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Yoren Ragnvaldr, The Northern Wolf

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1 Yoren Ragnvaldr, The Northern Wolf on Sat Mar 17, 2018 12:01 am

Oswald Hollow
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Yoren Ragnvaldr
Age: 45
Birthday: December 30
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height:7 ft
Weight:350 ibs
Face Claim:Leman Russ  Warhammer 40k art

Aura 100|200 HP

Major:Professor Survival
Likes: Honor, Courage, training the next generation, honorable combat, Comradeship, His homeland, Alcohol. Extreme environments. Dogs, Wolves.
Dislikes: Dishonorable fighters, criminals, those who would pick on the weak, the Grimm, arrogance, unearned prestige or titles, unearned skills.
Fears: Losing a student, dishonoring himself, allowing his comrades to die.
Talent: Survival
Weakness Computer Wizard
Overall Personality:
The honorable warrior himself. Yoren is one who holds himself to a warrior’s code, refusing to fight those whom are incapable of fighting back, and unless necessary not battling those whom he vastly outmatches. Yoren is loud and boisterous not easily ignored or disregarded, as well as not the type one would want to invite to a more formal event. He is typically rather friendly, especially with those that he considers friends or comrades. Yoren is a patient man, and extremely forgiving towards his comrades and coworkers, though he will make it known when he has a problem with their actions or even philosophy. He’s a bit of a technophobe, disliking most modern technology and convenience as well as having little ability to use more complex machines, nor any desire to do so.
He enjoys training others and will often try to instill a code of honor into his students much like his own, to ensure the next generation of huntsmen and huntresses are truly worthy of their title and predecessors.  He is a proud warrior, and while more civilized culture may seem lost on him, he typically means well. Not willing to undermine another instructors authority unless they seem genuinely incompetent or malicious.
While a patient man, and not easily angered in social situations, Yoren does have something of a temper when brought to extremes and will gladly smite any who endanger those he considers under his protection.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Icy blue
Semblance: Beasts of Olde
The ability to summon beasts of legends to fight for him. At present he’s only shown the ability to summon Fenrir, the Great wolf himself.
Summon Description: A giant wolf. The Visage of Fenrir, the great wolf.

Summon height: 8ft
Summon HP Points:1
Summon Damage Points: 5
Item 1: Gram, A mighty sword of notable weight and decoration, he prefers wielding it one handed, though it can be used with two hands. T1 weapon

Item 2: His plate armor is rather resistant to physical damage, covering the full body with the exception of his head. This armor has a bit of a savage asthetic incorporating furs as well in order to ensure protection from the environment of his homeland shown in the picture at the top. T1

History and Sample
Yoren Ragnvaldr, The Northern Wolf, Titansbane, Huntmaster of Grayspire. Yoren is the holder of many titles all of which have been earned through his valor and skill in combat.  Hailing from a warrior tribe within the northern area of the continent of Solitas. While technically a part of the kingdom of Atlas the inhospitable climate and a large population of particularly strong grimm has made this tribe largely isolated from the outside world, this fostered the warrior nature of the tribe, as learning the ways of battle become a necessity for survival, due to the harsh terrain and the simple fact that the warrior tribes of these mountains make it largely unnecessary. While the tribes of these mountains largely are independent from typical huntsmen, except for the direst of circumstances each does keep a position meant for an official huntsman, given the title of huntsmaster within the village.  

Yoren inherited this title from an uncle, after showing unique skill in battle, being sent off to a hunter academy in the mistral, rather than Atlas academy. As the tribe wished to keep their members separate from the Atlas Military. He graduated, keeping up relations with his team for a few years before they drifted apart. Yoren gained quite a reputation as a huntsman before returning to his village, slaying a uniquely large Grimm simply called The Titan at one point in battle at some point and thus gaining the name of Titansbane by many.  He returned to his village for a few years, training a replacement as the village’s huntsmaster before leaving again. Though this title is retained throughout one’s life until death, and thus he still carries this. Yoren returned to the full duties of a huntsman for several years, gaining some level of renown in his travels throughout the kingdoms. He also taught at a small hunters academy for a few years before receiving invitation to teach at Syne, an offer which he has accepted gladly.
RP Sample:

The frigid wind chilled patrons slightly as the tavern’s door opened, revealing a looming figure outside that many could easily find intimidating. Many patrons watched the iron-clad giant step through the door.

Yoren walked towards the bar seemingly not noticing the attention his presence attracted as he approached, sitting down on a stool in front of the bartender. The bartender looked up, having been preoccupied with cleaning a glass prior before taking a double take at the large man, frost clinging to his long hair that seemed not to affect the man to any significant degree.

“What can I get for ya?” The bartender asked after regaining composure.

“Ale.” The large man answered, before taking note of the man’s expression. “Fear not friend, I mean to cause no trouble whilst here.” The bartender blinked then nodded before grabbing a glass from a rack, inspecting it before switching it out with a larger glass.  “Alright, coming right up sir.”

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