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Athena Ligero (Ready)

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1 Athena Ligero (Ready) on Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:33 pm

Athena Ligero
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Athena Ligero
Age: 28
Birthday: December 7th.
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Face Claim: Sombra (Overwatch)

STR: 4
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 2
Aura 120|180 HP

Major: Citizen.
Likes: Loud music, intelligent people, privacy, adrenaline rushes, scrambled eggs, her motorcycle.
Dislikes: Idiots, quiet or boring places, getting sneaked up on, children, cats.
Fears: Going deaf, life in prison, being betrayed.
Talent: Vehicle mastery.
Weakness Tactician.
Overall Personality: Athena’s personality isn’t really the easiest to get along with, but it’s certainly not boring.  She’s someone that you’d see at a rave or a party, being a fun-loving person in general.  The only real flaw here is that she can only have real fun if she’s doing something she really shouldn’t be doing.  When she’s not out causing trouble for the police or anybody else, she’s either leaving her mark on a building or hanging out with “less fortunate” people like herself.  She’s perfectly capable of staying out of trouble and having an okay time with her more tame friends, but after a while, she’ll get irritable and, in rare cases, violent.  As one might expect from someone like this, Athena’s not very emotional or deep-thinking.  She’ll hardly ever tell even her closest friends what really ails her, and hates when anybody tries too hard to be a therapist, even if she secretly appreciates the effort.  As long as nobody mentions family, boring garbage, or real deep problems, getting along with Athena is easy.

Aura type: Recovery.
Aura Color: Neon green.
Semblance: Athenacalls her semblance the "light show."  She can easily cause neon light to appear nearby, and she can move said light somewhere else quickly.  Nothing can be seen through the light, and it acts as a solid object, taking the shape of whatever she needs it to at the time.  The semblance has a range of 10 meters.  Upon making contact with a hostile person or entity, the light shatters like glass, sending shards of light in all directions for a short distance (Regular semblance damage).  This doesn't happen if she's just trying to harass someone by blocking their view, just when she's actively trying to hurt them with the light.  If she's using it to build a temporary structure to assist herself, any damage dealt to the light breaks the entire structure.  If it isn't shattered, it acts as an unmovable platform for her to stand on or climb on, and it can even be used as a temporary ramp. (Utility).  Out of combat, she uses the light to add a bit more flare to conversations, immitate others, and even give directions or instructions .
Item 1: Nerve Damage.  (Tier 1 Physical Armor, all but her head.)  Due to a tragic event in her past, Athena feels much less physical pain than most people.  Bear in mind, she can still feel pain, but she can tough it out longer than others could.
Item 2: Machine Pistol. (Tier 1 Weapon.)  Kind of like an uzi, but not.  (In combat, getting hit by a burst of bullets is the same as getting shot with one, so don't worry about her doing more or less damage than she should.)

History and Sample
Athena was, like many people that live the way she does now, not born into a family that could take care of her properly and easily.  However, what most would expect of a family that didn’t have it easy, taking care of a kid and dealing with unemployment, is that they’d at least be a loving family.  Every child deserves a caregiver that loves them, someone to teach them, care for them, and raise them to be a successful human being.  Unfortunately, the universe had been cruel to Athena, and she was trapped in a cruel family, her mother and father at each other’s throats most of the time.  When they weren’t berating one another, they were tormenting Athena.  Ever since she was old enough to talk, her life was a constant hailstorm of verbal abuse, belts, and closed fists.

Her father, Samuel Ligero, was an alcoholic wretch of a man, too stubborn and prideful to get a job that could support the family.  When he wasn’t out getting drunk or fighting with the neighbors, he was punishing Athena and her mother for every small mistake they made.  From tracking mud into the house to stealing, each error was met with a belt or an open hand, her mother receiving the latter of the two more often.  Athena’s mother had her own ways of abusing both her child and the drunk that fed off of her income.  Her name was Mary Ligero, and she was the only member of the household that wasn’t “a parasite,” and had a job of her own, working at a diner.  When talking with strangers or anybody outside of the family, Mary was all sunshine and rainbows, hardly ever seen without smiling.  All of that changed when she was home.  Athena was her usual target.  Every day when she’d come back from school, she’d be met with screams and insults, berating her, telling her how she’s a failure of a child.  By the end of each day, Athena would usually go to bed in tears, knowing her mother wished for another child, or better yet, none at all.

