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A Client's Betrayal (Private w/ Math)

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1 A Client's Betrayal (Private w/ Math) on Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:13 pm

Nyx T. Thanatos
It was 10:00 PM in the outskirts of the Capital City of Bellmuse. It was mostly quiet as most of the residents were asleep for the night. This left most of the outskirts deserted. However, there was a lone female who was waiting under a tree in the local park. Her reason for waiting there was to “meet” with her client.

“Интересно, где этот ублюдок.” Nyx muttered under her breath as she waited for her client to meet with her. This was a rather unusual circumstance for Nyx as she had a policy of “meeting with her clients only once”. However, she had decided to go against that policy this time due to the circumstances of the assassination she was performing for her client. The assassination went off without a hitch. However, someone had leaked the details of the hit to another assassin who tried to take her out. After dealing with this assassin, Nyx had called a client once more and arranged a meeting. Nyx needed an explanation about the information leak and who leaked the information to the other assassin. Depending on the circumstances, Nyx was ready to show her client what would happen if you mess with her.

After about five minutes, a black limousine appeared at the front entrance of the park. Soon after, three men in suits exited the vehicle and waited next to the vehicle until a bold man exited the vehicle. The three suited men then took up positions in front of the bold man as he walked towards Nyx. The bold man soon told the guards to stop when he was about 3 meters from Nyx.

The guards acknowledge the order and stood their ground as the bold man began talking to Nyx in the same friendly and jovial voice that he used when he first hired her to perform the assassination.

“Has the contract been completed, Nightshade?” The bold man asked in a very friendly fashion in an attempt to catch Nyx off guard. However, Nyx wasn’t going to fall for this. As a precaution, Nyx had a Makarov Pistol waiting just in case. Nyx waited for a few seconds before answering.

“The contract has been fulfilled to the letter, Sir. However, I need an explanation about something that came up during the assassination. Someone leaked information about the hit to a rival assassin who tried to take me out, but I managed to kill him.” Nyx began calmly as she watched her client’s reaction. Nyx instantly noticed small amounts of sweat forming on his forehead.

“I hope that you remember our agreement; no one is supposed to know all the details about the job besides you and me. If you have an explanation, I am willing to hear it.” Nyx added as she waited for her client to reply. The client better had a good explanation for this or he will suffer the consequences of backstabbing her.

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2 Re: A Client's Betrayal (Private w/ Math) on Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:40 pm

Mathilde Harmaa
More and more, Mathilde had heard how she had been compared to the reaper. Her scythe was apparently the trademark of death itself. And what was death but a fallen angel? A gentle huff came from her. A smirk played on her lips as these thoughts passed through her. She glanced over the ridge of the skyscraper, witnessing the one she was told to arrest, three bodyguards and the chauffeur getting out as well to light a cigarette while the others dealt with the woman. A civillian? Mayhaps, she had to alter her course slightly if that was the case. A heel tapped against the stone ridge of the building, before she took another step into thin air. Dropping down with a pirouette. Angels, even fallen ones, came from the heavens, didn't they?

To Nyx, as well as the bald man, his three consorts and the chauffeur, it would be a flash, then an explosion of sound. Metal creaking and shattering, glass being turned to dust. And the roof of the limousine being smacked down into the concrete due to Math's massive weight. She let go of the hunk of metal she gripped, pushing herself up straight ontop of the wreckage. As the smoke settled, her large figure could be made up from ontop of what remained of the limousine. A massive scythe held to the side, blade pierced through the engine. A purple light illuminated her hand, an apple formed. Which was absent-mindedly brought to her lips. "Mister Maxim Petrov," she said, before the crunching of an apple resounded. Heels softly tapped on the concrete sidewalk. "Mathilde Harmaa, a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Scythe was wrenched from the engine with a loud screeching of metal. "I'm not interested in your lackeys," Mathilde glanced at the three, swallowing the bite she took, before tossing the fruit aside. "I'm merely here to enforce your arrest. Step away from the woman, or there will be hell to pay." Though as she had expected, there would be a fight to take part. Quick eyes were to judge at least one drawing a pistol. To wich she responded with almost casually. A small lean to the side and the hilt of her massive weapon smacked into one of the bodyguards' face, letting out a rather discomforting crunch. He dropped to the ground like a lifeless ragdoll. Silver eyes now moved to the two others and Petrov. "You're far more worth to me alive, Petrov," she stated. Before shaking her head. "Your consorts, however. If I'm met with force. I will return twofold."

