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Good Samaritan (Major Mission/closed)

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1 Good Samaritan (Major Mission/closed) on Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:32 pm

Rika Titania
Many hunters often forget about the aftermath of a grimm attack. The only priority for most would be to stop the threat, and possibly help those who may be trapped or injured because of the attack. Not to mention the risk and danger involved in being caught in the crossfire of a battle, whether between the creatures of Grimm and brave heroes of light known as huntsmen or huntresses or a clash between those same brave heroes of light.

Oh sure, a particularly tragic incident, or vicious battle could act as an exception on occasion, the death of civilians or absolute destruction of a property often could lead to self-reflection for the huntsman responsible for the tragedy. As civilians lost loved ones or possessions due to a clash whether through simple carelessness, or unavoidable tragedy.

Often, the issue of collateral damage was swept under the rug, whether by simple fact of the damage being unavoidable, or simply that no real casualties had resulted from it. The Grimm were eliminated, and everyone went about their day. However, the hidden costs of these battles remained unseen.

These considerations would likely have been what had brought to mind by many of Syne academy’s prospective huntsmen and huntresses at the site of the mission to help repair a damaged building. Perhaps even a consideration of attempting to reduce the collateral damage in their next conflict.

Rika Titania however had other thoughts regarding the mission. To the pigtailed girl this was less to do with a chance to make amends for past damage she may have done. No for the redheaded cat faunus it was more a chance to get to try some of the new dust she’d bought, and she even was able to do some good with it.

The pigtailed girl first had to find a building in need of repairs. One would think such a thing would be easy to find, given the presence of Grimm in Bellmuse. A simple Grimm attack or the like would result in a building being damage.

Rika had wandered the city for a few hours before learning that this was not in fact the case, in fact the city was rather frustratingly undamaged today, and the redhead was wondering if maybe it would be better to wait until a major event happened before she stumbled across it.

Finding the scene of the fight was easy enough with that. The two huntsmen involved had largely abandoned the scene, and even the police had done so. Much of the damage was done to the street and sidewalk, though there was a notable hole that one could see in a building nearby. She would need to take the airship back to the academy, the cat faunus had only just begun her journey to do so when she stumbled upon the first hole in the sidewalk, nearly tripping over a sizeable hole that appeared to be made by large weapon. With pieces of rubble surrounding the hole indicating that something had shattered the sidewalk at this point. More holes appeared in the road and sidewalk as she continued until finally she found it.

“It” was a bookstore, one that normally would be going about it’s daily business had there not been a very large, very noteworthy hole in the side of it. The hole appeared to be easily large enough for an adult man to walk through it. An old woman appeared to be glaring at the hole as though her sheer ire would somehow banish it and repair the wall to the state it had been in previously. Several knocked over bookshelves inside the store would give someone the impression that a person had been thrown through the concrete wall, and as Rika got closer to the store the old woman’s muttering slowly became audible.

“Darn punks and their fights, no respect from youngsters these- “The old woman cut herself off after noticing the faunus, obviously a teenager or young adult looking over the damage right beside her. “excuse me dear, but if you’re here to shop, I’m sorry to say we are closed for the day…as you can see.” The old woman’s tone was strained, yet polite. Even someone as socially dense as Rika could tell that the old woman was annoyed, and there wasn’t much of a mystery as to why that was.

“Ya mind if I help ya out with this?” The pigtailed faunus asked, undeterred by the woman’s justifiable irritation. The woman’s face seemed to shift from slight annoyance to surprise at the sudden offer of help before shifting once again into a skeptical look. Rika raised her hands defensively, feeling a bit uncomfortable under the old bookstore owner’s gaze. “I aint gonna ask ya for money or nothin’, Imma dust major at Syne.”

The old woman shook her head for a moment, still not appearing convinced, though this fact was lost on Rika who had already started shifting through a small bag she kept tied her dust in, pullout out an earth crystal.

“…well, I suppose it couldn’t get much worse….” The old woman sighed. Nodding her consent to the eager redhead. Rika’s response was a grin before channeling her aura into the dust holding it in the center of the hole. Almost immediately, hard rock began to expand, similar in composition to the concrete the building itself, though not the same, until eventually the hole in the wall was plugged. Rika blinked, surprised that the trick had worked as planned. It would take some work to make the wall look correct, but the fact there was no longer a gaping hole in her business still improved the old lady’s spirits tremendously.

A fact lost on Rika as she cheered, happy to have succeeded in the endeavor. Though perhaps not as precisely as she would prefer. The stone would have to be filed down or sanded to the point where it was fully flat, but nonetheless the old woman was grateful.

“Thank you, and her I was beginning to think kids these days were all nothing but ruffians and hooligans.” The old woman commented. Rika blinked, remembering the state of the shelves inside, she didn’t really know much about the city, but she could already tell the old woman would have trouble lifting those heavy shelves.

“Hey, how ‘bout I help ya with the inside too…” Rika said, giving the old lady another wide grin.

“Such a generous child, that would be lovely.” The old woman answered, a genuine smile on her face at this strange young woman’s offer.

Rika spent the next couple hours helping the woman clean up, using her semblance to complete the heavy lifting the task would require before returning to the academy. A book in hand that the old woman had given her for the assistance.

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