Athena’s only respite was in music, but even that was filled with fear stemming from her parents.  After suffering through the routine abuse upon entering the house, Athena would retreat to her room, close the door, and listen to music through some headphones and a device she stole from a friend from school.  She knew that she couldn’t do this whenever she needed to, though.  If either of her parents found out about this, they’d steal away one of the only things that made her happy in this house.  Of course, one night, when her parents felt an especially strong urge to hurt Athena, they came into her room unexpectedly, and she was caught with the headphones still on.  The moments that followed were a horrifying blur of screams and hands grasping all around her, the only other sound heard over the screams being the loud cracking of Samuel pulling the headphones apart.

Athena broke down, falling to the floor and curling herself into a ball, shaking as she did so.  Her only escape was destroyed before her very eyes, and she now had no defense against the onslaught of suffering at the hands of her parents, the people she had no choice but to trust since birth.  Suddenly, a searing pain came from her chest, spreading across her entire body, sparing only her face.  Her body was bathed in a bright, burning light, the semblance she didn’t know she had.  Just like everything else in the world, her own semblance was destroying her.

Days would pass before she’d wake, covered in bandages from the neck down.  The incident left her scarred and in a coma, but that wasn’t nearly as bad as the doctors made it sound.  When Athena was questioned about how she was feeling, she replied weakly and with tears in her eyes, “I can’t feel anything now... I-Is this what it’s like?”  She perceived this accident as a blessing in disguise, and as she spoke, a neon green light began to flow from her fingers, and shards of that light began to fill the room.  The heat they once held was gone, and Athena found new comfort in her semblance.

The doctors would continue to question her, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell them what her parents did to her.  She knew there’d be hell to pay if her parents found out she said something horrible about them.  Sadly, there was already hell to pay.  The doctors asked her if they should allow her parents to see her, and she hesitantly agreed.  Samuel and Mary burst into the room in what first appeared to be out of fear for their child, but the reason behind their vigor was much more malicious.  When Athena accidentally used her semblance, she didn’t just burn herself, she burned the house, too, and neither parent was able to find a new place to stay without going even further into debt.  Thus, the screaming began again.

Her ears began to ring, hostile words being forced into her mind, ripping apart her heart even more.  Athena covered her ears and, after a moment, added her own screaming into the mix.  A powerful yell of pent up fury stunned the doctors and her parents, but what kept them in this shocked state was the appearance of more shards of light.  The color had changed, going from neon green to white and light blue, and they all began to swirl around Samuel and Mary.  The shards crashed against the two of them, ripping apart all but bone, leaving a terrible mess where they once stood.  As all of this happened, Athena couldn’t find it in her to cry for them, for herself, or to stay in that hospital bed any longer.  She climbed out of the bed and onto the floor, stepping on her parents as she made her way towards the door, and her shards of light followed suit.  She walked out of the hospital freely, everyone else being too awestruck or afraid to stop her.
RP Sample:
It was another pleasant day in Bellmuse.  The sun’s high, there’s a nice breeze rolling through, and one could spot kids playing around on the sidewalks.  So far, nothing was going wrong, and the entire place started to give off this vibe of contentment and safety.  That is, until a certain someone decided to ruin what everybody else worked hard to maintain.  In an alleyway, a couple stories up off of the ground, Athena stood on a platform of light, spray painting a new heaven on the side of a building.  There was a pretty small crowd below her, booing her and calling the police.

“Come on, guys!  What’re you gonna do about it? Chase me?  Quit your whining, I’m almost done!”

With that, she added her final details, finishing her work.  A rather detailed picture of a bright green eye with several other smaller doodles around it found it’s home on the wall, and Athena whistled, satisfied.  With that, she started forming multiple separate platforms in front of herself, making a stairway down to the streets towards her escape vehicle, a black sports motorcycle with only a few scratches on it’s side.  As she ran to the bike, she turned her head back to check if people were chasing after her.  Sure enough, they weren’t pleased with her vandalism.  She hopped onto the bike and waved, the words, “Buh bye!” being displayed towards the crowd in the typical neon sign fashion.

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