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3 Re: A Client's Betrayal (Private w/ Math) on Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:39 pm

Nyx T. Thanatos
Nyx watched as the woman wrecked the limousine. In a flash, the sound of creaking metal, glass being turned to dust, the sound of metal hitting concrete could be heard. Soon after, Nyx watched as she walked up towards her client and his three goons. As she did so, Nyx heard her introduce herself as Mathilde Harmaa. In addition to this, Nyx overheard that her client's name was Mister Maxim Petrov. Soon after, Nyx watch Mathilde took a bite out of an apple before throwing it off to the side before warning him to "back away from her or there will be hell to pay". It didn't take long for the bodyguard closest to Mathilde to draw his gun. For his effort, he received a smack to the face from the massive scythe that Mathilde was wielding. The bodyguard soon dropped to the floor. Nyx wasn't sure if he was dead or not, but the crunch she heard as the scythe impacted the bodyguard's face give her the impression he will be out for a while.

The two remaining bodyguards stood in fear for a bit before they grabbed for their guns. Nyx wasn't going to let this happen. Nyx instantly pulled out the PMM Makarov pistol from her jacket and fired one round each into the two bodyguards in a span of .02 seconds. Soon after, the two bodyguards dropped to the floor. Both of them had a gunshot hole exactly in the center of their foreheads. Nyx then trained her pistol at her client and kept it aimed at his head. Her pistol was still smoking somewhat from the two shots she fired previously.

"Не двигайтесь, или я буду стрелять." Nyx spoke in fluent Russian as she looked at her client with an extremely cold stare.

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4 Re: A Client's Betrayal (Private w/ Math) on Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:44 pm

Mathilde Harmaa
As the two gunshots rung out, the gathering crowd, including the chauffeur started to scatter in panic, their curiousity of her sudden drop turning into fear from the pistol shot. Mathilde cast a gaze over to Nyx. Eyes narrowing. "Брось оружие. Никто еще не должен умирать," she stated in fluent russian, before seeing the boss as much as twitch. She grabbed his shoulder and pulled him around her axis, before smacking him against the car with enough force to wind him. His struggling as she started to put his hands behind his back and proceeded to ziptie was cut short by one gloved hand moving up to rest on the back of his head and smack his face against the metal once, before she continued.

When she was done, she grabbed Maxim's arms and stepped back, grabbing her scythe with her other hand. Placing Nyx' client down against the wall, she picked up her scroll, keeping a close eye on the russian. "Ты останешься здесь. И объясните свою сторону полиции," came her remark, once again in that prim, proper and extremely chique way of speaking the language. "Вы, очевидно, обучены. И неся оружие. Не только гражданское лицо." She snorted. "Не двигаться. Я тоже смущаюсь причинить вам вред."

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5 Re: A Client's Betrayal (Private w/ Math) on Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:24 pm

Nyx T. Thanatos
Soon after Nyx shot the two bodyguards, Nyx heard Mathilde say ""Брось оружие. Никто еще не должен умирать," in fluent Russian. It didn't take long for Nyx to figure out what Mathilde had just said. Mathilde had commanded her to drop her weapon. Soon after, Nyx watched as Mathilde handcuffed her former client before slamming his face into the car. As Mathilde did so, Nyx quickly ejected the magazine of her PMM Makarov and cleared the chamber before walking over and twirling it in her right hand so that the grip was facing Mathilde.

"Спасибо за помощь, Mathilde. Тем не менее, я работаю в полиции." Nyx replied as Mathilde told her in Russian to stand by so that the police can take her side of the story. Nyx had been hired by the Chief of Police to assist Bellmuse Police Department to help with their case against Maxim Petrov. They had been having trouble getting the man for lack of evidence so they decided to call on Nyx's espionage expertise and Atlach-Nacha's information network.

"У меня есть лицензия на ношение огнестрельного оружия" Nyx added finally as Mathilde used her scroll to call the police station. During this, Nyx was ordered to not move or Mathilde won't hesitate to react accordingly. Nyx had no intentions of doing anything of the sort since she wanted to make sure that Maxim Petrov was arrested so that she could fulfill her contract with the Bellmuse Police.

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6 Re: A Client's Betrayal (Private w/ Math) on Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:55 pm

Mathilde Harmaa
Mathilde glanced at Nyx, her gaze cold. Unrelenting and merciless. It was oddly devoid of emotions. As if she actually didn't care about their lives in the aspect of kindness. She was rather annoyed at the fact these bodyguards were dead, for one simple reason. Dead men told no tales. And they possibly had incriminating evidence against her target of arrest. Each fact she knew just could add to his sentence. Something she would love to see. There were men who sinned from desperation, these she would help. Shoulder their suffering. But this man was filthy rich and not once spared a second thought for anyone but himself. This was an act of justice.

