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Wills of Iron (Prvt/Maestus)

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1 Wills of Iron (Prvt/Maestus) on Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:09 pm

The town of Springwood could easily be described as somewhat quiet, at least compared to the island’s larger population center of Bellmuse. While Grimm did occasionally harass the town, it was still mostly seen as a peaceful town, not prone to the hustle and bustle of the city it shared an island with. The town didn’t have to deal with criminals or delinquents nearly as much as the city nearby, even street crime was relatively uncommon.

As such the young man yelling at the shopkeeper to the local hardware store certainly would drawn more than a few looks.  “You’re out of your mind old man!” The young gray-haired man shouted, obviously more than a little annoyed at something. “You seriously expecting me to pay this much for a few tools!”

The middle-aged shopkeeper scowled in annoyance at the young man.  Though Sindre wouldn’t back down easily. The android needed these tools, and every shop he’d checked in Bellmuse hadn’t had 2quite the right models or had even higher prices than the small shop in Springwood.  “You pay what it says, or you get out of my store, punk.” The old man said in a measured voice as though trying to hold his own temper.

The android growled at him in annoyance and neither seemed willing to budge on this matter despite the few people patiently, or not so patiently, waiting behind the Android known as Sindre. If one were to pay attention to the wooden counter of the shop, they’d hear the wood cracking under the grip of the hotheaded android’s grip, though neither man seemed to have noticed this yet.

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2 Re: Wills of Iron (Prvt/Maestus) on Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:45 pm

As part of her weekly routine, Maestus browsed around what she was starting to think of as her new favorite hardware store, seeing how it wasn't nearly as busy as the stores around the city. Less people to deal with was always a welcome idea to her seeing how, based on many interactions between herself and other citizens and students, she wasn't really the best at communicating without turning a conversation into a fight. Her violent tendencies didn't usually allow her to have a pleasant time around a lot of others if there was a large amount of people to deal with. Here, she had the luxury of only having to talk to the shopkeeper.

Now, however, it seemed that her luxury was being stolen from her. She was about to bring the tools she picked out to the front to purchase them before she heard an unfamiliar voice start causing trouble. As she approached the front, she found the culprit, immediately making her metaphorical blood boil. It took all of her willpower to not throw her tools on the floor instead of setting them down, and she walked towards the man arguing with the shopkeeper.

Maestus placed a hand on the yelling idiot's shoulder, her grip like a vice. "This guy giving you a hard time?" She pulled him closer and brought her head down to his level, close to his ear. "I think it'd be smart of you to pay, else there'll be blood. Oh, and let me give you a hint. I don't bleed." Maestus's hands began to glow a molten gold color, her rage beginning to show as her patience started to slowly run out.

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3 Re: Wills of Iron (Prvt/Maestus) on Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:26 pm

Sindre glared at the armored person…that had decided to butt in. The shopkeeper seeming delighted by the intervention only furthering the Android’s annoyance at this turn of events. “Punk doesn’t want to pay full price, been causing trouble for the last fifteen minutes!” The shopkeeper exclaimed, not hiding his satisfaction at the turn of events.

Sin analyzed his opponent noting that there was something strange about the armor. There was something off, but while his instincts and observation led him to a conclusion it didn’t seem likely. After all how many androids could there actually be walking around. The “person” talking was female apparently, though if they were an android oit would be clear they weren’t built to blend in with the populace as he was.

The female android confirmed this a moment later with her threat, and rather than any degree of fear he instead grinned savagely. He had never really met another android, but the prospective fight seemed like it’d be a fun one for sure.

“Making a lot of assumptions there.” He said, his own hand grabbing the one holding him and matching the grip. Almost immediately his leg shot out, attempting to sweep the other android’s legs out from under her. He would then jump back to preparing himself for a fight that was sure to be interesting. After all he had never fought another android before.

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4 Re: Wills of Iron (Prvt/Maestus) on Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:58 pm

Maestus watched in a mixture of rage and amusement as the punk grabbed her hand, making her quickly extend the claws in both her hands and her feet, some claws digging into the floor. Luckily for her, this reaction saved her from being tripped by this loud moron, and he ended up simply kicking solid metal. As he jumped back, Maestus made a mental note to pay the shopkeeper for any damages to his store. Speaking of... "I'll help you out with the damages later. Go home. Now."

She turned away from the shopkeeper, now focusing on the further away man that had just made a horrible decision. Maestus stepped forward with her left foot, letting her right food move slightly backwards, using her claws to get a secure grip on the ground. In almost an instant, she broke into a sprint after the punk, claws glowing with her fury as she quickly approached. In an astonishing feat of speed, she pounced, her claws swinging towards him wildly. There were no words being spoken by Maestus anymore, for now, there was just the yell that accompanied each swing of the claws, again, again, and again.

With each swing, she'd try and pull him apart, tearing through whatever flesh she could find, assuming he didn't have an aura. And even if he did, she had a way of breaking people through it. Even if he tried to block it, she'd do her best to make sure the force behind each hit was immense. This genius should have run.


HP : 200/200
SP : 100/110 (Semblance used.)

Four attacks, all with intent to cause bleed, 60 damage if hit (not including defense).

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