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Sakura Aegis Brynhildr Character Biography (Ready For Approval)

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
Sakura Aegis Brynhildr Character Biography (Ready For Approval) B8tpa9

Basic info
Name: Sakura Aegis Brynhildr
Age: 17
Birthday: January 1st
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Face Claim: Closers Online Luna Official Agent

HP 300|0 SP

Major: Tech
Likes: Tea Time, Protecting People, Being a hostess, Cute Clothing, Her Aegis Mk 10s
Dislikes: Being Spoiled by her parents, Her overprotective Butler, Reckless people
Fears: Not being able to protect people, Seeing people get hurt, Disappointing anyone
Talent: Charisma
Weakness Fighting
Overall Personality: Sakura is a very polite, proper, and very lady-like person who is known for her grace and elegance. She is also an extremely kind, caring, and very protective person. People often call her their “Older Sister” due to this. Sakura is a rather friendly and outgoing person who can make friends with anyone. People often comment on how charismatic she is. Sakura is also a rather independent person who always strives to make sure that she doesn’t depend on anyone. This even applies to her own family. Sakura never uses the resources that her family possesses unless she absolutely has to. Sakura prefers making her parents proud by standing on her own two feet. in addition to this, Sakura extremely passionate when it comes to her hobbies; Cooking and Baking.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Cherry Blossom Pink
Semblance: Aegis Guardian's Aura (Defense/Healing/Buff) - Aegis Guardian's Aura has three effects: 1. Defense - Sakura use her Aura to create a AOE barrier which has a radius of 10 meters (Cost 20 AP to reduce damage by 20) and 2. Healing - For 30 AP, Sakura can heal 20 HP and 3. Buff - Sakura gains a +2 Defense buff or a +2 Resistance buff.

Aegis Guardian's Aura takes the form of energy barriers which Sakura can use to surround herself, be it a large protective barrier before her or to coat her body in a lighter but more malleable version of this protective aura (With training Sakura can do this without impairing her movement). Additionally she can focus the lighter barriers on a single area of her body, allowing the aura to seep in and thus heal the wound more rapidly. Currently, Sakura knows what her Aura is but does not know what her semblance will be or what form it will take.

Item 1: Aegis Mk 10 – The Aegis Mk 10 are a pair of high tech shields which have the ability to expand or deploy which allows her shields to cover more area. When deployed, these shields prevent her from moving. These shields provide unsurpassed physical protection, but no dust protection.

Shields Appearance:
Sakura Aegis Brynhildr Character Biography (Ready For Approval) Fopq41

Note: Sakura's Aegis Mk 10 looks exactly like the large shield on the far right of the picture.

Item 2: X-909 Guardian Barrier System – This system is a energy barrier system that was developed by her family’s company, Caledfwlch Techniques. It protects her entire body and it is designed to disperse the impact/effects of Dust attacks. Due to this, X-909 provides Sakura with unsurpassed Dust protection. However, this system provides no physical protection.

History and Sample
Sakura’s background is totally unknown to everyone as there are no records of her history anywhere prior to her adoption into the Brynhildr family. According to her mother, Sakura was found by her during the Hunter-led investigation into the mysterious Atlach-Nacha organization at the age of 5. After seeing Sakura’s condition at the time, her mother felt sad for the child and decided to care for her until she got better. However, after caring for her for a while, her mother soon became attached to her and formally decided to adopt her. It was during this time where Sakura received her first name. Her mother decided to give her that name due to her pink hair.

Soon afterwards, Sakura moved in with her family who lived in the Kingdom of Atlas. Sakura was gladly accepted by her father and two older sisters who showered her with lots of love and affection. Thanks to this, Sakura changed from a rather scared and timid young girl into an outgoing and friendly person. During this time, she was taught by her family in the Art of Defensive Fighting which she excelled at. Before long, Sakura was well-known for her unsurpassed skill with using a shield.

At the age of 10, her father decided to create the best shield ever devised for Sakura after Sakura had commented that the shields she had been using were deficient in one way or another. After six years of development, Caledfwlch Techniques, finally developed the perfect shield for Sakura. At age 16, her father gave her the Aegis Mk 10 on the day she returned from her schooling in the Kingdom of Vale. Soon afterwards, people started giving her the nickname the “Aegis Princess”. Her skills soon attracted attention of Syne Academy who sent her an invitation to attend which Sakura gladly accepted.
RP Sample:
“How are you doing today, Mi Lady?” A young man who was dressed in a butler uniform asked respectfully to a pink-haired teenaged girl who was having tea in the Dining Room of the Brynhildr Estate. The young butler noticed that his mistress was by herself and not with the lord and lady of the house which was rather unusual. After seeing this, he decided to put aside his usual duties and check up on his mistress.

“Good day to you, Alexander. I am doing fine. I was just thinking about something over a cup of tea.” His mistress replied with an extremely friendly smile. Alexander soon let out a smile at his mistress’ reply. Alexandria had been her butler ever since they were young, and he couldn’t help but comment on this.

“Mi Lady, you have been always a big fan of tea. You have even gone as far as to collect tea sets as a hobby. I couldn’t imagine you any other way.” Alexander replied in a somewhat teasing tone which cause his mistress to giggle slightly. Soon after, his mistress invited him to sit down as she told him about the invitation to attend Syne Academy.

“Congratulations, Mi Lady. Syne Academy is a rather prestigious hunter’s academy.” Alexander commented. Soon after the two began talking for the next couple hours about the academy and the island of Bellmuse in general.

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