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The Central Bellmuse Paladin Mech Suit Demonstration (Paladin Patrol Shadow Mission/Closed)

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
It was 8:00 AM on a Saturday Morning when the alarm on Sakura’s nightstand began ringing loudly. After tossing and turning around in her bed for a little bit, Sakura then rolled over onto her right side before using her left hand to shut off the alarm. Soon after, Sakura sat up before rubbing her eyes with a slight yawn. After looking over to her roommate, Medea, Sakura then walked over to the restroom so that she could get ready for her day.

Sakura was in an extremely excited mood today. She had decided to take on a Shadow Mission in order to expand her knowledge and to acquire some work experience. In particular, the Shadow Mission that Sakura took was the Paladin Patrol Shadow Mission. According to the information, a Sergeant by the name of Paveslee had been assigned from Atlas in order to improve relations between the two kingdoms. Atlas had sent a Paladin mech suit along with him.

“A Paladin mech suit. It has been a while since I piloted one.” Sakura thought excitedly to herself. Sakura had piloted Paladin mech suits quite a lot as her family’s company, Caledfwlch Techniques, owned a fleet of Paladin mech suits which the company used as test beds for all their extremely advanced technology. Sakura was the only one among the three Brynhildr sisters who is capable enough to pilot a Paladin thanks to her skills in handling the machine during Test Runs. Due to this, Sakura possesses a license to pilot Paladins.

After she finished brushing her teeth, Sakura then changed into her usual outfit before heading out to Central Bellmuse where Sergeant Paveslee was currently waiting with the Paladin mech suit. Due to the nature of this Shadow Mission, Sakura decided to leave her Aegis MK 10s back at her dorm room. It didn’t take long before Sakura arrived at Central Bellmuse.

As she arrived, Sakura saw a somewhat short man who had black hair. He was currently barking orders to the mechanics who were currently working on the Paladin mech suit. They were in the process of making sure that there was no live ammunition in any of the weapons and making sure that all the actuators where in great shape. Sakura waited for a bit before approaching the Sergeant. As she did so, Sakura then gave a polite greeting.

“Good Morning to you, Sergeant Paveslee. This is Sakura A. Brynhildr reporting in. I hope that this morning finds you well.” Sakura greeted in polite and formal tone. Soon after, Sergeant Paveslee turned around from watching the mechanical crew to looking at Sakura carefully. Initially, Sergeant Paveslee didn’t say anything as he continued to examine Sakura carefully.

“So, you must be one of the Brynhildr kids. Aren’t you? I have heard a lot about you and your family from the Atlas military. In particular, I hear that you are quite skilled in piloting a Paladin during Test Runs.” Sergeant Paveslee commented after he finished looking at Sakura. Sergeant Paveslee had heard a lot about Sakura and her family. They were extremely highly regarded as the owners of Caledfwlch Techniques. Despite of this, he would not let this cloud his judgment.

“However, your family’s reputation and your reputation as a Paladin Mech suit pilot holds no water with me. As your mentor, I expect for you to follow my instructions to the letter and to pay careful attention to your surroundings while you are piloting the Paladin. I don’t want any incidents that would harm the relationships between Atlas and Bellmuse. Do I make myself clear?” Sergeant Paveslee explained in a extremely serious tone. Sakura was not too surprised by this as her eldest sister, Violet often complained about how the Atlas Military’s strict adherence to protocol and procedure. Despite of this, Sakura decided to treat the Sergeant with respect.

“You have made yourself extremely clear, Sir.” Sakura replied in a rather polite tone of voice. Soon after, Sergeant Paveslee loosened up a bit before handing Sakura a Operating Manual for the Paladin mech suit. As he did so, he then started giving Sakura a briefing on what she was going to be going to do as part of the Shadow Mission. It was a very simple task, follow the Sergeant’s instructions during the duration of the Shadow Mission. Soon after, Sergeant Paveslee than instructed the team of mechanics to prep the Paladin so that Sakura could pilot it. A few minutes later, Sakura entered the cockpit of the Paladin and strapped in.

“Alright, kid. How are the systems reading?” Sergeant Paveslee asked through the Communications System after Sakura was completely strapped into the cockpit and the cockpit was closed. Sakura took a moment to bring up the status display for the Paladin. This was second nature to Sakura, so it didn’t take long before the holographic display appeared in front of Sakura.

“All systems are green, Sergeant Paveslee.” Sakura reported through the Paladin’s built-in Communication System. Soon after Sakura reported in, she received the all clear. As soon as she received the all-clear, Sakura then moved the Paladin out of its docking bay. From here on out, Sergeant Paveslee began relaying instructions to Sakura via the Communications System.

The first thing that Sergeant Paveslee instructed her to do was to do a patrol lap around Central Bellmuse. Sakura was a bit hesitant to do this at first since she hadn’t been on Bellmuse for long enough to know the routes. Lucky for Sakura, Sergeant Paveslee sent her the route data via the system data link. After receiving the data, Sakura followed the route until she was instructed to stop.

“Alright, kid. Your next task is to demonstrate is to demonstrates the combat functions of the Paladin.” Sergeant Paveslee instructed after Sakura returned to the Demonstrations Grounds. As soon as she was at the Demonstration Grounds, Sakura the demonstrated the Paladin’s weapon systems. On Sergeant Paveslee’s command, Sakura then fired the Paladins’ Auto-Cannons at the target that has been set up. Unfortunately for Sakura, the Paladin was loaded with blanks. However, this was enough to impress the crowds that had gathered to watch the Paladin demonstration.

“Alright, Kid. You are cleared to dock.” Sergeant Paveslee reported through the Communication Systems. After hearing this, Sakura then moved the Paladin to the Staging Area where she first met Sergeant Paveslee. After docking the Paladin, Sakura the got out of the cockpit. Sergeant Paveslee then approached Sakura before resting his hand on her shoulder.
“Well, Kid. You have done well today. It is a great relief to have someone who follows instructions for a change.” Sergeant Paveslee commented with a serious smile.

“Today had been a pleasure, Sergeant. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity you have provided for me.” Sakura replied politely as she bowed respectfully. In response to this, Sergeant Paveslee dropped his serious demeanor and began stuttering.

“I should be taking my leave now, Sergeant Paveslee. I wish that the rest of the day treats you well. I hope that we can meet again.” Sakura added politely after Sergeant Paveslee had finally excused her from her duties. After being excused, Sakura then decided to head over to the local bakery so that she could get herself a snack. She wanted to reward herself for a job well done.

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