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Major Missions (Mar-Apr)

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1 Major Missions (Mar-Apr) on Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:03 pm


  • Tomb Raider: Explore the old tombs in Bellmuse' Graveyards.

  • Relations: Do a deep dive on faunus-human relations, learn all that you can.


  • Sports Day: Hone your body through exercise, do some sport or hit the gym!

  • Farm Guard: Help guard the farms of Bellmuse from poacher and grimm alike.


  • Repairs: Aid in restoring a damaged building through the use of dust.

  • Reserve Status: Explore the Bellmuse mine, investigate the dust supplies.


  • Aid The Doctor: Attend the Doctor's shadow mission.

  • Lab work: Practice synthesising medicines in the lab.


  • Mechanics Practice: Program a machine that can function autonomously, a simple robot.

  • Tune-Up: Aid in one of the garages around Bellmuse, fixing up cars.


  • Attend Class: Simply go to a class of any sort, learn a thing or two!

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2 Re: Major Missions (Mar-Apr) on Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:34 pm

avatar  Finished Repairs mission with a word count of 1137 words

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4 Re: Major Missions (Mar-Apr) Today at 4:17 pm

And Number 3: Reserved Status finished with 1307 words

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