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Campsite Curiosities [PvT]

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1 Campsite Curiosities [PvT] on Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:24 pm

Azul Haneulbich
Tedious, was one of the words Azul'd use to describe the washing of clothes. Though while it was an annoyance, what he hated more was the fact at how, well, naked he was and felt. He had various pieces of undergarments, due to which he wasn't completely naked. But missing the heavy fabric from his cloak, his hood hugging him tightly. He felt extremely naked and vulnerable. Though sadly, it had to be done. During noon, when the sun was out and it wasn't too cold. He was huddled over, scrubbing out flaked blood and dirt from said cloak. The deep cowl he preferred to wear. Idly muttering several curses under his breath.

After all, some of the stains were being particularily determined to make his day worse and keep him busy with this task for unimaginably longer.

The scars on his back and shoulders, for anyone that would stumble across him, were pretty obvious. So was the one on his cheek. Normally covered by hair, it was now in full view for others. He exhaled slowly, before reinvigorating his efforts once more. Hoping to be done soon and throw it all on again. To go back to the clothing that hid his figure to an extent to keep people guessing as to even his gender. The less they knew, the better for Azul, after all.

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