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Puer Aeterna

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1 Puer Aeterna on Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:47 pm

Akio Marigold
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name:Puer Aeterna
Age: 19 (appears 10)
Birthday: November 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Weight:65 IBS
Face Claim:Rinku (YuYu Hakusho)

Aura 200|100 HP

Likes: Sarcasm, behaving childish, People who cater to his wishes. Games of any type. Yo-yos. Candy
Dislikes: Having his skills questioned, The color green, Salty foods, Authority.
Fears: People Beating him up, responsibility, becoming old, never being taken seriously.
Talent: Chemistry/drug making
Weakness Hunting (wildlife)/fishing
Overall Personality:
Puer is a tad on the stranger side, while many with his appearance could develop a complex about being treated like and acting as a child he has gone the opposite extreme, often acting as he appears rather than as he is. Despite this he tends to have a cynical attitude often when dealing with other people, making bratty or sarcastic remarks often enough and insulting people. Most would describe him as a good kid, but a bit of a brat. He does tend to be a bit more personable if he takes a liking to someone, but still tends towards a small bit of a superiority complex. Making demands of those around him and snide remarks often without thinking of the consequences. He tends to avoid responsibility and does take pride in his chemistry skills and medical skills. He tries to do good, though he also dislikes acting his own age. He tends towards stubbornness and can be a spiteful little twerp at times when it comes down to it, though is more than willing to put grudges behind him if something more important is going on. He does seem to take his medical work with abnormal seriousness. Despite this and his normal cheeky act, he is a rather insecure person regarding his own skills though he doesn't admit it, and will often pretend that he doesnt care about such things, even trying to excuse shows of kindness as though embarrassed over such things.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Pink
Semblance: Strength-sap

Essentially he can sap a persons strength by making physical contact, whether with their skin or clothing does not matter, but he does need to be touching the person. This causes a debuff of -2 strength. In the next post after using the debuff he can use this energy/strength to heal himself, or by making contact with an ally healing them as well. Debuff=10 aura per post   healing=30aura /20 hp

Item 1: Iron Yo-Yos extremely long yo-yos that appears to be made of an unknown material, it’s rather durable, and surprisingly hard. These can also be used with dust with interesting effect, as though made for that purpose.
Item 2: Wind Dust T1
History and Sample
Puer is a bit of an unusual person by nature. He was born with a conditioned that caused his visible aging to halt at the age of ten, making him look like a child perpetually and as such causing some strangeness in his life. He is a local of Bellmuse, having largely grown up within the town of Springwood and as such is still familiar to much of the town’s populace. His parents put up with him for several years before getting tired of his antics, his constant refusal to act his actual age, rather than his apparent age causing friction between himself and his family, as well as his seeming disinterest in growing up at all. This despite him being an intelligent boy, having always shown an attention to detail and intelligence that would surprise anyone looking at him, he excels at academics despite his childish behavior.

The boy had been freeloading at the time, and shortly after being kicked out got his aura unlocked by a huntress when he’d had a close encounter with an Ursa.  After this the boyish teen had decided to utilize this to pursue his interesting, signing up for the newly formed Syne academy that had formed in the last few years. Puer despite this, and having decided to pursue medicine, and specifically the more chemical aspects such as medicine, he still doesn’t seem to have any intention of growing up.

He passed the entrance exam easily enough, learning his semblance shortly after having had his aura unlocked mostly by accident through an incident with some street punks. He since has begun reconciling with his family somewhat, though he still is on rather rocky terms with them, and especially his siblings both younger and older, whom both tend to act much more mature than him. Still very much being at odds with his family despite trying to reconnect with them.
RP Sample:
Puer stood waiting in the store with his foot tapping impatiently. He’d already cut in line as much as he could before being confronted and now he was simply stuck waiting behind an old lady, and a young guy who looked a bit shady.

The Eternal Boy had never really thought much about adult concerns like groceries, despite both understanding them and even being older than he appeared. He just didn’t want to know, after all responsibility was for adults, so as long as he could be a kid, why not be one?  The only exception to this idea had been his recent signing up for Syne academy…

The short boy was brought out of this thought when the man ahead of him stepped up to the counter, and a gun was pulled on the man at the register.

The woman behind the register began to panic, complying when demanded to empty the register only to stare wide-eyed when she saw a yo-yo of all things moving to intercept the would-be robbers gun. A move that should it connect would disarm the man.

“You shouldn’t be robbing people just cuz your too stupid to work…” Puer would taunt in a cheeky tone.

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