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Slynt Silber Character application

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1Slynt Silber Character application Empty Slynt Silber Character application on Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:22 pm

Knox Weller
Enrollment Form

Slynt Silber Character application Makishima

Basic info
Name: Slynt Silber
Age: 23
Birthday: 10/8
Gender: male
Race: human
Weight:145 IBS
Face Claim: Makishima Shogo (Psychopass)

Aura 130|170 HP

Major: Combat
• Reading
• People
• money
• heights.
• Learning secrets

• Manual labor
• Loud/Boisterous people
• Foolishness
• Laws

Fears: Lose of a comrade, Betrayal, Failure
Weakness Vehicle Mastery
Overall Personality: Slynt has a tendency towards laziness. He’s not the type to apply himself more than necessary for any task he feels is unimportant. Slynt is primarily a thinker, tending to think things through rationally before committing himself to any action. He doesn’t tend to trust people for any task of import, and often keeps information to himself unless the situation demands otherwise. Despite this, Slynt is not a loner and tends to go out of his way to interact with people.  He has a habit of being somewhat antagonistic, in a condescending way. Slynt prefers to learn all he can before going into a fight, and typically tries to neutralize his opponent as quickly as possible. He isn’t the type to care about making a fight fair, or at all honorable and is not above fighting dirty. Slynt is willing to put his life on the line for comrades, even if he doesn’t typically get along with them. Slynt has a habit of speaking in a well educated manor, and is rather well-read despite his background.
Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Silver
Semblance: Crystalize
Defense: Slynt’s body can change into a diamond like armored form, allowing him to defend against attacks that could prove otherwise lethal.
Attack: Slynt has some control over the diamond that covers his body, allowing him to project it out as a shard. Though the attack crumbles after reaching 10 meters .  

Item 1:Dawnthorne, An intricately carved designed spear with bronze spikes near the bladed speartip. The spear has a compartment in the shaft of the weapon to allow for use of dust-based attacks.

Item 1:
Slynt Silber Character application Latest?cb=20090325230015

Item 2: forcefield. generated from the necklace he wears. Armor against physical damage

History and Sample
Slynt grew up within a relatively large city in Atlas. Growing up in a rather poor neighborhood he’d seen a lot of criminal groups in his adolescence. At the age of 15 he’d joined one such group based within his own neighborhood and quickly began to rise in the ranks of the gang. By the time he was 17, Slynt himself had attracted much attention from other criminal groups in the area, though he avoided any real arrests and managed to rise to the top of the group of thugs he’d been with. The group had a small territory within the city, and mostly focused their activity towards keeping other groups out of this area, rather than harassing the civilians living there. One incident involved Slynt’s people roughing up a member of a different crew looking to harass some local shopkeepers for protection money. The incident caused the other gang to take notice and some conflict between the two groups arose. Slynt’s group was able to hold their own mostly, due to outside help from other groups, as well as their knowledge of the area. This was until the other group organized an ambush outside of the city for Slynt and his closest companions, whom happened to be the rest of his gang’s leadership. In the aftermath of the ambush, Slynt’s group were left for the Grimm outside the city. Heavily wounded and with little in the way of protection left after the previous fight.
Slynt survived, though his comrades didn’t and after this incident he left Atlas to travel the world deciding it would be best to cut ties to his home city and the country at large. After learning of the rival gang’s affiliations with The White Fang he decided to make some trouble for the group, though not with enough regularity or severity to draw the notice of the organization at large. After seeing a hunter fighting some Grimm in defense of a ship he had boarded, he decided that the life of a hunter appealed to him. As such he began working towards that future, in part as an avenue to avenge his fallen friends. Outside of this however, he has plans of establishing himself as an information broker among other things , and believes the resources and cover of a hunter. Could prove beneficial to him.

RP Sample:

Slynt noted that the night air was cool, though that wasn’t a surprise given that they were at sea. “So, what brought you here anyways kid?” The voice of the captain asked from behind him. Slynt didn’t bother to turn from the sea, noting that the sea appeared clear enough. “If I recall correctly you did, unless I imagined this ship sailing out this far.” He answered, smirking slightly while looking up at the sky, noting that it appeared to be clear. That was a good sign, it was likely any luck they would arrive in Bellmuse tomorrow.
“Cheeky, aren’t you...” The captain muttered, joining the silver haired man at the railing of the ship. “Guessin’ you got your reasons though,” He continued. “Everyone travelin’ out this way has a story.”
Slynt chuckled. “Not an interesting one, I assure you.” He regarded the captain, though didn’t bother to verbalize any of his assumptions regarding the man’s reasons for being awake at this time. Likely to simply make sure he wasn’t doing anything shady, or perhaps that was merely coincidental. “Perhaps you could share some of your own instead?”

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Richard Lionheart

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