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A Game of Wits (Major Mission/Nyx)

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1 A Game of Wits (Major Mission/Nyx) on Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:16 pm

Knox Weller
The gym appeared to be almost entirely barren of visitors, the silver haired man noted. It was not surprising, given the time of day, the pay-per-use gym obviously didn’t have many early risers, and he’d well taken advantage of that fact. In truth the relative privacy was only one of factors that had made him choose this location.

He’d opted not to spend his time training within the bounds of the academy, despite the notably better equipment. After all, having the full range of his abilities be well known knowledge would not serve his current purposes. It wouldn’t do to allow people to truly be able to gain a measure of his strengths and weaknesses. There were allowances of course, but he’d tried to keep the amount of people with that knowledge low.

The main reasons he’d chosen this gym as opposed to others was that it had an area meant for learning combat, with an obvious emphasis on unarmed fighting. Street brawlers and punks often visiting it to hone their skills. It also happened to be pay for use, and while they had a registry it was a simple matter to use a false name.

The Silver-haired man shifted into a typical martial arts stance, his opponent a slightly portly man with a handlebar mustache. He wasn’t altogether very good, and Slynt had largely been simply avoiding the man’s attacks now. It was meant to be nothing more than a warm-up truly, but the clumsy brute had been making a rather poor one in all reality. Slynt had already seen six ways he could have incapacitated the man without killing him.

While his original background in fighting would have been a similar style, a mesh of street brawling and other somewhat clumsy fighting styles, his travels had allowed him to learn more artful martial training, though he’d never had the time to master any one style, instead simply incorporating what worked best into his own fighting style as he met different teachers with vastly different fighting styles. His style was mostly built on others, but he’d ensured that it was functional, dropping elements that were problematic and tuning it to his own strengths. He’d taken a perfectionist stance to his fighting in recent year, as it could easily be the difference between life and death. As a result, the silver haired criminal had become an adequate martial artist.

He demonstrated this now, as he tired of the mustachioed man’s clumsy attack deciding to end the spar there, before the main event showed up and the true entertainment would begin. He stepped around an attempted punch, in the same movement using his own leg to sweep the fat man’s legs out from under him and causing him to fall to the matted floor meant to ensure the safety of fighters.

It hadn’t been a very interesting conflict, Slynt thought as he walked away from the downed man, who was currently picking himself up from the floor, before apparently deciding to go utilize some of the exercise equipment to try to improve himself most likely. Slynt paid the man little mind, as the two of them had only agreed to a quick spar before going back to their own business. He himself went to a water bottle, unopened and untampered with, that he’d set aside. Drinking in the liquid while wondering how the girl would approach this little meeting. There was always the possibility she’d simply attempt to neutralize him, but Slynt doubted that. Despite how amusing it could be. His jacket had been left on the rack by the door, ensuring she wouldn’t miss the place, naturally he’d left nothing inside it, but he knew she’d get the message just fine.

Now he simply had to wait for his sparring partner to arrive.

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2 Re: A Game of Wits (Major Mission/Nyx) on Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:15 pm

Nyx T. Thanatos
Nyx was feeling extremely weary as she approached the gym which was located in the City of Bellmuse. It was a rather well-maintained place with shining glass and carefully maintained walls. Currently, it was rather quiet since it was early in the morning. Due to this, not too many people where working out in the gym or waiting outside. However, this fact didn't matter much to Nyx as she approached the front entrance of the gym. Nyx had other things on her mind. First and foremost was the fact that the location of this pay-per-use gym was the exact location that the silver-haired man had left on the bookmark that her left for her.

As Nyx approached the door, she began running through all the information that she acquired about the silver-haired man from the vast information network she had accessed to as the leader of Atlach-Nacha. Nyx had ordered Atlach-Nacha's information network to acquire any information on the silver-haired man. It was quite hard initially since she didn't have a name for the man since she and him had never formally introduced themselves. All Nyx had was a detailed description of the man which she remembered. After providing her information network with the description of the man, they then quickly went to work. It didn't take long for her information network to uncover a whole treasure trove on the silver-haired man.

