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Character Rules

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Leena Lilac
Character Rules

  • Template
    There is a template sticky in the Character Forum ( ) that needs to be followed in order to finalize a character here. It has basic stuff; Age, gender, race, aura, etc. There is also a bit for your character's backstory, and a section for an RP sample, so I can see where everyone is in terms of experience in Role Playing. Filling out this form correctly will make the approval process much faster.

  • Teams
    If You want to form a team, you can grab 3 of your closest friends and place an application in the team creation forum ( Teams need 4 members, no more no less, and must have a topic explaining how you all became a team. Such topics are subject to liquid post order (see Topics and Posts in Role Playing Rules). If a team member goes missing for 1 entire month, or if a member expresses that they are leaving the team and/or site, the rest of the team has the option to replace them and keep their team going.

  • Canon (or lack thereof)
    This is a non-canon RPG site. What does this mean? You can't be Ruby or Yang or Velvet or Adam or anyone who shows up in the show. This is for two reasons: If you want a canon Character so badly, you need to find some creativity. Also, This site's timeline runs at the same time as the timeline of RWBY. There is not enough information in the show right now to know if anything would be different 5 years from now in RWBY time. As new developments occur in RWBY, The site will change to reflect this if its big enough to make a difference. That said, you may know OF Ruby and Co., due to their news appearances, but cannot know them personally.

  • Stats
    Characters have attributes that determine who they are and how they fight, and as students (or sometimes teachers) at a hunter academy, they are probably going to do their fair share of fighting. When creating a character, you get 12 points to put in the four attributes, and each attribute must have a minimum of 1 point put in it. Ratings go from 1 to 5, with 1 being terrible, 3 being ‘average,’ and 5 being amazing. The four attributes are as follows:

    Strength: Strength is a measurement of how physically strong a character is. Brawn determines physical attack and is modified by weapons.

    Defense: Defense is how good your character is at taking a hit. A character with higher defense can last longer in battle, while a character with lower defenses needs to know how to avoid an attack.

    Spirit: Spirit measures one’s natural ability to use Dust. Those with a higher spirit deal more damage with Dust-based attacks.

    Resistance: Resistance is how well your character is against dust. A character who is more resistant can bounce back quickly after being hit by a wave of water dust or something.

    There are two more important statistics: HP and SP. HP (Hit Points) measure your character’s physical health and ability to shrug off potentially lethal blows, while SP (Semblance Points) measure how often a character can use their Semblance before running out. Together, these point values create Aura, the physical manifestation of your soul. Between the two statistics, you have 300 points to put into them. The default assumption is 150 HP|150 SP. You must place points into these statistics in multiples of 10.

    You may add to either of these point values by training and upgrading your Weapons and Armor. Every upgrade you make increases your HP or SP by 5 (Status Affinity) or 10 (Weapon, Armor, Dust).

    Note that if a character runs out of HP, they are dead (Non-lethal fights are stopped at 1, their aura considered "broken"), while a character runs out of SP they use their aura type and (naturally) can no longer use their semblance.

  • Skills
    Every Character is required to choose two skills from our provided List upon character creation. One skill is something you are good at, and one is something that you are hopelessly terrible at. These skills will affect what kind of jobs you are able to get, and may affect your RP style.

    Players are able to have up to three talents. In order to gain skills, you must RP 20 posts (35 for a third skill) of your character doing whatever you think makes sense for the skill you are trying to get. in addition, One needs to pay 7500 Experience points to finalize everything. Payments can be made in the House of Records, and you cannot gain the skill you chose to e bad at.

    Please note that there is now a 60 minute wait time between any two posts in any solo thread.

  • Majors
    There are a number of different groups, each representing a different hunting philosophy. Different groups have different benefits.

    Combat Major- Battle tactics and fighting techniques are the main focus of the students in this major. Even if every student does train to fight Grimm, they are specialized in this particular aspect of the job. Career paths include but are not limited to:

    - Specialized Hunters
    - Law enforcement
    - Military

    +10% pay for Hunts

    Academic Major- The students registered in this major value knowledge above the rest. They study the more scholarly topics and aim for a more intellectual path. Career paths includes but are not limited to:

    - Professors
    - Archeologist
    - Lawyers

    +50% pay for Shadow Missions

    Tech Major- From mechanic to computer science, this major brings the more creative minds to light. They are the ones that develop and make the equipment found in store or in custom shops as well as make the robotic field progress. Career paths include but are not limited to:

    - Engineer
    - Programmer
    - Blacksmith

    10% off equipment upgrades

    Dust Major- If it goes “boom”, it’s probably because of them. They study and research everything related to Dust, from the gathering of the crystals in raw form to the infinite uses of the versatile mineral. Career paths includes but are not limited to:

    - Specialized Hunter (now with Dust!),
    - Dust Research and Development
    - Dust Miner

    10% Dust Discount

    Medical Major- These students focus on supporting the others through healing or enhancement. They study drugs, herbs and the human and faunus body to become healers as well as some robotic to help their android friends (but that remains the Tech Major student’s forte). Career paths includes but are not limited to:

    - Doctor
    - Field Medic
    - Psychologist

    10% Discount on status inflicting and/or general healing items

    Undecided- Just like the name suggests, these people haven’t taken any major. While it is possible to enroll without a major, it will be necessary to decide on one in order to graduate.

    Teachers- Teachers are open to the public, but be warned. Teaching apps will be judged HARSHLY, so be prepared. We accept one professor per class subject, though this may change in the future. A teacher's Pay roll will act as an activity check, and will be how they get paid. Taken subjects are listed here: Do note that you must make a thread performing your job at least once every month (not counting school holidays and threads from previous months that you post in do still count, within reason) Failure to do so will see you fired and made a citizen. You can apply again for your post, pending whether or not it has been taken.

    100 Lien per job post upon Payroll Report

    Civilians- Any person not involved with academy business would be a civilian, upon later becoming involved with the academy one's major would change to suit such! Civilains can be anything from townsfolk to children to ex hunters to sailors to punks and anything between! They have a minimum age of nine for non androids.

  • Various Restrictions
    You can't be Grimm. Just no, sorry. Some faunus traits e.g. Poison fangs, Winged Flight must also be coupled with a semblance. That said the likes of claws and spikes, as long as they aren't described as doing additional damage, as well as most other traits are totally fine. Do not be afraid to try. This is done case by case basis.

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