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Mine(d) your Manners. (Major Mission/Closed.)

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1 Mine(d) your Manners. (Major Mission/Closed.) on Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:15 pm

Rika Titania
The mines of Remnant were an important part of not merely life in the small kingdom of Bellmuse, but the entire world. While most could not compete with the Atlasian dust mines in term of sheer production, largely due to both the presence of major dust companies such as the Schnee Dust Company as well as the advancements in technology present within the Kingdom of Atlas itself, mines were themselves not unique to any one kingdom. A fact which would not surprise a more knowledgeable soul, one who was aware of the importance of resources like dust, both for huntsman or huntresses as well as daily life.

Quite simply, the world ran on dust, from the fighters to the machinery prevalent within the kingdoms. Even a small country like Bellmuse kept its own mine, though largely less productive than the mines of the much larger Kingdoms within the world, the Bellmuse mines were largely important to the economy of the country at large. As well as the fact that these mines allowed many citizens to make their living and feed their families whilst also remaining proud of their work, knowing full well the importance of the resource they were charged with acquiring.

It was hard, and oft dangerous work, miners were trained specifically to handle the somewhat volatile substance. A measure to prevent too many accidents that could be otherwise avoided from the mishandling of dust. Despite this, the work was regarded as a rather dangerous one, between potential health hazards and the ever-larger threat of encountering Grimm in the confined spaces of a mineshaft the career was largely considered one of the most dangerous outside of hunting itself.

While many of the more economic concepts were lost to the young Redheaded faunus, Rika Titania was fully aware that Dust was important, not merely as a fun resource to play with, but that the world required the natural resource to such a ludicrous extent even someone as ignorant to most topics regarding the world as Rika could understand the importance of Dust. Similarly, the danger wasn’t lost upon the young huntress, as she had quite a bit of firsthand experience in what mishandling dust could do.
She’d thought it was a good idea to learn where the substance came from, and the major mission board seemed to agree with her, as there had been a mission to look into the dust supply of the local dust mine.

It was rather fortunate for the pigtailed faunus that there was, in fact a tour. As the mine had become something of a local curiosity, a way for people to learn more about dust as well as a simple mining hub for the small island’s industry. Additionally, they had an agreement with the academy to allow free access for dust students, meaning Rika did not even need to expend a portion of her limited funds to gain access to the tour. Supposedly there was an additional segment for academy students, since the mine’s administration apparently thought it a prudent idea to give those learning about dust as much information as could be required.

It would be surprising for most to learn that Rika was paying attention to, and largely retaining the information presented by the tour guide as they went over the process. She wasn’t stupid after all, merely socially dense and highly ignorant. However, when it came to a subject the redhead was generally passionate about, she could absorb new information like a sponge, particularly something as cool and interesting as Dust.

Though that isn’t to say she didn’t still show her normal personality, albeit with some enthusiasm. Many of her fellow tourists looked at the energetic redhead with some annoyance as she enthusiastically questioned various things or let out comments at every turn ranging from rather helpful queries and statements to things that would largely be irrelevant. A few also seemed to show some distaste at the girl’s open faunus trait, though this less than pleasant behavior was lost to Rika, considering her normal social density as well as the fact she was quite distracted by learning all sorts of new facts regarding dust.

The tour continued to a chamber like area within the mine itself that seemed to be used to store the material gathered within the mines, the tour guide explaining in acceptable detail about the process of storing unrefined dust, being sure to reiterate how volatile the substance could be, and the issues with storing said material given this information. Rika listened with interest noting that she’d probably need to know this information, considering her own major was largely involved. Apparently, the chamber was used rather than an outside building due to the defensibility, to prevent criminal raids or dust being lost due to Grimm attacks.

Rika nodded along with this, thinking that it was probably a good idea, she’d heard something about that White Fang group doing stuff like that, attacking warehouses and dust transports. After she’d heard about them before the pigtailed girl had researched the group a bit. Still confused on a lot of what exactly the group wanted or why they existed. As the Faunus had gotten distracted far too quickly to get a real idea of the group. The internet truly was a distracting thing.
The dust was packed into crates, with a large amount filling the space allowed by the chamber within the mines of Bellmuse, there was an alternate tunnel dug on the far side that appeared wider, apparently used to transport the substance. Rika remembered the mission from the board, recalling she needed to actually look into the supply.

“How much dust is in here anyways?” She asked, and the tour guide gave her an annoyed look at the disruption before ignoring her in favor of continuing their presentation. Another person, apparently the mine supervisor however did take interest in the question. He went to talk to the guide for a moment after his presentation finished and had a somewhat heated discussion with them before approaching Rika.

“My apologies ma’am…. should I assume you are with the academy?” he asked. Rika nodded in response, not really getting what this was about. “Did I do somethin’ wrong or something?”

“Of course not, I just needed to know before I show you the inventory, most people aren’t really supposed to see it, causes some problems with the local criminals and the like. You’ve finished your tour of the inner mines, right?” The man seemed to talk a bit fast, obviously a stern down to business type.

“Yep, was cool ta see stuff like that, don’t think I could stand workin down there.” She confirmed, nodding enthusiastically all the while. The man lead her to a side area as the rest of the tour continued to an area meant for on site refinement. “This should have all the information needed.” The man said, standing to the side as the redhead looked over the information. Rika had never thought about how much dust the place could make, but apparently the supply was actually down according to the numbers posted for the previous months.

“It’s unfortunate, but the Grimm have been a problem for us of late, I think because of the recent events at Beacon. It has caused some…anxiety. Rika was only vaguely aware of the problems at Beacon but nodded none the less. She could see how the effect of that stuff would cause more Grimm to attack, as people’s anxiety over such a thing grew. “ya think it’ll go back to normal?” The redhead asked causing the supervisor to laugh.

“Probably, time has a funny way of making people forget.” The man said somewhat sadly. Rika nodded, finishing looking over the information before running back after the tour group. Remembering there was still cool stuff for her to see.

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