According to her information network, the silver-haired man was Slynt Silber. This information was acquired from records from Syne Academy. However, this silver-haired man was more well-known under the codename "Shadow Broker". Nyx had heard a lot about the Shadow Broker through rumors and information which she acquired through interrogations. Nyx had also learned that he had been extremely actives in many espionage/clandestine operations around the world. The files on the operations led by this man was massive.

According to Atlach-Nacha Intelligence, they had been following/tracking him for many years prior to her employment with Atlach-Nacha. According to records at the time, Atlach-Nacha was intending to set up a friendly rapport with the man so he could become a extremely useful asset. However, this never happened due to the fact that Atlach-Nacha was raided by Atlas forces soon after. Since then, Atlach-Nacha then focused it resources to rebuilding itself. However, Atlach-Nacha still kept tabs on the man through their numerous agents within the various governments in the world. Nyx was rather surprised by this as she never expected for her organization to take an interest in a person for so long.

From the information they gathered, Nyx learned that Slynt was supposedly born in the Kingdom of Atlas about 20+ years ago. However, information about him during this time is scarce. Starting from there, there had been reports of shadowy activities and cases of espionage which stated popping up about 12 years ago. Many of the major major information leaks and acts of sabotage and terrorism has been linked to the information provided by this man.

"Hmm...This man has an interesting history." Nyx commented to herself as she entered the gym. Soon after, Nyx was stopped by the owner who asked for payment. Nyx quickly shot him a icy cold stare as she paid for the use of the gym. Soon after, she entered the Main Training Area where people were training on weights, running on treadmills, etc. However, Nyx's attention was focused on the silver-haired man who was waiting for her with a water bottle in his hand.

"Looks like we meet again." Nyx commented calmly and coldly as she approached the man.

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3 Re: A Game of Wits (Major Mission/Nyx) on Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:59 pm

Knox Weller
Slynt wasn’t too surprised to see that the girl had made it to the place fine. He’d have to ask her name at some point, though he was unlikely to get an honest answer such things would at least speed up matters further. She’d been rather punctual, though he had no doubt she’d likely cased the place a time or two already.

Truly he had found little on the girl, and academy records about her had appeared to be forged. A master forgery at that. Slynt thought in bemusement, the fact that it had a history built for it already indicated that she’d had quite the access to a skilled forger, given most didn’t have the resources or time to create such a thing, let alone get as far as birth records. Anastasia T. Solanaceae might as well have been an actual person. The resources required to create and maintain identities in this way were very telling. She either had access to a large pool of resources, or she knew a skilled ID broker. The identity had a rather mundane history attached to it and was overall nothing noteworthy to the average observer.

Of course, knowing what he already did, the record was far too clean to be anything real. He disregarded the identity for the matter, deciding to begin this little meeting properly. “I see you’ve found the place.” The silver haired man stated, a smirk adorning his face. It was the type of look he often wore during his dealings, an expression that stated he knew something that the other person didn’t.

A good impression to give, especially when one was in his profession. He closed the water bottle after one last drink. Gesturing to the area equipped for self defense training. “Care for a quick spar?”

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4 Re: A Game of Wits (Major Mission/Nyx) on Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:31 am

Nyx T. Thanatos
"Sure. I am up for some sparring, Slynt" Nyx replied with a calm smile as she entered a rather relaxed fighting stance. Despite of her reputation as a sniper, Nyx was actually quite skilled in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. At this point, Nyx had mastered all the martial arts that she had been trained in. Atlach-Nacha had trained her intensively to be the perfect assassin. Martial arts was a core part of her training for Nyx due to her specialization.

Nyx also had a reason for using such a relaxed fighting stance. She was not sure about the hand-to-hand combat prowess of her opponent. Nyx didn't know much about his combat abilities since their last meeting was a rather more mental affair. However, Nyx did know that her opponent's name was Slynt Silber. She had acquired this information from her contacts. In addition to this, Nyx knew that he also went by the codename, "Shadow Broker". This was quite fitting for him seen Nyx knew that her opponent liked to do things from behind the scenes.

