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The Trooper. (Solo/Hunt)

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1 The Trooper. (Solo/Hunt) on Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:35 pm

Akio Marigold
Sindre looked over the wooded area annoyed. He’d only really taken this job to test his own combat abilities. While he had a good idea of what he SHOULD be capable of, there was a problem with that line of thought however. One that made a test of his actual abilities not only a necessary measure

It was obvious a large amount of time had passed since he’d originally been shut down, and while he’d gotten an idea of his current capabilities in terms of general function. He still hadn’t had any real taste of combat beyond a brawl or two. But even those had not been particularly serious. No, he needed a controlled fight for the time being, something against Grimm preferably, since they were more likely to attempt lethal force. As well as simply not having a sparring partner available.

Besides, he needed to get a fight in, even if not an altogether serious fight. All the prep work for moving into the academy and his mind was numb from the paperwork involved, given that he had no real identity legally. He continued walking through the woods, not sure where exactly the grimm would be.

While he’d disclosed his status somewhat to academy staff it had still been a rather annoying issue to deal with. At least regarding that he was an android and his creators were likely dead, the rest he’d kept to himself.

None of that mattered now however, now all he cared about was finding some Grimm to kill.

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