a minute,with every third example being something related to technology. Finally,Ruben calmed down. He looked at the time,than instantly got sad again. He has to wait 4 more hours. Welp,time to wait.

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Ishi Omo

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