"I am ready when you are." Nyx spoke in an extremely calm yet emotionless tone of voice.

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5 Re: A Game of Wits (Major Mission/Nyx) on Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:07 pm

Knox Weller
Slynt didn’t miss the use of his name, though it wasn’t too surprising given he’d used it at the academy for his own registration. His expression still only indicated bemusement at this however, as he had expected such. After all, only a fool would walk into a meeting like this unprepared, and from what he’d seen, this girl was certainly no fool. While he knew exactly who he was dealing with, he still wanted to draw out their game until she gave herself away. Learning the girl’s hand to hand capabilities could only truly benefit the silver haired man.

He considered returning the favor, though he knew the name he had was an alias, it would still certainly give the same message. Another idea occurred to him, but Slynt opted not to play that card quite yet, as it could easily be useful.

Slynt went over to the area meant for sparing, leaving the water bottle behind. He’d have to discard it afterwards, given the potential risk of tampering but such a thing was of little significance. The criminal would take a rather general martial arts stance at the beginning.  He would open the fight with a small combination of three kicks, all aiming for different points of the girl’s midsection. Intended mostly to keep the girl at a distance while also testing her guard. He would utilize his superior reach to keep out of the girl’s strike zone.

(Three unarmed attacks to the chest, 25 damage each)
Health 170/170
Aura: 130/130

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6 Re: A Game of Wits (Major Mission/Nyx) on Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:49 pm

Nyx T. Thanatos
Nyx waited until Slynt stated make his move before reacting. Slynt had decided to go in and attempt to kick her in her midsection. Nyx quickly and gracefully dodges Slynt's kicks before entering a more serious hand-to-hand combat stance. Nyx then quickly moved in towards Slynt and punched him in the gut before slamming her elbow into the back of Slynt's neck. Nyx then grabbed Slynt before throwing him onto the floor. Nyx then punched Slynt in the gut while he is down before leaping back to her starting position. She then entered a slightly defense fighting stance for when Slynt gets up and counter attacks.

"Looks like Slynt is just trying to bait me so that he could see my combat prowess." Nyx thought quietly to herself. Slynt's first attempt at attacking her was designed to test her combat skills. This strongly reinforced the idea in Nyx's mind that everything to Slynt was nothing more than just a game. Nyx was quite amused at this game she and Slynt were playing. However, Nyx made sure that this look of amusement never showed on her face.

HP: 100/100
AP: 200/200

1. Punch (Gut) - 30 Damage
2. Elbow (Back to Neck) - 30 Damage
3. Throw - 30 Damage
4. Punch (Gut) - 30 Damage

Total Damage
120 (Defense not included)

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7 Re: A Game of Wits (Major Mission/Nyx) on Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:12 pm

Knox Weller
Slynt allowed the first strike to hit, as to get a true measure of the girl’s strength which was impressive to say the least. One would not think looking at the girl that she was capable of such force and had they been unaware of her identity the rest of the assault likely would have been effective.

Slynt however was not in fact unaware that the person he was fighting was undoubtedly skilled in the art of hand to hand fighting and as such had in fact been prepared for the force of the blow, as well as being prepared to react right after the first blow, as such he cut off the girl’s assault by launching an attack of his own while she was still out of position from her own, making a single open-handed palm strike aimed at the stomach. The girl would still be out of place to dodge or defend because of her previous strike, and as such Slynt’s attack had a high likelihood of success. Regardless of if the strike connected it would cut the girl’s assault short as she would need to stop to react.

While taking hits to deal his own wasn’t an ideal strategy in all situations, Slynt was more than willing to utilize the strategy in this incident, as it would similarly allow him to assess the girl’s hand to hand abilities whilst also not throwing the fight. There were styles he’d seen that relied on such techniques though as said there was an inherent risk involved.

Slynt would proceed to follow up the punch with a kick meant to knock the girl back and create distance, where his superior reach would be of more use.

HP: 165/170 (30-25) 5 damage taken
Aura: 130/130

Two attacks taken, palm strike to the stomach (25 damage) plus by kick (25 damage)

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