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A magnetic personality (1 more openings)

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1 A magnetic personality (1 more openings) on Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:51 pm

Quill was walking though a farmers market when he heard static on his communicator, this is strange because it only does that if someone with his channel code. The only people that had it was his wife Ellie, close friends, and who ever he is working for. The strange part is that he didn't receive anything on anyone coming to join him in the bodyguard jobs, so he wandered around following the static to pinpoint where this person is. Soon he found a large crowd had form and it seems like the person he was looking for was in said crowd, he passed through the crowd and found Ellie trying to solve one of her more difficult magnet puzzles. She stopped once she saw her husband, the two ran to each other and did that hug, lift, and spin thing you see in movies. Quill then ask over the comm,"Ellie what are you doing here, HQ didn't tell me you were coming." Ellie then replied,"That is because i asked to be assign with you and not to tell you until i found you. Don't worry im not lying this time." He was very happy to see her again but why did she not tell him ahead of time.

Ellie's armor:

Ellie's Faceclaim:

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2 Re: A magnetic personality (1 more openings) on Sat Feb 24, 2018 2:27 pm

The Farmer's Market. It was a rather unusual place for a meeting with a client as it was pretty crowded with all the vendors and all the customers roaming about. However, the client insisted that they meet in the Food Court area of the Farmer's Market since it was not so crowded. As a precaution, Nyx decided to dress in a female business suit which consisted of a white dress shirt, a black tie, a form-fitting female suit jacket, black business skirt, black pantyhose, and black heels. This was to give people watching an impression that a business meeting was taking place. In addition to this, Nyx wore a pair of sunglasses which would help her conceal her identity.

As she walked through the Farmer's Market, she soon saw the ninja she hired a couple of days ago. In addition to this, she saw a female figure also dressed in a similar fashion as the ninja. From their interaction, Nyx could tell that that woman was someone important to him. Instead of stopping by to say "hello", Nyx decided to continue into the Food Court area where she and the client were about to meet. Nyx then took a table near the waterfront and ordered a cup of coffee from the coffee stall located nearby. Soon after, the waitress arrived with her coffee. As a tip, Nyx gave the girl 10 Lien. As the waitress left, Nyx then began going through all the information she knew about her client.

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