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Rika Titania Application

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1 Rika Titania Application on Sat Feb 24, 2018 9:38 pm

Rika Titania
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Rika Titania
Age: 17
Birthday:January 7
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus (Cat’s tail)
Weight:125 IBS
Face Claim:Ranma Saotome (Female)  Ranma 1/2

SPT:5 (+1)
Aura 170|130 HP

Likes:Fighting, trap making, Pranks, Food, explosives, Dust.
Dislikes:Rules, Cheaters, thieves, dogs, Grimm.
Fears: inadequacy, Helplessness, drowning
Talent: Trapper
Weakness Stealth.
Overall Personality: A troublemaker through and through, Rika has a habit of causing mischief, though for the most part this is rather benign in the form of pranks.  She is playful and childish typically, usually not thinking about the consequences pf her own actions. She has a tendency to get defensive when criticized or insulted. Despite these she generally tends to be friendly with people unless someone goes out of their way to gain her ire. Rika is rather naïve when it comes down to it, typically assuming the best of people. She enjoys fighting and tends to treat such a thing as a game unless the stakes are high. Rika is rather dense socially at times, lacking much in the way of tact, and can on occasion be a bit blunt, sometimes angering those around her without realizing how. She has a tendency to be rather energetic normally, and rarely thinks about niceties like politeness. Rika is rather gullible and a terrible liar, making her troublemaking all the more furious.

Aura type: spirit
Aura Color:Blue
Semblance: Inner focus: Rika can use this semblance to control her own internal energy. In this way she can buff her strength beyond its natural limits or increase her resilience to beyond what her body should be capable of. These energies can also be used to accelerate her healing, healing minor wounds faster than most would think possible. The semblance appears to others as a blue glow around her. Through meditation Rika has learned how manipulate this energy outward in a way that allows her to coat dust with it, making the dust much more potent than otherwise and allowing Rika to use even more powerful dust attacks. This also results in the glow that appears around her during semblance use to become much brighter, as her energy manifests outwardly. Buff/Recovery
Buff: Rika buffs her strength, defense, or spirit by +2
Recovery: Rika accelerates her healing, healing by +20

Item 1:Corded steel whip. A  whip that can retract into a small form. The whip appears to be a red, steel like material. In addition to being surprisingly flexible, the weapon is also impressively durable, able to hold a substantial amount of weight without. It can extend to a maximum of 6 meters and is able to retract to just the handle of the whip, allowing for it to be carried easily. The handle has chamber for the use of dust.   T-1 weapon   +10 damage.  

Item 2: T1 Water dust x2

History and Sample
A shattered husk of a village was all that greeted the hunter known as Warrick Siegfried. A hunter sent to investigate a small village that had seemingly lost contact with its neighbors overnight the village had been wiped out by Grimm, the only survivor a small infant Faunus found in the cellar of one of the homes. Warrick took the child into his home, opting to raise her himself rather than subject her to an orphanage or the like. This is how Rika came to grow up on a small homestead within Forever Fall forest. Siegfried deciding to retire from hunting to ensure the young Faunus was cared for. She grew up relatively isolated, having little interaction with others outside of her guardian.

From an early age, she’d proven to be energetic, a trait her guardian tried to cure through rigorous physical training, hoping the discipline from the martial arts would rub off on the child. Unfortunately, this did little to help the energetic young redhead, and she continued to get into mischief. Despite this, Siegfried did care for Rika, and trained her in the basics required to join the academy in Syne, training her in how to properly utilize her weapon of choice as well as continuing her training in unarmed combat. Her guardian opting to send her to the small country rather than to Beacon in Vale. Rika grew up knowing nothing of the divide between Faunus and humans and knows little if anything of this due to her sheltered upbringing. She only learned how to use dust a year prior to being sent to the new academy, though she quickly developed a passion for it as she learned all the interesting things one could do with it. As a result, she has opted to apply as a dust major rather than a simple combat major. Though her guardian has some trepidation about this due to her somewhat mischievous ways.
RP Sample:
The pigtailed girl fidgeted a bit as she sat in place, her legs crossed her eyes closed. The meditation had been going on for so long, and it was just so boring.

She opened one eye wondering if Siegfried was even still there only to be greeted with the middle-aged hunter’s wrinkled face in his own meditation.

“That’s two more hours.” He replied, eyes still closed despite apparently knowing she’d broken the rules of the meditation session.  “Come on, that’s not fair.” She complained out loud, even though the redhead should have known better.

“Two and a half,” was the response, and she let out a groan just before he continued. “Perhaps you should have thought about that before nearly burning our home down."

Rika grumbled at the old man some more before once again attempting to meditate without falling asleep. The Faunus was sure that the old man was just overreacting but kept it to herself out of fear of yet more meditation. "Didn't mean to." She muttered under her breath before continuing the boring exercise.

"fifteen more minutes." The response came a minute later.

Rika muttered a curse.

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