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Who said pigs couldn't fly? (Character app. Done)

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Daphne Fodille
Enrollment Form

Another image for general look at her clothes from more angles:

Basic info
Name: Daphne Fodille
Age: 19
Birthday: December 12
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus, pig, has a corkscrew tail
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 124 lbs
Face Claim: Anna Testarossa AKA Rose, from the game Elsword (Minerva Job)

STR: 5
DEF: 1
RES: 1
SPT: 5
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Medical
Likes: Flying, fizzy drinks, coffee, snakes, her rifle, helping/saving people
Dislikes: Her corkscrew tail and any situation where it could be seen by others, the ocean and any large body of water, not having her gun with her, caffeine (makes her hyperactive)
Fears: Being stranded on an island, snakes (love-hate relationship with them), being in a coma, being judged because of her tail
Talent: Medic/Doctor
Weakness Swimming
Overall Personality: Do not get fouled by her stern and serious look as Daphne is a pretty friendly girl that easily warms to people. While she does become extremely focused and serious when it matters, she's usually the happy-go-lucky type, looking to have fun with friends and having a good time. Her upmost priority in life is to save others, often risking her her life in a reckless attempt to save them but she thinks it's worth it. The life of the defenseless is of greater worth that the one of a soldier who chose to fight. She may even ditch class suddenly if she hears that someone is in danger, which is likely since she always wears an earpiece connected to the police communications.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Light Blue
Semblance: Flight: Allows Daphne to take off and fly around like a bird. Stabilizers that are generally attached to her waist are generally used to help with maneuverability, but are not necessary.
Item 1: Weapon: An assault rifle that Daphne never leaves without. See image above for visualisation.
Item 2: Fire Dust in the form of incendiary grenades.

History and Sample
Growing up in Bellmuse, Daphne basically watched her future being built right before her eyes. On her father's side everyone worked in the construction and most of the town's sites had at least one Fodille working there while on her mother's side it was policemen and women galore with some going oversea to become huntsmen. In such an environment how could she not one day enroll at the local Academy that her father and grand father worked on and that some of her cousins decided to attend as well once they grew up? There was no choice to be made, it was clear what Daphne would do.
Studying under her mother and uncle, Daphne learned everything she needed in order to apply to Syne and was taught that saving others has to be her priority forever, always be ready to let a Grimm live another day if it means saving someone, especially herself. She took this instruction as gold, vowing to do so until the end. Learning everything she could about medicine, she thought that being able to heal the critically injured would be a great assets in long arduous battles or even just to help someone passing by that would need medical attention. Daphne would care for others like her family did throughout generations but in her own way. She won't build the future of others or apply the law to protect those abused, she would fight against the forces of darkness and heal those injured.
Her first day of school was now near and her adventure would finally begin in the school that her father help to build to make peace reign just like her mother still does today. Her future lied ahead and there was no way that she would walk away from it, especially not now.
RP Sample:
Closing in to the middle of Spring, probably the worst period of the year to enroll at Syne Academy, but Daphne couldn't wait for Fall before joining, she was too excited after receiving the letter from the school about her making the cut as one of its student that there was no way it would keep her away for half a year. Even if she would probably be wasting her time in some way, just being present, being around other like-minded people that are here to make sure others are safe was far more than enough in her opinion. The moment she finally arrived at Syne she stood in front of the door, goofily staring at it like a child while obviously getting in the way of those who wished to go through. It took about ten minutes for Daphne to realize what she was doing before she finally entered the building, finally beginning that awesome adventure of hers.

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