Mathilde grabbed the pistol without a word and pushed into one of the pockets in her overcoat, before taking a deep breath. "Я бы очень хотел, чтобы меня об этом узнали," Mathilde stated, before the chief finally picked up. "Mathilde Harmaa. You sent a spy to gather intel on my target?" She questioned almost immediately, before nodding. "Yes, I have him into custody. Yes, I'll escort your agent home as well." She shot a glance at Nyx again. "I'll get to the station with my bike. Send a vehicle for pickup." She glanced at the man and ended the call, putting the scroll back in her pocket. With another thump, she smacked his head against the car before dragging him to the ground. Zip-tying him again, this time to a small pole. "Где вы живете? У меня есть приказ доставить вас домой." She stated, puling the pistol from her coat again and holding it out.

She picked up her scythe and lingered for but a moment to hear the police sirens go off. "Начальник говорит, что вам придется обратиться к своим данным, как сказал вам ваш брифинг." She stated simply, before brushing past Nyx, before glancing back at her. "Ой. И приятно познакомиться, Nightshade."

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7 Re: A Client's Betrayal (Private w/ Math) on Sat Mar 24, 2018 1:55 pm

Nyx T. Thanatos
"приятно познакомиться с вами, Mathilde Harmaa. однако мое имя Nyx T. Thanatos" Nyx replied in calm fashion as Mathilde finished her conversation with the Bellmuse's Chief of Police. Nyx could tell by Mathilde's expression that she was a not kept in the dark about her involvement in the matter. After Mathilde had finished her call, Nyx watched as Mathilde tied the man to a small pole before asking Nyx, ""Где вы живете? У меня есть приказ доставить вас домой." while returning her pistol to her.

"Я живу в соседней квартире. Это всего в нескольких кварталах отсюда." Nyx replied as she took her pistol back from Mathilde. Mathilde had informed Nyx that she had been ordered to accompany her home. Under most circumstances, Nyx would just decline. However, she had no choice considering who she was talking to. Mathilde wasn't the type to kid around with orders.

"Понял. Когда я вернусь домой, у меня будут данные, отправленные ему Mathilde." Nyx replied in Russian before sending Mathilde her address via an encrypted Scroll message.

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8 Re: A Client's Betrayal (Private w/ Math) on Sun Mar 25, 2018 7:47 am

Mathilde Harmaa
"Nyx," Mathilde stated, as if tasting the name, letting out a soft nod as she kept walking towards where she had parked her motorcycle. In sight was a large, black beauty of a vehicle. Streamlined, high tech with the latest capabilities and a stunningly high amount of horse power. She took the scythe and hung it from a special sheath attached to the side of the motorcycle. Mathilde pushed the vehicle up and threw up her leg, before getting on top of it. "Надеюсь, вы это сделаете. Еще я должен буду посетить," she stated, allowing the silent threat to remain in the air.

She loosened a helmet from the steer, before tossing it over at Nyx. "Put it on," she commanded in English, before glancing down and taking her key from one of the many pockets inside her jacket, putting it in the slot and starting the engine with the gratifying sound of an engine springing to life. "Alright," she stated, before huffing under her breath. "Jump on. And hold on close," she revved the engine momentarily. "It kicks pretty hard." It had to, after all. She had quite the weight to transport after all.

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9 Re: A Client's Betrayal (Private w/ Math) on Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:31 am

Nyx T. Thanatos
"Go ahead. I don't mind having visitors." Nyx replied in English as she put on the helmet that Math had handed here. Nyx didn't really mind having Math over at her apartment as she had developed some respect for the scythe-wielding hunter. Soon after, Nyx jumped on Mathilde's bike. As she did so, Mathilde instructed her to "Hold on Close. It kicks pretty hard." Nyx decided to heed her advice. Nyx could imagine how strong and powerful Mathilde's motorbike must be considering the display of strength she saw earlier. To be honest, Nyx was starting to wonder how powerful the engine was on Mahilde's motorbike.

"Anyways, you helped me out of that situation, so I can at least let you visit my apartment." Nyx added as she held onto Mathilde. After taking into consideration the help that Mathilde had granted, Nyx had decided to let her visit her apartment. This was an extremely rare occurrence as Nyx rarely allowed anyone she didn't feel comfortable/trust completely into her apartment. This caution was the main reason why Nyx survived for this long as an assassin. The only other person that she had allowed into her apartment was her old friend during her time during the Altach-Nacha facility.

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